Captivation Want Nothing But You by Adolf Dunne Chapter 428

Chapter 428 Where Is Joey 

“Didn’t you get enough sleep last night?” Andy asked.

Rachel pursed her lips as she looked at the blood-stained fragment once again. She was still slightly disoriented, Victor had slept in Sue Garden last night and she had been on guard the whole night. It was possible that she hadn’t gotten enough rest. “Maybe,” she replied in a tired voice.

Andy pressed the button on the table to call for the waiter. Soon, the waiter came in and carefully cleaned up the mess on the floor. “Just relax. Don’t think too much.” Andy comforted her. Rachel nodded and let out à faint sigh, then poured another glass of warm water for herself. Even after she took a sip, she still felt flustered. Andy proceeded to ask a few questions about the welfare house project. He was stunned after learning that the willing investor for the project was none other than Roger. “Mr. Jimenez?!” His eyes widened in shock.


Rachel gave him a small nod, her fingertips delicately brushing the edge of the glass. “He intends to expand their business in the education and training field, but his company is not that powerful in the field yet, so his plan is to invest in the welfare house project to demonstrate and enhance Jimenez Group’s influence. “That’s indeed a smart idea.” Andy agreed. “So, what’s your call?” Rachel met his gaze without uttering a word. “Frankly, I think Mr. Jimenez is the perfect investor for this project,” Andy continued after a brief pause. “At least he’s a decent person and a reliable partner. Besides, we have only made a preliminary budget. Additional costs will be made later, and once the money is invested, we probably won’t get a lot of benefits. Our primary concern is that the Bennet Group isn’t able to run this project alone with the existing funds, but if the Jimenez Group joins in, we’ll have a strong supporter.”

Rachel withdrew her gaze. She was aware of the pros and cons of this partnership As a public project, the investment in the welfare house could only help improve their company’s reputation. Other than that, it couldn’t make any profits. Furthermore, building credibility would take a lot of time, so it would be a long-term loss.

But the Jimenez Group remained interested in it, and they were a willing investor with strong financial backing.

Aside from the Jimenez Group, Rachel had no other options. However, when she thought of Roger’s words, her eyes began to darken. “We should wait. Just until we can find a more suitable investor,” she suggested. “Miss Bennet…”

“Now that we’ve decided to do things differently with this project, I think we shouldn’t rush when it comes to

making decisions.” Andy was well aware that Rachel had her own ideas. She always did her best to help the Bennet Group grow despite the challenges they faced. “Miss Bennet, I’m not blind.” “What?”

“I can see it. Mr. Jimenez has feelings for you…” After a brief pause, he continued, “Although I don’t know him very

much, I know that he really loves you. During the four years you were gone, I often see Mr. Jimenez’s car parkea outside the Bennet family’s house and…”

“Andy, what do you want to say?”

Andy firmly looked at her and said, “Miss Bennet, when you disappeared, I always thought you’d be happier if you

had been married to Mr. Jimenez instead of Victor.” “It’s over now, Andy. There’s no point in bringing it up again.”

“I know. I just think that…” Andy took a deep breath and fixed his gaze on her. “You and Victor aren’t tied to each

other now, Miss Bennet. I understand that you don’t want to think about the future right now, but you will need to

remarty at some point. And if your mother was still around, she would want to see you being happy. Besides, Joe

will also need a father figure. I can tell Mr. Jimenez cares deeply about you. Why don’t you try to accept him, Miss


Rachel looked into his eyes, and after a moment, she said, “Andy, the truth is, the person Roger loves is Rachel.” “Pardon me?” Andy was confused about what she said. Wasn’t she Rachel? Rachel sighed. People wouldn’t believe her even if she told them she was not the real Rachel. Rachel pressed her lips together. Her finger that had been cut by the broken glass ached as soon as she tightened her grip on it. “Anyway, Roger and I can never be together. Please don’t talk about this anymore, Andy.” Andy sighed. “Fine. I won’t say it again.” Rachel smiled faintly. She checked the time, her uneasiness still lingering. After hesitating for a while, she finally picked up the phone. “Andy, I have to make a call.” “Go ahead.”


Rachel rose from her seat and left the room. She scrolled through the contact list on her phone, where only a few people’s numbers were kept. She then came to a halt and bit her lip. She didn’t know who to call. She couldn’t figure out why she was so agitated.

Rachel sighed and pondered. Just when she was feeling hopeless, she instantly saw Joey’s phone number and dialed it. +

Meanwhile, Carson took out the chocolate and banana flavored milk from the bag and tossed it in his palm. His eyes then fell on the Ferrari that was only a few steps away. “Hey, here’s the milk you want!” Carson walked forward and was about to open the door. Before he could reach the car handle, he slightly wobbled the drink. But when he finally opened it, Joey was nowhere to be found. Carson’s mouth hung open as he lost his grip, spilling the milk onto the driver’s seat. He immediately checked the back seat and found nothing. Joey wasn’t in the car.

He got up and looked around. It was almost noontime, and the number of employees leaving the nearby building for lunch gradually increased. There were even more people outside. Carson searched the area but the kid was nowhere in sight.

Joey was missing

He was still in the car ten minutes ago.

Carson’s brows furrowed at the thought of this. He took out his phone and prepared to make a call. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of Roger, who was walking out of the mansion 2 He remembered seeing Joey staring at the Jimenez Group building when he was sitting in the passenger seat. Before Roger could reach his office, he received a phone call from the branch. Something went wrong with a project they were working on, and he needed to deal with it, so he came back halfway.

When he was about to get in the back of the car, a hand suddenly pressed the door shut.

Roger turned around and was met by Carson’s not-so-pleasant gaze. Before he could even ask, Carson immediately asked, “Where’s Joey?”

Confused, Roger replied, “Why are you here, Carson?”

Carson was now on a mission to find Joey because he was the one who took him outside. If something happened to

the kid, he would have to face unimaginable consequences.

“I’m asking you. Where is Joey?”

“Joey?” Roger grew even more confused. Although he was aware that the Sullivan family had a new successor, he had been settling matters abroad recently and had no idea who the young man was. Carson’s rude approach offended him. He felt irritated, but as a civilized individual, he did not lose his cool.

“You’ve got the wrong person, Carson. I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

“Haven’t you seen him?” Carson wanted to squeeze the answer out of him, but when he saw that Roger didn’t seem

to be lying, he felt a pang of panic rise within him.

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