Captivation Want Nothing But You by Adolf Dunne Chapter 432

Chapter 432 Do You Even Have A Heart 

Rachel didn’t shout, but her voice was loud enough for the others to hear what she had said.

To say that Victor was stunned was an understatement.

Although Rachel tried to guess how he felt by his expression, she couidn’t read anything on his face. Perhaps he didn’t hear what she said. Joey was kidnapped by Susan. Except Victor, Rachel couldn’t think of anyone else that could help her find him as soon as possible.

So she didn’t care anymore if her secret had been revealed.

Her priority was Joey’s safety.

As soon as Victor recovered from shock, he gently made Rachel sit on the sofa. Looking at his face, Rachel now found a trace of emotion: indifference. It was as if he didn’t care about what she just told him.

At the thought of this, Rachel’s heart sank. Once Rachel was settled on the sofa, Victor turned around to leave. He didn’t seem to have any comment about her revelation. Before she knew it, Rachel had already grabbed his hand to stop him. She was confused, but what mattered now was for him to believe her for Joey’s sake. “I mean it, Victor.” The longer Joey stayed in Susan’s hands, the more dangerous his situation was. Rachel took a deep breath and repeated what she had just said earlier. “Joey is your child…” Before she could finish her words, Victor jerked her hand away and turned to look at her with condescending eyes.

Noticing the way he looked at her, Rachel stopped herself from explaining and smiled bitterly at herself.

How stupid she was to think that Victor would save Joey after finding out that he was his son! Besides, there was no evidence to prove that he was the father of her child. How could Victor possibly listen to her? Maybe because Rachel panicked too much that she didn’t think about the possibility of Victor refusing to save Joey.

Well, whatever. If he wouldn’t save Joey, she would. She couldn’t let Joey wait for her too long. Finally, when Rachel tried to stand up, Victor broke his silence. “Rachel, do you really think I’m not trustworthy? You really don’t believe in anything I say, do you? “What?” Stunned, Rachel was lost for words.

With one hand on the back of the sofa, Victor leaned closer to her. It was hard for Rachel to guess what he felt at that moment. “Do you even have a heart?” he asked in a low voice.

There was no response from Rachel. “I’ve told you I’ll look for Joey. I. promise to bring him back safe and sound. You don’t have to make up such a ridiculous lie!” Victor stated. 1 Pursing her lips, Rachel stared back at him. Without giving her a chance to speak, Victor stood up and said, “I’ll take him back from Susan. Stay here.”

Then, he turned around and left Sue Garden.

Rachel sat on the sofa, looking as pale as a ghost.

Silence filled the room. Lukas kept glancing at her, curious about what she had said. To be honest, he was

suspicious when he first saw Joey.

It was only the result of the paternity test later that proved that Joey was the son of Odin. He hadn’t mentioned his suspicion to anyone since then.

“Miss Bennet, what you’ve just said…” Lukas paused. “Is it true? Joey is Mr. Sullivan’s son?

No words came out from Rachel’s mouth. All she cared about right now was Joey’s safety. She answer Lukas’ question at all. Her heart was in turmoil. Rach

the way he acted. But Lukas took her silence as a yes. “I…I knew it!” The corners of his mouth rose into a wide grin. “Joey has quite a lot of similarities to Mr. Sullivan! Mr. Sullivan has hated peanuts and coriander since he was little, so has Joey. Mr. Sullivan is fond of jigsaw puzzles so is Joey… Before, I was wondering why they shared so many similarities when Joey was just Mr. Sullivan’s nephew. It turns out he is his son. Everything makes sense now!” Excitement was evident in Lukas’ tone. This was splendid news for him.

At this time, Victor was already driving his Maybach on the asphalt road. “Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Salazar fell down the stairs at home today. He is still in a coma, and under observation in ICU. Mrs. Salazar passed out too because of the extreme sadness. And Susan hasn’t met anyone except the two.” Ivan’s voice came through the phone. Victor’s face darkened. “Where is Susan now?” Right now, Ivan was already standing outside the ward. From there he could see Susan, who was sitting beside Tammy’s bed. “She is staying with Mrs. Salazar. She didn’t go anywhere else.” There seemed to be nothing suspicious. Susan behaved normally. Too normal that Ivan doubted if she really had something to do with Joey’s disappearance. Had he investigated the wrong direction? Or was there someone who deliberately wanted them to think that Susan was behind the kidnapping? “Keep a close eye on her.” “Yes, sir.” Thinking about what Rachel told him, Victor clenched his jaw and looked out of the window.

To be honest, when he heard Rachel say that Joey was his son, an inexplicable joy filled his heart. Victor didn’t react right away because he was afraid that he heard it wrong. But then, his memory pulled him back to what happened four years ago. It was him who brought Rachel to the hospital. He saw with his own eyes how much she bled that day. His shirt and hands were covered with her blood. Even when she was in the operating room, Victor never left. He had waited outside for three hours. By the time the doctor came out of the operating room, he was told that the baby didn’t survive

If Victor hadn’t witnessed all this personally, he might have believed what Rachel told him earlier. But the scene was still vivid in his mind. How could he forget?

Their child had died four years ago.

How could he possibly have another one?

This memory made him believe that Rachel was lying just for him to help her find Joey.’

Therefore, Victor was irritated.

It seemed that she didn’t believe in him at all.

Well, he didn’t believe Rachel too. But somehow, her words wouldn’t leave him alone. He couldn’t help but think about Joey.

“Ivan.” Ivan thought their conversation was over, so he was a little stunned when Victor’s deep voice resounded in his ears.

He put the phone near his ear again and answered in confusion, “Mr. Sullivan, what else do you want me to do?

“Do you have a backup file of the paternity test result that you gave me this morning?” Victor asked. “The paternity test result? Yes, the testing center has promised to send it to your e-mail while I’m leaving. M. Sullivan, is there anything wrong with the result?”

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