Captivation Want Nothing But You by Adolf Dunne Chapter 435

Chapter 435 Wedding 

In a relaxed posture against the bedside table, Susan let go of Victor as soon as she was done speaking and looked at him as if she was certain to win.

“What do you think? For the sake of saving your kid, you let me marry into the Sullivan family. Isn’t it worth the


Victor stood up without saying a word. His facial expression was enigmatic and unpredictable. Susan’s contentment was evident in her gaze. She was certain that Victor would agree. Her longtime crush would finally agree to marry her, she thought. She seemed to have seen the moment in which Rachel was crushed beneath her feet

Regardless of how much Victor cared for Rachel, did that really count? So what if Rachel was perfect?

Susan believed she would come out on top in the end! She was the actual hostess of the Sullivan Group, having been picked by Victor. Rachel, who was supposed to die four years before, had no right to compete with her. Ivan grimaced as he learned about Susan’s condition. He thought Susan was irrational and fantasizing. “Are you so eager to marry into the Sullivan family?” Victor’s eyes were emotionless as he stared down at Susan. “I am.” Susan spent three years waiting for this day! “Okay,” Victor said with a stern look. Ivan’s gaze quickly shifted to Victor after hearing this. He was taken aback. He asked with uncertainty, “Mr. Sullivan, are you really going to…” Susan, on the other hand, rose up and disregarded the agony in her body before Ivan could continue his statement. “You’re okay with marrying me?” Victor didn’t reply to her. He just evaded her grasp as he saw her approaching. Because of his frigid demeanor, Susan felt like she was a stranger to him. Seeing this, Ivan sighed with inward relief. He had worked for Victor for so many years, so he understood precisely what Victor planned to do. Susan was never going to be Victor’s wife, but… Ivan scanned Susan from head to toe. She was still overjoyed, totally clueless about what she was about to face. “Ivan. Inform the media immediately that the Salazar family and the Sullivan family will be related by marriage,” . Victor remarked coldly in a strong voice.

“Mr. Sullivan…”

“The wedding is tonight,” Victor continued. “In reality, you don’t have to be in such a rush.” Susan couldn’t help but grin. Victor grasped Susan’s chin and halted her before she could continue her sentence. “Isn’t this what you were hoping for, Susan? Why do you think of it as a rush now? Didn’t you just say that you wanted to marry into the Sullivan family and become Mrs. Sullivan?” Victor’s gaze was void of any emotions. Seeing Victor’s gaze made Susan feel like she had entered a deep dark pit that was encircled by frigid air A pleasant mood was expected of her. She had a giddy feeling. She was a bit alarmed, though, when she heard Victor’s statements.

“I’m afraid we won’t have much time to prepare for the wedding. We can apply for our marriage certificates first.

Preparation for the wedding might go at a leisurely pace. I have no time constraints.”

Victor tucked Susan’s hair behind her ear while holding her jaw with his.

The way Victor did that made Susan feel that the guy in front of her was in love with her and had romantic

emotions for her. 2

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. In spite of the short time frame, I will ensure that your wedding is one you will never forget,” Victor told her.

Victor’s kindness enveloped Susan. She adored the guy in front of her and wanted to be married to him day in day out. She couldn’t help but be seduced just by the sight of him. • She called him dearly. “Victor.” On her tiptoes, she reached out for Victor’s lips. Victor, on the other hand, let go of Susan at this very time. Susan stumbled after losing her footing. As soon as she was able to maintain her balance, she heard Victor give the command to Ivan, “What you need to do before the wedding is locate a guy who is approximately the same height as Odin, let him wear a mask, and complete the entire procedure with Susan.” “Right, sir.”

Susan just hadn’t seen that coming. For a brief minute, she was certain she’d misheard. She turned around and said, “What? What are you talking about? Odin… Victor! What’s the matter? What do you mean by seeking a replacement for Odin?”

“Miss Salazar, it’s quite evident what Mr. Sullivan is getting at. You and Odin are getting married tonight,” Ivan explained Susan’s face quickly became pale. “Odin and I? It doesn’t add up!” “You heard me right,” Ivan said. “It’s exactly what you asked for, Miss Salazar. You said you wanted to marry into the Sullivan family and became Mrs. Sullivan. Didn’t you intend to wed Odin in the end? Mr. Sullivan has always hoped to find Odin a suitable woman. It’s a wonderful thing that we can all agree on it because you’re willing to do


‘Wedding! But Odin is dead in people’s eyes!’ Susan’s wrath at being taunted erupted swiftly. “Victor, you’re playing games with me!” “Playing games with you?” Victor sneered. “Aren’t you intending to marry into the Sullivan family? Don’t you want to be Mrs. Sullivan? Tell me, how is that playing games with you?”| “You should have known what I want. You’re the one I want to marry,” Susan replied, gritting her teeth.

“Really? Is it okay if you won’t be the hostess of the Sullivan family?”

“What are you getting at?” Susan asked, confused. “Miss Salazar, I’m sure you’re not aware of one very important fact,” Ivan said, coughing. “Following his departure from the Sullivan family, Mr. Sullivan signed an agreement and terminated all relations with the Sullivans. He is no longer a member of the Sullivan family. The reason why he is now CEO and ruler of the Sullivan Group is that he owns a third of the Sullivan Group’s stock and thus he is the company’s biggest stakeholder.” In fact, the board of directors and the outsiders had it all wrong. They always believed that as long as they joined forces, they could remove Victor from his position as CEO of the Sullivan Group. In their minds, Carolyn had chosen Victor as the Sullivan Group’s CEO since he was a member of the Sullivan family. However, Victor was in reality the Sullivan Group’s largest shareholder. In his mature years, Victor had already broken his links to the Sullivan family. Because it was a family affair, he had never discussed it with anybody else. Maria was the one who knew it well, but she refused to accept it. Over the years, she had continued to play her tricks. She always thought that she could remove Victor from his position as CEO with the help of the board of directors.

“I… I don’t get it.” “The fact that you don’t comprehend does not matter. To be the Sullivan family’s hostess and marry into the Sullivan family, Miss Salazar, you must marry Odin. There is no other option. I’ll take care of the wedding

arrangements for you,” Ivan elaborated. Victor turned around and was prepared to depart after a quick peek at Susan “Don’t you want to rescue your son?” Susan asked, seeing that Victor was departing.

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