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Chapter 312 The Contract About Cancelling The Engagement 

Carson smiled slightly and meaningfully, and said nothing. Seeing this, James was more suspicious about it. He clenched the pen first and then loosened his grip on it again and again. After a few times, he finally put down the pen and turned to the first page. The large meeting room was extremely quiet. James turned over the contract, and the sound of collision between the pages became particularly clear. About ten minutes later, Carson put down the pen in his hand and looked up at James. The smile on James’s face froze, and he suddenly stopped when he turned to the second last page of the contract. He read the contents of this page several times, making sure that he didn’t read it wrong. And the smile at the corners of his mouth could no longer hold on. “Carson, did you get the wrong contract?” James forced a smile and asked. “What’s wrong?” “Isn’t it should a contract to strengthen the cooperation between Sullivan Group and the Salazar Group? But…”

“Alright. It is specified in the third term. In the next five years, Sullivan Group will provide financial support, scientific research and technology for your investments in real estate, clothing and other fields, enhancing the strategic cooperation between Sullivan Group and Salazar Group.” On the way here, Carson had looked through the contract roughly, he said, “James, this contract is related to the development of the Salazar Group in the next five years. Why don’t you take it seriously?” It was related to the future development of the Salazar Group James looked at Carson and completely understood that he didn’t take the wrong contract at all, and the content in the contract was true. Carson was reminding him that if he didn’t sign the contract today, the cooperation between Sullivan Group and the Salazar Group would come to an end, and all the blueprint he had planned would be ruined. If he didn’t sign the agreement, that means he would compete with the Sullivan Group with the development of the Salazar Group.

But, if he signed it……

James lowered his eyes, and looked at the last term of the contract — all the cooperation between two groups were based on the premise that the engagement between Victor and Susan was cancelled. “James, as you know, I’m just entrusted to deliver the contract. Mr. Sullivan is waiting for me to tell him the result, so it’s almost time to sign the contract if you have finished reading it.” Carson’s tone is casual but firm.

James’s face turned pale. After a short silence, he suddenly stood up.

no way! He couldn’t just sign it like this. He wanted to know why! Why did Victor would cancel the engagement with Susan? Five years of strategic cooperation It was nothing compared to the fact that he had become a relative of Sullivan family “I’m going to the hospital to see Mr. Sullivan.” Said James. “It seems that you can’t accept the contract.” “Alas….. It was not a cooperation! It is… “James was so angry that his face turned light red. Although words had risen to his lips, he couldn’t say anything. “Since you doesn’t accept it, I will tell Mr. Sullivan that. As for the meeting, I forgot to tell you that before I came here, Mr. Sullivan asked me to tell you.” “…… What?” “He won’t see you. Even if you don’t sign this contract, the engagement will be canceled as well and he will announces it to the public in a few days. But the cooperation between you will come to an end.” After saying that, Carson turned around and was about to leave the room.

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