Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Tammy Was Defeated 

Seeing that Joey followed her words, Tammy was happy and wanted to continue asking, “Well…” “But my mommy said that I can’t tell anyone where I live.” Before Tammy could finish her words, Joey frowned and said worriedly.

Tammy’s smile froze.

The same problem appeared again. She pulled the corners of her mouth and said, “I just said that I am not someone else, so it doesn’t matter to tell me.” “You are right.” Blinking the big innocent eyes, Joey smiled and said, “But Mrs. Salazar, as you said, we aren’t a family until Mr. Sullivan marries Miss Salazar. Now that Miss Salazar hasn’t married Mr. Sullivan, are you still someone else?”

Tammy was speechless and a little embarrassed, and her face turned pale. of course, Joey noticed the change of her facial expression, but he pretended not to see it. With an innocent face, he put down the spoon and said, “Mrs. Salazar, I have finished my cake.” “?” Before Tammy could react and speak, she heard him ask again. “Mrs. Salazar, when will you take me to the lab?” Tammy came back to her senses and looked at the smile on his young face. Her expression changed again. Her hands on the knees clenched unconsciously. She had asked so many questions, but in the end, the little boy didn’t tell her anything valuable. Now looking at his smile, she was so displeased. “Mrs. Salazar? What’s wrong with you?’ Joey asked her again, and his voice was so cute. “You look not good. Do you feel uncomfortable?” “……” Mrs. Salazar forced a smile and said, “I…… Maybe I didn’t sleep well last night, so I am a little dizzy now. Do you want to go to the lab? How about this? I’ll ask someone to take you there, and I won’t accompany you, okay?” “If you don’t feel well, you’d better call the doctor. I don’t must go to the lab now. I’ll stay with you.” Joey said and pretended to care her very much.

“No, thanks.” Tammy refused immediately.

Joey blinked and looked at her.

Tammy quickly realized that she was a little too emotional. But if she really let Joey accompany her and couldn’t get any information from him, wouldn’t it make her feel distressed? Tammy was anxious to make Joey disappear from her sight instantly. She adjusted the tone and said, “I mean…… If you can’t go to the lab because of me, it’s so pity. Besides, I just feel a little dizzy. I’ll be fine after a rest. It’s no need to call the doctor.” “I see. All right. Have a good rest, Mrs. Salazar.” Joey said in a young and sweet voice. Tammy smiled and then ordered her subordinate to take him to the laboratory. Joey followed the man obediently. And the smile on Tammy’s face disappeared as soon as the door was closed, besides, her expression became extremely gloomy.

The Al lab was located on the thirteen floor of Salazar Group. The subordinate took him into the elevator and sent him to the thirteen floor. Then he found an excuse and left first. When Joey pushed the door open, he saw the neatly arranged computer screens, on which a series of codes kept popping out. He could know at a glance that these were basic codes of the firewall. The reason why they kept updating was to prevent the attacks of hackers. This was not the center of the lab. Joey walked up to a computer and glanced at the codes quickly passing by. He couldn’t help but mutter in his heart, ‘If a hacker really attacks the system, let alone stop him, he can’t hold on it for half a minute. I really don’t know who wrote these codes filled with BUG.’. “Who are you?” Suddenly, a voice came from behind, “Who allowed you in?”

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