Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 316

Chapter 316 You Are So Stupid

“Gatlin touched the tip of his nose and said gratefully, “Thank you, little boy. I didn’t expect you to be so capable!” “Actually, it’s you are so stupid. And I have to correct you that,” said Joey relentlessly. Gatlin looked at him in confusion. “I’m three years old, not four or five.” Joey stretched out his three fingers and said seriously, “Remember I’m not that old.” Three… three years old. Gatlin was so amazed, his pupils dilated quickly and his lips slightly opened, which was forgotten to close for surprise. And he didn’t come to the senses until the laptop made a sound when the process completed Looking at the recovered data file, Gatlin was still in a trance. He, the master of computer department, graduated from one of the domestic top universities. He, unexpectedly, couldn’t compare with a three years old child in the technology, and even suffered a humiliating defeat. “Thank you so much, kid.” After saving the data quickly and skillfully, Gatlin thanked Joey gratefully. “You’re welcome.” Gatlin took a look at his watch, and then glanced at the quiet surroundings. There were only a few people passing by in the large front hall of the lab. Besides, everyone in the lab was busy with their own work and didn’t pay attention to them at all. But, there was, after all, one more person in the lab, and he was a child. Worrying the director would find Joey when he came out later, Gatlin said, “Kid, how about I take you out here? There is a good bakery downstairs. I’ll treat you to cake in return your kindness.” “No.” Hearing this, Joey suddenly remembered the cake he had eaten in the lounge just now. Although he liked it, he was tired of eating too much at a time. Thus he refused decisively and tumed around to leave.


Now that he had done what he could do, he didn’t want to waste time here. He planned to go to the 


central control room to have a look. 


“Then what do you want to eat? lollipop? Or do you have any toys you like? “Gatlin thought about what children might like and said. But before he finished his words, the boy in front of him had already walked to the door of the central control room, and it seemed that he was going to it. The director was now in the room! Thinking of this, the alarm in his mind going off, Gatlin strode to catch up with him and said, “Kid, you Where are you going?” Being stopped, Joey had to stop and answered, “The central control room.” “The… the central control room?” Although Gatlin had already guessed where Joey was going, he still stumbled. The cold and stern face of director flashed through his mind. He immediately said, “No, you can’t go.” “Why?” Joey frowned. “The staffs can’t enter the central control room without permission, let alone outsiders. Even the  employees in the lab could only enter it with the permission of our director. And why did you go to the 


central control room?” “I want to visit it, of course. And I also want to see how terrible the program codes you designed are.” “……” It sounded extremely arrogant, but somehow, hearing what Joey said, Gatlin believed the program code was as bad as he said. But soon, he came to his senses and didn’t get out of Joey’s way. “No, I still can’t let you go.” Joey frowned. If he knew that James would make trouble for him now, he would not help him. Gatlin twitched the corners of his mouth, and said in a gentle voice, “Kid, there is nothing interesting in the central control room, and you can’t understand it either. How about this? I’ll take you to eat something first? Then I’ll accompany you to find your family?” “No.” Joey refused decisively again, leaving no chance for Gatlin to persuaded him. As a result, the words that came to James’s mouth were forcefully stopped. All of a sudden, a piercing alarm sounded abruptly— Gatlin’s face suddenly changed, “D**n, a hacker is attacking our system.”

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