Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 318

Chapter 318 Director, Please Let Me Have A Try 


As time went by, the people in the central control room were anxious, and the beads of sweat on their foreheads dripped on the keyboard. *Director, the hacker has hacked the firewall of the internal network.” Someone reported, “If we can’t stop the hacker, maybe…” 


The man didn’t dare to finish his words, but everyone present knew the result if they couldn’t stop the hacker Everyone’s face became extremely serious, 


Two years, it took them two years to finish the data. If it was stolen by the hacker, all their efforts would be in vain. Thinking of this, their faces turned pale. They wanted to try their best to stop the hacker’s attack, but they didn’t know how to do. 


The director of the lab, Theo Natt, wore a heavy look. He had promised James repeatedly that he would solve it quickly, but now the people told him that they couldn’t stop the hacker at all! 


Not to mention that their efforts in the past two years would be in vain, Theo couldn’t hide it from James. What would James do to him at that time? As the manager of the lab, Theo must be the first one to be blamed. “You are so incompetent! No matter what, you must stop the hacker today! Do you hear me?” Theo gritted his teeth and shouted. 


“Director, we have tried our best.” One of them said in a low voice. He didn’t dare to speak too loudly, fearing that the phone in Theo’s hand would be thrown at him the next moment. Theo clenched his mobile phone and made up his mind, then he said, “Cut off all the networking of the database right now!” Gatlin walked into the central control room and heard the order of Theo clearly. He was stunned. Others also raised their heads to look at Theo in disbelief. Cut off the networking of the database… It could indeed prevent hacker from stealing data, cutting off the connection to the Internet meant that all the paths to the database were cut off, so that hacker could not invade the database to steal data. 


But it also meant that everything would be cleared except for the original data. Cutting off the connection to internet meant that they not only cut off the access for hackers to invade, but also cut off the access for their lab to the database. What’s more, the loss was irreversible, 


“Director…” Some people wanted to say something to stop theo, but they hesitated. At present, cutting off the networking was the best way. At least they could keep the original data, 


With a cold face, Theo ordered, “Hurry up!” Gatlin tightened his lips, and the words that Joey had just whispered in his ear came to his mind again. He clenched his hands and summoned up courage, then he said, “Director, I have an idea.” 


However, at this moment, in the central control room, everyone was making the final 


preparations to cut off the Internet. Theo was also checking the codes’ accuracy to make sure that they could successfully stop the hacker after cutting off the Internet, so no one was listening to Gatlin. “Director, it’s done. Press Enter and the internet will be cut off.” Another man said. Theo came over, looked at the codes, and looked down at the Enter key on the keyboard. With his fingertips hanging above, he hesitated for a moment and was about to press the key. Seeing this, Gatlin stepped forward. When the Enter key was about to be pressed, Gatlin held Theo’s wrist and stopped him in 




Theo turned around and frowned at Gatlin. “What are you doing? Gatlin! Let go of me!” “Director, you can’t cut it off.” With a pale face and sweat on his forehead, Gatlin held Theo’s hand more tightly as he spoke, fearing that Theo would press the Enter key if he loosened his grip. “Nonsense! Gatlin, you are just an intern. You know nothing! Let go of me right now. If you cause a serious consequence, Mr. Salazar would punish you!” Theo struggled, but Gatlin held his wrist tightly, Theo was unable to break free. As time passed, the time when the hacker cracked the last firewall was coming, and Theo’s face darkened greatly. 


Gatlin still didn’t let Theo go. 


He wouldn’t dare to say anything if Theo scolded him like that at in normal times. But he couldn’t bear to see the hard work of people in the lab in the past two years be in vain. He gritted his teeth and said again, “Director, we can’t cut off the Internet. Once it is cut off, all our efforts will be in vain.” 



“Gatlin!” “I have an idea.” Gatlin took a deep breath and said seriously, “I have a way to stop the hacker. Director, let me have a try, okay?” Theo’s face darkened, “Do you have any idea? What can you do? Let go of me, or I’ll teach you a lesson! You can’t take the consequence” “Director, I really have an idea. Please let me have a try.” With a cold face, Theo didn’t say anything. Seeing this, the people next to him thought that they had little time for rest in the past two years and the efforts they made, and his expression changed slightly, then the people said, “Director, how about letting Gatlin have a try? Maybe he really has a way –” * “Gatlin doesn’t know his ability, don’t you know his ability?” Theo said coldly. 


The man shut up immediately Seeing that no one wanted to speak for him, Gatlin felt a little helpless, but he still didn’t want to give up. He had always wanted to work in this laboratory. It was not easy for him to become an intern, but he, used to be students with great grades at school became a loser in the eyes of everyone in the laboratory. He was not reconciled to that at all. He didn’t want to be a loser all the time. He wanted to prove himself. Since no one helped him, Gatlin had to rely on himself. He made up his mind and pushed Theo hard. Then he bent down and typed on the keyboard, turning off the codes that had just used to cut off the Internet Theo was pushed suddenly and knocked down a computer. “Gatlin, I will tell the thing to Mr. Salazar! I will definitely ask him to drive you out! I will let you pay the price!” Theo’s face turned pale with pain. He held her waist and stood up. Seeing that Gatlin closed the code, he pointed at him with his trembling fingertips and said angrily Gatlin pretended not to hear and quickly typed on the screen. “Stop! What are you waiting for? Stop him!” Theo shouted angrily. Those who hadn’t realized what had happened came to their senses and hurried to stop Gatlin. The staff who had spoken for Gatlin just now quickly walked over and stand behind Gatlin. Before the staff could stop Gatlin, he saw the codes on the screen flicking quickly. The next moment, the alarm stopped. “Hacker. The hacker seems to be stopped. ” Someone looked at the firewall and saw that the firewall program that had been attacked and giving an alarm had returned to normal. And the traces of the hacker’s invasion disappear without a trace, so he said in surprise. “What?” Theo was stunned, “What did you say just now?” “Director, it seems that Gatlin really succeeded in stopping the hacker.” The man repeated. At this moment, looking at the codes running normally on the screen and the central control room which had quickly returned to normal, Gatlin breathed a sigh of relief. “Is this the firewall of basic code used by the computers outside our hall?” The staff standing behind Gatlin soon recognized the prototype of the codes and asked. “Yes, I have changed a few connection points of the basic code and updated the firewall system. The updated firewall system could quickly capture the attacking ways of the hacker, and then attack the hacker’s system along his attacking way, finally attack his program when he is unprepared.” Gatlin explained as he recalled what Joey had said just now. “How is that possible?” Theo widened his eyes, his face turned pale and he didn’t believe that.

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