Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 319

Chapter 319 You Said The Program Was Modified By You

“Yes, why didn’t we think of that? Gatlin, I didn’t expect that you are awesome. You just thought of that it means that you have a deep understanding of basic code,” The people behind Gatlin didn’t notice the change of Theo’s expression. They looked at the codes on the computer and repeatedly praised Gatlin. “In fact, it’s not my work” Being praised, Gatlin felt a little embarrassed, He touched the tip of his nose and turned to look out of the door pubconsciously. Joey didn’t stand outside the door, “Gatlin, don’t be so modest! If it weren’t for you, the hacker might have hacked our database and stolen our data, ” The man continued to praise Gatlin. The more the Theo listened, the worse he looked,


Theo stared closely at the codes running on the screen and felt embarrassed. Ten minutes ago, he said that Gatlin was useless. But now, Gatlin solved the problem. All these made him be disgraced Gatlin repeatedly shook his hand and explained, “In fact, it’s not my work. I also -” “Beep! Beep! Beep” Before Gatlin could finish his words, the alarm rang again. “What’s going on? Didn’t you say it had been patched? Gatlin!” Hearing the alarm, Theo couldn’t help blaming Gatlin. Turning his head to look at the computer, Gatlin saw that the codes suddenly stopped running on the screen. His face changed slightly and he quickly typed on the keyboard. But no matter what he pressed, the keyboard seemed to be bad and the computer did not respond “How could it be…” Gatlin didn’t know why the codes suddenly became like this. The person who had just praised Gatlin also changed his face and frowned. “Did they find a loophole to break through the firewall again?”| Theo’s face darkened. He strode forward and pushed Gatlin away. “I’ve said that you can’t do anything! But you still insist doing that, and you modified the firewall program without my permission! How do you explain it now?!” Gatlin staggered and finally stand firm. Looking at the messy codes on the screen of the computer, he obviously felt that everyone was looking at him. Some were scolding him, and some were confused. Gatlin was at a loss.


The shrill alarm sounded in Gatlin’s ears. The words ‘You are useless’ said by Theo with a cold face before appeared in his mind again. “I… I… ” Gatlin was flustered and couldn’t think of anything. The program was fine just now. How could it suddenly become like this?


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“Director, Mr. Salazar is here.” Someone hurried in and reminded Theo. “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and find out what happened. Cut off the networking!” The director’s face changed dramatically. He gave an order in a hurry. Then he looked at Gatlin with a long face, pointed at him and said, “Just stand here! I will report what you have done to Mr. Salazar in detail!” “Didn’t you say the problem was settled? what’s going on?” As soon as Theo finished his words, James said that before Theo walked out of the central control room. Then James and the others came in. Theo hurried to greet James, “Mr. Salazar, why are you downstairs?” “Why I am downstairs? If I hadn’t come down, I wouldn’t have known that the matter is so serious that the database is going to be broken! So? Are you still going to hide it from me?” James didn’t look good either. He frowned and scolded them directly. Knowing that he was in the wrong, Theo lowered his head and said, “We… The hacker hacked our program all of a sudden and he was very powerful. We had no choice but to come up with such a bad idea.” Behind James, Carson, with his hands in his pockets, looked at the scene indifferently as if it had nothing to do with him. He glanced around the central control room, but didn’t find the figure he was looking for. He could not help but frown slightly. ‘Didn’t he say that he wanted to come to the lab to broaden his horizon? Why he doesn’t come?’


While Carson was thinking, Theo wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, “And there is something I have to report to you, Mr. Salazar! We have planned to cut off the networking and protect the original data. In this way, at least we can have the original data and won’t let the hacker succeed. But Gatlin stopped me at the last moment. He said that he had a way, then he change the program code without my permission, which made the hacker attack our program again, and the second attack was more violent, which caused us to be unprepared…” Gatlin tightened his lips, clenched his fists and said nothing. “Gatlin?” James frowned. Apparently, he was not familiar with Gatlin. Theo replied at once, “He is an intern of our lab, and his father is Boris, a member of our board of directors.”


There were not many people in the lab who knew who Gatlin’s parents were, Theo got it by accident. After saying that, Theo raised his eyes to observe the expression on James’s face. When Theo saw that James looked worse after he heard that the father of Gatlin was Boris, he was secretly relieved. James and Boris had always been at odds with each other over work decisions, and the board of directors was divided into two factions led by them respectively. Therefore, when James knew the identity of Gatlin’s father, he would definitely be unhappy, and might even blame


Gatlin for the stealing of the lab’s data. After all, this meant that James had something on Boris. “Mr. Salazar, I’m sorry. It’s my fault. It has nothing to do with my father. If you want to blame someone, just blame me.” Gatlin tightened his lips and said. James said with a cold face, “It has nothing to do with your father? Do you really take the Salazar Group as your own Group? The lab is an important place. No one can work in it casually. And what’s worse, you caused such a serious result! What responsibility can you take? Why didn’t your father ask you to work here without asking my opinion? The problem has something to do with your father!” Gatlin’s face turned pale and his pupils trembled. Carson was not interested in the conflict between James and Gatlin’s father. He was about to leave as he couldn’t find Joey. After all, the contract had been sent and he had said what he should say. Out of the corner of his eye, Carson noticed the codes that had stopped running on the computer. His eyes immediately narrowed and he felt that the codes looked a bit familiar. “Sorry to interrupt you.” Carson said and looked at Gatlin. He pointed at the codes on the computer and asked, “Did you modify this program?” Hearing that, Gatlin was stunned for a while, then he nodded. Carson took two steps forward, looked at the codes, and then looked at Gatlin. He felt confused, but he didn’t ask immediately, but quickly typed on the keyboard. All of a sudden, the alarm stopped again and the codes started to work normally. “Well…”


“There’s something wrong with the code, so it stopped running and gave the hacker a chance to hack. I’ve modified it and it works normally now.” Under the shocked eyes of the crowd, Carson stood up and explained, “Everything should be all right now.” After taking a few steps forward and looking it carefully, Gatlin found that he had made a mistake when writing the program. “You said you modified this program?” Carson looked down at Gatlin, observed Gatlin’s expression quietly and asked word by word, “Why didn’t you find such a mistake? Generally speaking, you can modify the firewall of the basic code, so you should be quite familiar with the basic code system.”

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