Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 320

Chapter 320 Uncle Gatlin, Someone’s Calling You 

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s eyes fell on Gatlin.

Caught off guard, Gatlin opened his mouth, “I… I…”.

When Theo saw this, a dark light flashed across his eyes, as if he had caught something on Gatlin. Then Carson asked, “Gatlin, did you modify the procedure? Tell me the truth!”

Raising his head to look at Carson, Gatlin remembered what the boy had said to him ten minutes ago.

Since the boy specifically emphasized that he only did it to help him, not the lab. It meant that he didn’t want others to know that it was him who helped Gatlin. So Gatlin certainly wouldn’t say anything. “This procedure is… modified by me. ” He swallowed and looked away subconsciously from Carson, murmured

Theo didn’t believe it and continued to press, “It’s impossible! In fact, about what Carson just said, I don’t understand as well. You can’t even sort out the data well in normal times, how can you find the loopholes in the system at the first time, and also react so quickly to modify the basic code of the procedure? Either someone told you about how to modify the procedure, or….” “Or you colluded with hackers to steal the data of the laboratory!” Theo raised his voice.

Gatlin raised his head abruptly, widened his eyes and denied, “I didn’t! How could I collude with a hacker?”

“Well, who knows?” Theo snorted and his expression contemptuous, “Your father is Boris. I don’t know what to say, but it doesn’t make sense for Boris to arrange you into the laboratory without telling James.”

Gatlin pressed his lips tightly.

Hearing Theo’s words, James couldn’t help but have some doubt on Gatlin.

“I… I really didn’t. How could I collude with a hacker? My father won’t allow me to do so.” Facing

James’s questioning eyes, Gatlin explained feebly. Theo folded his arms across his chest and said, “Then can you explain why you can modify the program code but you can’t even find the basic mistakes?” “!!

“…” Gatlin was speechless.

Gatlin didn’t say a word for a long time. The complacency and viciousness in Theo’s eyes became more and more obvious.

Looking at Gatlin and the code on the screen thoughtfully, Carson was not interested in the feud between Theo and Gatlin, so he didn’t intend to get involved in it. The reason why he asked was that the code patterns were too familiar.

It was exactly like the trace left by the hacker who stole three hundred million dollars from the account of someone lying on the bed at the moment.

“Uncle Gatlin, someone’s calling you.” Just as the atmosphere was deadlocked, a figure came in with a mobile phone in his hand.

It was Joey.

Hearing that, Gatlin was dumbfounded for a second. Then, Joey walked up to him and handed him the phone. “Here, answer the phone.”

Seeing Joey, Carson raised his eyebrows and wondered where did he come out of nowhere?

Gatlin was about to reach for the phone. Eyes turning cold, Theo strode forward and grabbed the phone. He looked at the caller ID and asked, “Is it from abroad?” Then he looked at Gatlin suspiciously. “L.” Gatlin didn’t expect it to be an overseas call. He was dumbfounded for a moment and said, “Probably a crank call.”

Cronk call2 At this exact moment? ” Theo snorted, “Answer it. Turn on the speaker. I’d like to see if it’s

a crank call or not!”

It was the first time that Gatlin felt so humiliated. He stared at Theo and didn’t take the phone for several moments. “What? You don’t dare to answer it? Or is this phone call actually from a hacker? ” Theo provoked him. Gatlin clenched his teeth and the veins on his temples bulged. “Little guy, where are you…”, ignoring the aggressiveness of Theo, Carson fixed his eyes on Joey all the time. Seeing that Joey completely ignored him, Carson couldn’t help but reach out and drag him over to ask. 


However, before he could finish his words, Joey suddenly grabbed the phone from Theo’s hand, decisively pressed the answer key and turned on the speaker. “Hello?” To everyone’s surprise, Joey called out to the phone. “What? Why is it a kid on the other end?” A man’s voice with a strong accent came through the phone. “Excuse me, is Gatlin there?” Hearing this, Joey handed the phone to the shocked Gatlin. The others were also shocked. Hearing this, Theo deepened the sarcasm at the corners of his mouth. He was sure that his guess was right. This hacker attack must be done by Gatlin! As long as Gatlin could be convicted, James would not blame him. He would still be the head of the lab. “Hello, I’m Gatlin. What can I do for you?” “Hello, Mr. James! I’m Viki. Your tutor, Lawrence, asked me to ask if the crisis in your laboratory has been solved.” Theo alertly captured the keywords and asked, “Lawrence?” On the other side of the phone, Viki heard Theo’s voice of doubt and replied, “It seems that the problem has been solved. That’s great! By the way, Mr. James, haven’t you introduced your tutor to others?” Gatlin was a little confused. What tutor? None of his tutor’s names was Lawrence. “Well, Lawrence must be very sad. He is proud of having an excellent student like you!” Viki said with a little disappointment. “Lawrence, the name sounds familiar…” Someone couldn’t help saying. Hearing this name, Carson also raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, “If I remember correctly, this Lawrence Mr. Viki mentioned must be the master of the program in the computer system, Oak Lawrence, right?”

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