Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 321

Chapter 321 “Whatever. I’m Not A Picky Eater.” 




As soon as Carson finished his words, the people in the central control room gasped. 


Everyone looked at the codes on the screen of the computer tacitly and figured out something. 


If the man was really Dhruv Loftus, then this modification of basic codes was really a small problem for him. Even if Gatlin was not familiar with that, his helper was Dhruv, the famous master programmer! Gatlin’s eyes were wide open and full of surprise. ‘Dhruv Loftus? How could it be? This was a person that could only be seen in textbooks. How could he become my master in the blink of an eye?’ “Mr. Scott, are you kidding me? Dhruv lives far away. I’ve never heard that he has been to Apliaria in recent years. How could Gatlin know him? “The director, Theo said with a stiff smile. But before he could finish his words, the people on other side of the phone said again and interrupted Theo. 


“Yes, it’s him.” Rhys snapped his fingers and said, “To be honest, I’m Dhruv’s assistant, Rhys Dury.” 


When they heard the full name of Rhys, they were more sure that the master of Gatlin was the famous master programmer, Dhruv. Because Dhruv indeed had an assistant named Rhys Dury who was mainly responsible for dealing with all the external affairs of Dhruv. Therefore, as long as they listened carefully, they could recognize that Rhys had a strong foreign accent, which was very distinctive. Carson raised his eyebrows and looked at Gatlin who was totally confused. His eyes darkened. From Gatlin’s reaction, it seemed that he didn’t know that his master was Dhruv. 


The result was beyond the director’s expectation. 


The director was ashamed. “Mr. James, are you still listening?” Rhys didn’t hear any response from Gatlin and asked. “I… I’m here.” Gatlin suddenly felt that the phone in his hand was very heavy. When he came to his senses, there was still a little confusion in his eyes. Then he answered. “Now that the crisis in the lab has been solved, I can report it to Dhruv. Mr. James, goodbye.” 


Gatlin’s reaction was a little slow. By the time he came to his senses, the phone had been hung up. 


He looked at the screen of his mobile phone, which showed that the call had ended. He still felt that what happened just now was unreal. He kept asking himself if he had an illusion. That was Dhruv, the person many people wanted to see. But another voice in his mind told him that it was not his illusion. He looked at the phone screen again and found that it was not his phone. Stunned for a moment, Gatlin looked down at Joey who was standing beside him. He suddenly thought of something, which made him sober up at once. 


It was not an illusion. It was true. But the phone was not his, but that kid’s. 


In other words, Dhruv didn’t know him at all, but knew… 


Realizing this, Gatlin was shocked. He looked at Joey in surprise and disbelief. Joey seemed to have noticed Gatlin’s gaze. He looked up at Gatlin and suddenly reached out his hand. “…… What? “Gatlin didn’t know what to do when he saw Joey suddenly stretch out his hand. 


“Well, return it to its original owner.” Joey raised work card in his hand and glanced at the phone Gatlin 




Return it to its original owner… Gatlin looked at his hand and immediately understood what Joey meant. Joey was telling him that his 


guess was right. 


Gatlin handed the phone to Joey and took the work card. Standing in an angle where no one noticed him, he said silently, “Thank you.” 




It was almost noon when Carson and Joey left the Salazar Group. The driver opened the door for the two of them. As soon as Joey standing at the roadside got into the car, he heard that Carson said to the driver, “Let’s go back to Sue Garden first.” Joey raised his head to take a look at Carson and happened to meet his eyes. As if knowing what Joey was thinking, Carson said, “I promised Lukas that I would send you back before noon.” “…… I didn’t say anything. “Joey curled his lips and approached the door. Looking at Joey’s long face, Carson smiled, crossed his legs and said nothing. The car started slowly and drove forward. Looking out of the window at the street scenes passing by, Joey had a plan in his mind. After hesitating for a while, he turned around and said, “Mr. Newbie.” “Please call my real name.” Carson looked at his phone and answered without looking up. “…… Mr. Scott.” “Say it.” “I’m hungry. Can I go to eat something first?” Joey asked obediently. Seeing that Joey was suddenly obedient to him, Carson looked up at him. But before he could say anything, Joey said again, “Of course, if you think it’s troublesome, you can send me back to Sue Garden and let me eat there. Anyway, I’m still young and stronger than you adults. It doesn’t matter if I starve for a long time.” Carson was speechless. He stopped thinking that Joey had become obedient. Troublesome? It doesn’t matter if he was hungry for a long time? If Carson really dared to do so, the next second, he would be sent to a poor place to work by Victor. 1 Carson smiled helplessly, “What do you want to eat?” “Whatever. I’m not a picky eater.” Joey’s eyes lit up and he smiled cunningly. “Okay. What you want to do after the meal? I don’t think you just want to have a meal outside, right?” Carson looked at the phone in Joey’s hand and raised his eyebrows. He didn’t notice that Joey had brought a phone with him.

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