Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 322

Chapter 322 The Ulterior Motive

Noticing Carson’s gaze, Joey quietly put his phone into his pocket, and said with a wink, “I just came to

Apliaria. I’ve heard from Mr. Smith that there are many interesting places in Apliaria.”

Carson frowned slightly and looked at Joey, waiting for him to continue to say.

Joey smiled and said, “1 heard that the Moon-like Ancient Road is very interesting. If you don’t mind, after the meal, can I…”

“No, you can’t.” Before Joey finished his words, Carson refused him decisively.

 Then why do you still ask? ” Being refused so decisively, Joey couldn’t help but roll his eyes,

muttered and turned to look out of the window.

Carson smiled. ‘Moon-like Ancient Road? It is just a path paved with a few blue stone bricks. And there are some people who sell interesting antiques on the roadside all year round. It is not interesting.’ Carson was afraid that the real purpose Joey wanted to go to Moon-like Ancient Road was not to play, but to do other thing.

People in the Moon-like Ancient Road just needed to cross two roads before arriving the First Flowerence Hospital where Victor stayed, and it only took ten minutes.

As a matter of fact, from the moment when Joey suddenly wanted to go to the Salazar Group with him, Carson had more or less guessed what he wanted to do. It was a lie to go to the lab of the Salazar Group to see “Ultraman”. It was also a lie to say that he was hungry and wanted to eat outside. It was true that Joey wanted to find an opportunity to go to the hospital.

Carson took Joey to a Western restaurant nearby to have lunch.

When the dinner was almost finished, Carson put down his fork and took a sip of water. He looked at Joey who stopped eating and asked, “Are you full?”

Joey looked at the steak left in front of him and said, “I’m full.”

“If you are full, we just leave now. I’ll drive you back to Sue Garden. A little later, Lukas will call to urge us.” As he spoke, Carson raised his hand and gestured for the waiter to come here to account bill with his fingers bending slightly.

Joey looked at Carson and wanted to say something, but on second thought, he didn’t say. He wiped his mouth and stood up. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

At this moment, a waiter came over. Carson took out his phone and paid the bill. Before he could answer Joey, Joey had turned around and walked towards the bathroom.

Carson’s eyes flashed. He took the bill from the waiter and thought about something.

At the same time, as soon as Joey entered the bathroom, he took out his mobile phone, opened the mobile navigation system and set the First Flowerence Hospital as his destination.

With Carson’s attitude just now, if Joey said he wanted to go to the hospital, Carson would definitely not take him to there.

If Joey went back to the Sue Garden, it would be more difficult for him to come out. Besides, in addition to going to the hospital, he also wanted to find his mother

While thinking, Joey sat on the toilet, holding the phone with his little hand and typing on the screen
with his thumb quickly. On the screen of the phone, there were all kinds of strange codes — Joey was


Calculating the best way to go out of the bathroom and avoid being seen by Carson and the driver.


A message popped up at the top of the screen.

It was from Dhruv. ‘Mr. R, have you solved your problem? Do you need any help?’

Joey opened the message and replied, “R’s settled. Thank you.”

Soon, Dhruv replied, “You’re welcome. it’s my honor to help you. I hope I can have a chance to learn from you about my latest programming.”

Joey replied, “There will be a chance.”

After Joey replied, the codes on the screen stopped running. On the screen, a red line was drawn on the small map, which was the fastest way to get to the hospital and could let Joey avoid Carson and the driver.

After memorizing the route and turning off his phone, Joey put his phone into his pocket and pushed the door open.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw a people standing in front of the wash basin. His proud smile disappeared at once.

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