Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 323

Chapter 323 Liar Has A Longer Nose

Joey quickly calmed himself down and smiled slightly. He walked from the toilet stall to the wash basin without saying a word and silently washing his hands.

“Little guy, you ran so fast that you disappeared in the blink of an eye. I almost thought you were going to run away.” The person who was leaning against the wash basin was no one else but Carson.

Joey had thought a lot, but he didn’t expect that Carson would come to the bathroom to block him. Joey turned off the tap and took out some tissue. “I was in a hurry to urinate just now.”

“Really? I thought you wanted to sneak away when I was not noticing. ” It seemed that Carson just echoed casually.

Joey crumpled the tissue into a ball. Hearing this, he subconsciously looked up at Carson, and then threw the tissue into the trash can, without saying anything.

Outside the western restaurant, Carson and Joey got into the car one after another.

As soon as Joey got in the car, he turned his head to look out of the window. When the moment he came out of the bathroom, he ignored Carson and became angry. He didn’t know whether he was angry with himself or with Carson.

It was the first time that he had encountered something out of his plan. Since childhood, as long as he had a plan, everything would go as he wanted. But obviously, Carson made his plan fail again and again, which made hini more or less frustrated.

The frustration turned into anger, making Joey very uncomfortable.

As soon as Carson got on the car, he noticed that Joey was in a bad mood. His eyes flashed, then he called, “Little guy.”

“…… ” Joey turned his back to Carson and said nothing.

“TSK, TSK. I wanted to say that it’s not far from the Moon-like Ancient Road. Since you want to go there,
I can take you there. Now it seems that you don’t want to go there.” Carson said with wry look in his

eyes while observing Joey.

When Joey heard the word ‘Moon-like Ancient Road’, his ear moved obviously, but he still didn’t turn around to answer.

After waiting for a while, Carson pretended to feel pity and sighed, “Well, we have to go back to Sue Garden.” Then he said to the driver, “Let’s go to the Sue Garden.”

With his back to Carson, Joey bit his lips and wondered if Carson was setting a trap for him. “Okay.” The driver answered and started the car slowly.

After thinking for a while, Joey recalled what Carson and Lukas had said this morning and the scene that Victor had protected him by holding him under his body.

“I want to go.” Joey turned around and looked at Carson.

“What? What did you say? ” Carson pretended not to hear it clearly, raised his eyebrows and asked.

……. ” Joey glared at Carson, but soon his eyebrows relaxed and he said obediently, “I want to go to the

Moon-like Ancient Road.”

“Oh, so you mean this.” drawled Carson deliberately. Joey squinted at Carson with his big eyes.


Carson signaled the driver to stop the car at the side of the road. As soon as the car stopped, the driver Igot out of the car, leaving the two alone. As soon as Joey saw the driver get off the car, he realized that… Carson set a trap for him again.

Before Joey could think about what Carson was going to do, he heard Carson say, “It’s okay that you go to the Moon-like Ancient Road, and you can also make other requests, but I have to ask you a few questions. If your answers make me satisfied, I’ll take you there.”

Joey reached out his hand to touch the door handle, trying to open the door. But when he touched it, he heard ‘click’ and the door was locked.

“The first question 2

“I haven’t promised you whether I will answer your questions or not!” Joey’s face darkened and he frowned.

“It doesn’t matter. You can choose to keep silent. Anyway, when you went to the bathroom, I had told Lukas that I would take you back later, so I have plenty of time to wait for your answer in the car.”

……..  Mr. Newbie, haven’t anyone told you that threatening a child is a very despicable behavior? “

“Yes, it is. But I don’t mind.”

Joey was angry, he stared at Carson for a long time. Then he pouted and said angrily, “What do you want to ask?”

“The first question, can you program?” Carson asked.

Joey was stunned for a moment, and he was not so angry. But he reacted quickly and did not make Carson notice any his unusual expression. He decisively replied, “No.”

Carson squinted his eyes, which blurred the lachrymal mole at the corner of his eye. He looked at Joey

up and down.


“Littleguy, you are a liar. Your nose will grow longer.” Carson smiled, looked at Joey and said casually.

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