Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 324

Chapter 324 “Three Hundred Million Dollars Means A Lot Of Money”

“Adults who frighten children will go to hell after they die.” Joey replied with a fake smile. “……” Carson asked, “Where did you hear these things?” Although Joey was young, he was smarter than an adult. Joey glanced at Carson indifferently and didn’t answer his question. But he knew that since Carson had asked this question, it meant that he had been suspicious of the matter that Gatlin modified the program But Joey was a little surprised. He had thought that if he mentioned Dhruv, everyone’s doubts would be dispelled But obviously, Carson didn’t do as follow Joey’s plan. “I really don’t know how to program, but I’ve seen others programing.” Joey knew that if he didn’t say anything today, Carson wouldn’t let him go. “Watch others programing? Who?” Carson raised his eyebrows and asked. “How do you know he was programing?” Facing Carson’s question, Joey was very calm and said disapprovingly, “The man is my mommy’s friend. How do I know that? Of course he told me.” Carson frowned and his eyes darkened, and looked at Joey’s expression with inquiring eyes. From Joey’s young face, Carson could figure out whether he was lying or not. Joey’s mother? The college student who worked part-time in a bar? A woman who was so poor that she had to work part-time to earn tuition just had a friend who could program? “The second question.” After regaining his composure, Carson asked, “Did you tell Gatlin the basic codes of the program that he modified?” Joey’s big and bright eyes blinked, and he didn’t answer in a hurry. Carson waited for a while, but Joey didn’t say anything. He couldn’t help asking, “Besides, if I’m not wrong, Dhruv doesn’t know Gatlin, does he? Dhruv didn’t call Gatlin, but you, right? Do you know Dhruv?” “……” Joey still kept silent. When Carson asked the first question, Joey had been wondering what Carson had suspected. Now he was somewhat surprised to hear that. “Little guy ..” “Dhruv? What are you talking about? Mr. Newbie, you asked me so many questions, but I don’t know which one I should answer. ” Joey asked deliberately with an innocent look. Then he sighed, “Forget it. i’d better not go to Moon-like Ancient Road. Mr. Newbie, please send me back.” At the thought of the codes he saw on the computer in the lab, Carson found that the programming style of the man who modified the codes in the lab was so similar to that of another man. He finally got a clue and didn’t want to give up, and Joey in front of him obviously knew it. The hacker who stole three hundred million dollars from the account of Victor must have something to do with Joey.

“Little guy, you don’t want to go to Moon-like Ancient Road, then do you want to go to the hospital?” Joey’s ears moved. Just when Carson thought Joey wanted to agree, Joey yawned and said softly, “No. There are so many people in the hospital. It’s too messy. I’d better go back to Sue Garden.” 1 “Aren’t you worried about Victor? He got hurt to protect you. Don’t you want to see him?” Carson tried to persuade Joey. “Is he dead?” Joey suddenly asked. Was he dead? Carson was in a daze for a moment, then he came to his senses and said, “Of course not. How could it be possible?” “That’s good.” Joey pretended that he didn’t care about it at all. “As long as Mr. Sullivan is alive, he will be discharged from the hospital sooner or later. When he comes back from the hospital, I can see him. Besides, he is in hospital for recuperation. I have to be taken care of by others since I am a child, I can’t help him but only make troubles if I go there.” Joey had a clear mind, and Carson couldn’t find a reason to refute him. Carson remembered that he had fought with the hacker for several times and suffered losses. He was about to find the clue about the hacker, but Joey was smart and unwilling to tell him, which made him From the corner of his eye, Joey observed Carson. When he noticed the look on Carson’s face, he felt strange. am. The hacker attacked the codes of the lab didn’t have much to do with Carson, but it seemed that Carson really wanted to know who modified the codes of the program. Suddenly, Joey seemed to think of something. “Mr. Newbie, may I ask you a question?” “What?” “Three hundred million dollars means a lot of money?”

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