Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 325

Chapter 325 I Have A Request That You Take Me To The Hospital

As soon as Carson heard the words ‘three hundred million dollars’, he was stunned. He looked at Joey and asked, “How do you know that?” “What?” Joey pretended not to understand and looked innocent. . Carson could tell that Joey was pretending. He became serious and asked in a low voice, “Little guy, do you know something?” “Mr. Newbie, your question is a little strange. What do I know? And you haven’t answered my question.” Squinting his eyes, Carson soon realized that Joey was tantalizing him and threatening him with this “Little guy, how did you know that someone stole three hundred million dollars from the bank account of Victor?” Carson asked. “What? Mr. Sullivan’s money has been stolen? “Joey still looked innocent. “You know the man who stole the three hundred million dollars, don’t you? Or does it have anything to do with you?” Seeing that Joey still pretended not to understand, Carson continued to ask. Joey winked his eyes and said, “Mr. Newbie, why do you think it has something to do with me? It has nothing to do with me. I just mention the three hundred million dollars. Do you think I stole Mr. Sullivan’s money?” “It has nothing to do with you? Then why did you mention the three hundred million dollars suddenly?” “I just said it casually.” Joey was very calm. After a pause, he continued, “But I know one thing. It might have something to do with that.” Carson was eager to catch the hacker who stole three hundred million dollars. Seeing that the clues were about to be connected again, he asked anxiously, “What is it?” Joey turned his head to look at Carson. His thin lips moved, but he said nothing. Carson waited for a while, but Joey didn’t say anything, so he urged, “Little guy.” “I can tell you, but I have a request.” said Joey, raising his eyebrows and crossing his arms over his chest. “Take me to the hospital.” Under the inpatient department of Flowerence Hospital. The Benz slowly stopped at an open space under the stairs of the building. After a while, the driver got out of the car, walked around the front of the car and opened the door for Joey. After a while, Carson and Joey got off from both sides of the car. They went straight into the building and took the elevator to the floor where VIP wards were. As soon as the elevator door was closed, Carson couldn’t help but look down at Joey, then he said, “Little guy, I have done what you asked. Now it’s your turn to fulfill your promise.” With his hands in his pockets, Joey looked up at Carson and said, “Well, it’s no big deal to tell you.”

Carson’s beautiful eyes lit up with excitement. As the youngest child of the Scott family in Apliaria, Carson was the general manager of Scott Group. But everyone knew that Carson didn’t do things in the company and he rarely came to the company. He was a playboy who led a luxurious life. But only a few people knew that although Carson the youngest child of Scott family was not interested in business, he was interested in programming and hacking technology. He had once been invited to join the alliance of the Red Hackers, but he was so arrogant in his youth that he refused the invitation. As a result, he lost the opportunity to compete against King of Hearts. Seven years ago, Carson was frustrated in hacking technology for the first time because of King of Hearts. At that time, he encountered the same case with King of Hearts, but they were enemies. The firewall program he designed was completely destroyed in a second. Carson had always wanted to find King of Hearts, but whereabouts of King of Hearts were so mysterious that Carson had never met him again after being frustrated. And five years ago, King of Hearts completely disappeared from the field of hacking Carson had thought that it would be the only time in his life that he was frustrated in hacking technology. However, half a month ago, an unknown hacker suddenly stole three hundred million dollars from the account of Victor, which made him frustrated again. Therefore, finding this man had more or less become Carson’s obsession.

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