Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 326

Chapter 326 Does The Person Who Stole Three Hundred Million Dollars Have Anything To Do With Odin

“I just heard it from my mommy’s friend. I suddenly thought of it, so I asked you.” With his bright eyes, Joey didn’t seem to be lying at all. Carson frowned and said, “A friend of your mommy? What did he say?” “He said that he had made a lot of money recently and treated me a big meal.” Joey lowered his eyes and took off shreds of paper that had stuck on his coat. He continued to say casually, “I asked him how much money it was. He said he had three hundred million dollars. That’s why I asked you the question ‘Three hundred million dollars means lot of money?’” The man could program and made a lot of money… Carson grabbed Joey’s shoulder and asked, “What’s the name of your mommy’s friend? Where is he?” Carson was so excited that he couldn’t help grabbing Joey’s shoulder hard, the pain made Joey’s face twisted, then Joey said, “It hurts. Let me go.” “Little boy, answer my question. Who is your mommy’s friend?” Joey raised his head and looked into the eyes of Carson who was eager to know the answer. He struggled, but failed.

He opened his mouth and bit Carson on the arm. “Ouch!” Carson was in pain and withdrew his hand. “Bah-” Joey snorted and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Joey bit Carson ferociously. Carson rolled up his sleeve and saw the bite mark on his wrist. If it weren’t for the cloth, Joey would have bitten through Carson’s skin, causing bleeding. “Little guy, you…” “Ding!” They arrived. Glancing at the bite mark on Carson’s wrist, Joey snorted, “You deserve it.” then he nimbly went around Carson and walked out of the elevator. Carson also knew that he was too anxious just now, so he didn’t really get angry with Joey. He pulled down his sleeve, turned around and followed Joey out. “Little guy, you haven’t answered the question I asked you just now.” When they were about to reach the door of the ward, Carson grabbed the collar of Joey and said with his eyebrows raising slightly, “Do you want to break your promise?” “No, I won’t.” Joey curled his lips, pulled back his collar. Then he said, “I just can’t answer your questions.” “What do you mean?” “I don’t know his name, and I haven’t seen him since that time.” Joey tidied up his coat and said seriously, “I really didn’t know who he was. I only knew that my mommy said he was here to protect us.” Never seen him again? To protect them? Was that man really sent by Odin to protect Joey and his mother? If that was the case, then the three hundred million dollars… Thing was done by Odin? When did Odin know such a powerful hacker?

All of a sudden, Carson thought of what he had been thinking about just now. He looked at Joey, trying to find something from his face. However, he couldn’t see anything from Joey’s face, Joey looked so childish and innocent. “Mr. Newbie, can I go in now?” Seeing that Carson was lost in thought, Joey asked with a sly glint in his eyes. “…… Yes. ” Carson replied with a slight frown. In the past few years, Odin had been under the control of him and Victor. If the hacker really worked for Odin, then it meant that Odin was not as simple as they thought. But soon on second thought, Carson said in his heart, ‘Now that Odin has dead, is it necessary to investigate that?’ Joey didn’t know what was on Carson’s mind. The reason why he made three the hundred million dollars have something to do with Odin was that Odin had died, so Carson couldn’t find any evidence from Odin. He had to dispel the doubts of Carson who had a sharp mind! When Joey pushed the door open, before he could see clearly the man who was lying on the bed, the man inside said coldly, “Get out!”

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