Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 327

Chapter 327 Does It Hurt “Well, Joey, it seems that the person you want to see doesn’t welcome you.” Carson who was lost in thought just now put on a wry smile and leaned against the door, then he said that sarcastically. Taking a glance at Carson who was saying sarcastically, Joey walked inside. When Victor raised his eyes, he saw the two coming in from the door. When his eyes fell on Joey, the coldness in his eyes obviously disappeared. He asked in a low and hoarse voice, “Why are you here?” Standing by the bed, Joey looked at Victor and didn’t say anything Victor had an operation in this morning. He had just woken up, and his face was still sickly yellow.

The loose hospital gown with blue and white stripes made him look very weak. In the past, Victor was high -spirited and vigorous, but he was very weak. Noticing the dry pieces of skin on Victor’s’ lips, Joey turned around and walked to the water dispenser. Seeing that Joey didn’t say anything, Victor looked at Carson coldly. Although he didn’t say anything, it is obvious that he was questioning Carson. Noticing Victor’s gaze, Carson hastily spread his hands, showing that it was none of his business. “It’s not my fault. If I don’t bring him here, he would probably find a way to come here by himself.” In fact, Carson was right When they were in the western restaurant, he felt that Joey was strange, and what happened in the lab of the Salazar Group kept appearing in his mind, so he just went to the bathroom to wait for Joey. If he didn’t do that, he would probably be looking for Joey everywhere at this time! “Drink some water.” Joey took a glass of warm water, walked back to the bed and handed it to Victor Victor was stunned.

Seeing that Victor didn’t take it, Joey frowned and asked, “Aren’t you thirsty?” “Little guy, he’s not thirsty. I’m thirsty. Hand it for me.” Carson smiled and reached for the water from Joey However, before his fingertips could touch the cup, Victor took the water. And Victor seemed to be a little anxious, so the water splashed out of the cup and fell upon Carson’s cuff Joey looked at his hand and curled his lips, then he said, “If you are thirsty, go to get some water for yourself.” “……” Carson smiled and said, “You just treat me who helped you so badly! Don’t forget that I took you here.”

“But I didn’t beg you to do that. It is you who…” Joey winked his eyes and said. Before he could finish his words, Carson covered his mouth. Joey pulled Carson’s hand away and glared at him. Seeing Joey gritting his teeth, Carson suddenly felt his wrist ached. He remembered that Carson bit him in the car just now. “Forget it. I won’t disturb you two. I will go out to have a cigarette.” As soon as Carson finished speaking, he rubbed Joey’s hair, raised his eyebrows and walked out. Joey shook his head. He didn’t like people touching his head. When Carson walked out of the ward, Joey lowered his head and kept tidying up his hair with his hands. He pouted his lips, and didn’t look so indifferent, but looked more childish, this was what a child should be. After a long time, he finally stopped and noticed that Victor was looking at him. He fetched a chair, which was a little high. He climbed on the chair carefully, crossed his legs and held the pillow, looking into Victor’s eyes. “…… Why do you want to come here?” Victor’s eyes had been fixed on Joey all the time. Seeing that Joey had climbed on the chair, he leaned forward a little, he subconsciously wanted to help Joey hold the chair to prevent him from falling down. He didn’t look away until he saw that Joey was sitting tight. “Does it hurt?” Joey didn’t answer Victor’s question. He pointed at Victor’s shoulder blade and asked. That was where Victor was shot when he protected Joey.

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