Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 329

Chapter 329 Yes, But I Lost Her 

“It is just an example.” Joey’s purpose was not to complain, so he did not intend to go further on this topic. He just made up a story to end the topic.

Victor gave Joey a deep look. After a short silence, he said in a low voice, “I won’t marry her, nor will i have a child.” 

Joey who was lowering his eyes kept pulling braid on the pillow from time to time. When he heard what Victor said, he paused and raised his head. “What?” He won’t get married?

He won’t have a baby? What’s the meaning of this? Something suddenly occurred to Joey. He remembered the scene when he met James in the lab of the Salazar Group. At that time, all his attention was fixed on Gatlin, so he ignored James’s expression. At that time, James seemed to look bad. Joey had thought that James put on a long face because a hacker invaded lab’s database. Now Joey thought it carefully. Even if James was angry about the matter of the database, he had just signed the strategic contract with Sullivan Group. No matter what, he should not be so angry. It seemed that… It seemed that the Salazar Group was in critical condition. At the thought of this, Joey suddenly thought of the contract Carson took today. Was there something wrong with that contract?


“I will ask Lukas to investigate who gossiped secretly and throw them out of Sue Garden. Don’t worry. No one will send you away. As for the matter between me and your father, it has nothing to do with you.” Victor said in a low voice.

“Why? Why won’t you get married and have a child?”| Victor looked at Joey and said, “Didn’t Carson tell you?” Joey shook his head and murmured to himself, ‘Tell me? What he should tell me? Mr. Newbie is full of wicked ideas. He just wants to draw secrets out of me and set me up. Besides, he just signed a contract mysteriously. How could he take the initiative to tell me something?’ At this moment, Carson who was smoking at the end of the corridor had an inexplicable itch in his ears, and then he suddenly sneezed. “I thought he would tell you why he took you to the Salazar Group.” “He told me that we went to the Salazar Group to sign the contract.” Joey pulled the braid on the pillow again and said casually, “Or he went there for anything else? Is that a call-off contract?”. ……..”

After a moment’s silence, Joey paused and blinked his eyes. When he looked into the eyes of Victor, his mouth moved and he immediately had a guess in his mind.

“It’s contract to break off my engagement with her.” The next second, Victor confirmed Joey’s guess.

“Bang!” Joey couldn’t control his strength, then the braid on the pillow that was almost tore was pulled apart, which made a small piece of white cotton be revealed.

“So you can rest assured to live in the Sue Garden.” Said Victor. Joey compressed his lips greatly. After a long silence, he asked in confusion, “Why? Everyone says that you and the beautiful lady are a perfect match. Why don’t you get married all of a sudden?” When Joey asked this question, he subconsciously clenched the broken braid in his hand, feeling a little nervous. He didn’t know why.

He was nervous about Victor’s answer.

Victor’s eyes darkened, and there was still coldness in his eyes, then he said, “A perfect match?”

“Yes.” Joey nodded. “Do you also think so?”

Noticing that Victor was looking at him, Joey said in a low voice, “I don’t think so.”

“Speak louder,” said Victor, he didn’t hear Joey’s words clearly.

“I said I don’t think you and the beautiful lady are a perfect match, but I think you and that woman I saw

several days ago are a perfect match.” Joey raised his head and raised his voice, his big eyes which look like grapes shining a ‘The woman he saw several days ago?’ Victor was stunned for a moment, he soon realized who Joey was talking about — Rachel. “Really? Do you think I am a perfect match for her?” Victor remained cold face all the time, but when he mentioned Rachel, a faint smile appeared on his face. Noticing that Victor was not so cold now, Joey was a little surprised, but soon calmed down. He curled his lips and said, “Even if I think you are a perfect match, it is useless. You won’t be together.” ‘You won’t be together.’ These words were very harsh for Victor. Victor suddenly remembered the alienation and disgust in Rachel’s eyes last night, and he unconsciously clenched his fists. Joey didn’t notice the change of Victor’s mood. He stepped down from the chair, walked to the bed, stared into Victor’s eyes and asked. “Mr. Sullivan, may I ask you a question?” Victor became serious, looked at Joey and said nothing. “My mommy said that I would marry the girl I like in the future. So you broke off your engagement to the beautiful lady because you don’t like her?”

“Yes.” “Is there a person you like?” Joey asked. Victor leaned back, closed his eyes and didn’t answer, Joey stood by the bed and waited for a while, he didn’t know why he asked this question, but his heart told him that he really wanted to know Victor’s answer. 

In the past two days, Joey always dreamed the scene that Victor who could dodge the bullet just protected him by holding him in his arms, and the moment when Victor was stabbed for protecting his mother.

Joey was a little hesitant. “Mr. –” There was no reply for a long time. Looking at Victor’s face, Joey couldn’t help but say. “Yes.” Before Joey finished speaking, Victor said something and slowly opened his eyes. “But I lost her.”

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