Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 330

Chapter 330 Who Is More Handsome, Me Or Victor

As Victor had just undergone the operation and needed to rest, Joey didn’t stay in the hospital for long and left with Carson obediently. On the way back to the Sue Garden, Carson closed his eyes for rest in the car. All Joey could think about was the scene that Victor leaning against the head of the bed in the ward said sadly, ‘I lost her.’. The look on Victor’s face showed that he really seemed to have lost his beloved thing, just like what Joey was like when he found the cat he had picked up a year ago suddenly ran away one night and never came back. Joey could clearly feel Victor’s regret and affection. Victor had a crush on a woman, and he liked her very much. But the woman was not Sally. Who was she? A voice in Joey’s mind kept telling him that this person was the one he was familiar with — Rachel 


But he was not sure. He could only compress his lips greatly and wanted to ask, but now the only person he could ask was Carson who could give him the answer. Joey turned his head to look at Carson’s side face. He frowned and hesitated whether to ask. “Little guy, why are you staring at me like that? Do you suddenly find that I’m more handsome than Victor?” Carson opened his eyes at some point and smiled. In fact, from the moment they got into the car, Carson had noticed that something was wrong with Joey. But he knew well about Joey was very shrewd, so even if he was curious, he deliberately didn’t ask and decided to wait for Joey to speak first, then he could seize the initiative. “Yes, I found it all of a sudden.” Joey winked his eyes. After a short pause, he continued to say, “It turns out that you are really cheeky.” “……” Carson was teased again. He clinched his teeth, pretended to be angry and said, “Good. I thought you wanted to ask me something. As your elder, I planned to answer you if I could. But now it seems that I’m flattering myself.” After saying that, Carson told the driver, “Drive fast. Send the little boy back as soon as possible.” The driver looked at Carson’s expression through the rearview mirror. After all, he had been working for Carson for many years. He could tell whether Carson was angry or not. He immediately understood Carson’s meaning and said, “Yes.” However, the speed of the car did not change. With his arms crossed over his chest, Carson closed his eyes again, as if he didn’t want to talk to Joey. Seeing this, Joey was a little flustered. 


The driver could tell that Carson was not angry. But Joey didn’t know much about Carson, he thought that Carson was really angry with him, so he bit his lower lip and hesitated for a moment. All of a sudden, when Carson was counting with his eyes closed, he felt someone tugging at his sleeve: 1 Carson opened his eyes and squinted at Joey, then he said, “Let go of me.” Joey let go and said obediently, “Mr. Newbie, I was just kidding. Don’t be angry.”


1: Yes.” Joey nodded repeatedly. 


Carson raised his eyebrows slightly. It was rare to see Joey being teased, and it was precisely because of Joey’s behavior that Carson was sure of his guess. Joey had something to say. “Who is more handsome, me or Victor?” Carson coughed and asked. Joey was speechless. He asked, “Do I have to answer this question?” Carson didn’t say anything, but looked at Joey with a smile, it was clearly that he was telling Joey that he must answer. Joey couldn’t figure out why Carson, a mam, asked such a question, but when he thought that he had something to ask him, he had to say, “I think both of you are very handsome.”. “What if you have to choose one?” “…… You… ” Joey said perfunctorily with a fake smile. Carson smiled, “Well, what did you want to ask me just now? Go ahead.” Joey kept silent for a moment. At the same time, they reached the traffic lights. At that moment, the green light was off and the red light was on. The car slowly stopped in front of the zebra crossing

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