Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 331

Chapter 331 Go Inside And Have A Look 

It was already late at night. The sky looked dark and gloomy, and it also started drizzling. The balcony’s French window was slightly open, making way for the cool breeze to come in. Joey was sitting on the bed with his legs crossed, while a series of codes were continuously running on the screen of the iPad beside him. He was actually working on a new small program, but his attention seemed to be focused on something else. All of a sudden, an error message popped up on the screen, making the codes stop running. When Joey noticed this, he exited the program and looked at the screen. Slightly frowning, he opened the browser and went to a certain website.

At this moment, the screen was instantly filled with all kinds of photos and reports, all of which were

related to only one person-Victor. It turned out that these were information about Victor, which were collected by Joey since he could remember. In the business circle, Victor was known to be decisive and ruthless. He had never failed in any kind of project that he had handled before. In fact, he was revered as a legend. Everyone was afraid of him, yet they also admired him. The reports were mainly related to the projects he had accomplished, but there were also a few information about his personal life. To be exact, there were only three reports about Victor’s personal life. The first one contained the news when Sullivan Group announced to the public that its CEO, Victor, had married the heir of the Bennet Group, Rachel. After two years, the second report was released. It was about the announcement that Victor and Rachel got divorced. The third one was released two years ago when someone had captured a picture of Victor and Susan having dinner together. That same night, Susan formally replied that she and Victor were indeed in a relationship

Looking at these three different reports, Joey recalled his conversation with Carson in the car this afternoon. 


He asked, “Mr. Sullivan said he likes someone very much. But it turned out that this woman was not Miss Salazar. Then, do you know who the mystery woman is?” Hearing this, Carson lowered his head and looked into Joey’s curious eyes. However, he just kept silent. On the other hand, Joey waited patiently, staring straight to Carson’s eyes. After a long time, Carson smiled and pinched Joey’s face. “Why do you care so much about adults’ relationships?” “So, are you saying that you do know her?” Carson then let out a bitter smile and withdrew his hand. After a brief pause, he finally answered, “Yes.”

“Then, who is she?” “Even if I tell you her name, I’m sure that you don’t know her.” “How are you so sure? You won’t know until you tell me. What if I know her? Maybe I’ve already

| heard of her.” Joey continued to ask, not giving up.

Carson admired Joey’s persistence and smiled. “Well, in fact, maybe you’re a distant relative… You both have the same surname, and her given name is Rachel.” Knock! Knock! With the knocking sound from the door, Joey’s thoughts were interrupted. “Joe, dinner is ready,” Lukas called from the other side of the door. Then, the doorknob was gently twisted Joey quickly logged out of the website, put the iPad under his pillow, got out of bed, and put on his shoes. At the same time, Lukas opened the door and walked in. “Good evening,” Joey greeted in a sweet voice. “It is raining outside, and it’s about to get cold. Let me get you a coat so you can wear it. Otherwise, you may catch a cold.” Lukas saw Joey dressed thinly. Although there was a heater in the room, he was still a little worried that the kid might get sick. Looking at his clothes, Joey nodded. While Joey was outside Sue Garden this morning, Lukas personally asked the famous children’s clothing stores to deliver some clothes in season for Joey. “Alright. Let’s go downstairs.” The two of them walked out of the room and headed straight to the elevator. But after taking a few steps, Joey suddenly stopped and turned his head to look at door on his left. This was actually the baby’s room where Katie ran into last time. Noticing that Joey was left behind, Lukas turned around and was confused. He saw Joey standing still outside the baby’s room, so he couldn’t help but call out to him. “Is something wrong?” With a deep breath, Joey looked at Lukas and pointed at the door in front of him. “Can I go inside and have a look?”

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