Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 332

Chapter 332 Words 

Following the direction of where Joey’s finger was pointing at, Lukas was stunned by the surprising development It took a few minutes before Lukas finally came to his senses and approached Joey. Glancing at the closed door beside them, he asked curiously, “Why do you suddenly want to enter this room?” Joey dropped his hand to his side and shrugged casually. “I remembered you mentioned that Mr. Sullivan once had a child. I’m just a little curious and want to learn more about the baby. Can I go inside the nursery and have a look around?” Staring at the door of the unused bedroom, Lukas’ mind strayed to the events that happened in the first six months following Rachel’s passing.

During that time, the atmosphere of the Sue Garden was very gloomy and depressing. Victor had either thrown himself into endless work or stayed in the baby’s room for several hours each day. “Am I not allowed to go inside?” Joey asked inquisitively when he heard the pensive man sigh. “You’re free to do as you please. Go ahead.” Lukas lowered his eyes and showed a gentle smile. Before Joey returned home that afternoon, Victor had instructed Lukas to let the little boy go wherever he wanted. One could assume that Victor allowed this because he was slowly accepting Joey into his life. Seeing the uncanny resemblance between Joey and Victor, Lukas couldn’t help but think, ‘What are the chances that Joey is indeed the child of Mr. Sullivan? If that were the case, then he would surely treat the little boy as his most precious treasure, wouldn’t he? Having a child might bring more smiles on Mr. Sullivan’s sullen face.’ “Hold on. Let me get the key to this room,” Lukas said with a warm smile, putting his thoughts aside. Shortly after, Lukas returned with the spare key in hand. He unlocked the door and switched on the light in the room. In an instant, everything in the room came into full view. The first thing that attracted Joey’s attention was the crib. He walked over and thought of what Lukas had mentioned before. This well-designed crib was lovingly prepared for the baby by his mother and father. Joey reached out and ran his fingers down the smooth wooden surface of the crib. Suddenly, his hand felt distinct carved markings. He quickly laid his eyes on the spot that he had just touched. There seemed to be some words engraved on the wooden guardrail. Brushing away the dust on the letters, Joey leaned in to get a closer look-Bennet and Sullivan. It seemed as if it was carefully engraved with a carving knife by someone with great strength, With his mind filled with wonder, Joey gently traced each letter with his finger. He glanced at Lukas and asked, “Did Mr. Sullivan instruct someone to engrave these words when they assembled this crib?” “What?” Lukas walked over and read the engraved words that Joey was pointing at. The man was perplexed by what he saw. He scratched his head and said, “No, I don’t believe he did. Only the components of the crib were sent here at that time. And for the sake of the baby’s safety, I asked my men to check every inch. If there were words engraved on the guardrail, I would have known.” That meant these words were engraved later on.

Joey’s wide eyes once again fixated themselves on the guardrail. Meanwhile, Lukas crossed his arms and curled his eyebrows. “How strange! When was this written? Is it possible that Miss Bennet was responsible for this?” In Lukas’s memory, Victor seldom entered this room before Rachel’s death. On the other hand, Rachel often spent an entire day in this room. Moreover, the two surnames were engraved together. The first person Lukas thought of was Rachel because everyone knew how much the woman loved Victor at that time. “No, it’s not her. I’m sure of it.” Joey spoke with certainty because it was not his mommy’s handwriting. The words were engraved with a carving knife, requiring the user to apply great strength. Therefore, it might have caused discrepancies in the penmanship because of the brute force needed to write each letter. Nevertheless, he could still tell at a glance that his mommy didn’t do it. Lukas stared at the boy intently. “Huh?” Lukas was confused. “What did you just say?” If Rachel did not engrave these words, then there was only one other person who could have done that.

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