Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 333

Chapter 333 Victor’s Story 

The letters were engraved by Victor. Joey pursed his lips and recalled the scene in the afternoon. Victor was leaning against the headboard with his eyes closed and spoke in a low voice that he had lost the love of his life. Lukas leaned closer to see the words engraved, and all of a sudden, he heard Joey’s clear voice. “Mr. Smith?” Joey called, interrupting Lukas’s thoughts. Lukas turned to Joey in confusion, “Yes? What is it?” “Could you tell me a little more about Mr. Sullivan?” Joey smiled brightly and showed off his dimples, which made him look very charming. He knew people would be hesitant to decline his request every single time he did this. Lukas stared at Joey with hesitation. Despite having watched Victor grow up, Lukas was still a servant of the Sullivan family. He had to stick to the rules, so he made it clear that he couldn’t tell other people about Victor so casually. “Well… If you want to know, why don’t you ask Mr. Sullivan yourself?” Lukas asked after a brief pause. “Ask him myself? Forget it.” Joey frowned. “Mr. Sullivan won’t tell me anything.” Lukas raised a brow as he gazed down at Joey. “Why are you suddenly interested in Mr. Sullivan’s personal matters?”.

Lukas had already told Joey something about Victor before, but he seemed really uninterested in his matters at that time.

The young boy strolled over to a nearby carpet, sat cross-legged, and played with a toy car beside him. “I’m just having a hard time understanding.. “Understanding what?”


“Mr. Sullivan told me earlier that he lost the person he loved.” Joey raised his head. “Then I asked him, since he lost her, why didn’t he go look for her? After that he just ignored me. That’s why I want to know if he has something on his mind. But if it’s not okay for you to tell, then never mind, Mr. Smith.” Lukas was stunned after hearing Joey’s words and his eyes narrowed. This kid was really something. Joey rolled the toy car in his palm and then placed it on the floor. As soon as he released his hold on the toy, it sped up and rushed forward, bumping into Lukas’ feet. Lukas bent down and picked it up with a smile. He then raised his head to look at Joey. When he saw Joey’s deep eyes staring back at him, it reminded him of someone stubborn, his memory gradually flashing in his mind. “Let me tell you a story.” Joey’s eyes blinked with curiousity and he silently waited for Lukas to begin. Lukas walked toward the little child, handed him the toy car, and smiled. He reminisced a scene that had happened many years ago. He sat down next to Joey and spoke in a low but warm voice. “Thirty years ago, there was a poor girl whose parents died when she was young and she was raised by her grandparents. But one day, the girl received a call from her grandmother, saying that her grandfather was gravely ill and needed an operation as soon as possible. It would cost a lot of money. At the time, the girl was still in college and worked part-time to cover her living expenses. How could

she come up with such a large sum of money to save her grandfather?” Joey was confused. He couldn’t figure out how this girl’s story was related to Victor’s, but he didn’t interrupt. With his chin resting on his hand, he continued to listen. “At that time, she read the news about selling kidneys, so she decided to sell her kidney and use the money to help her grandfather. Fortunately, through the help of her friends, she found a buyer immediately. And this buyer was a young man from a wealthy and well-known family. Because of a hereditary illness, the young man’s kidney had always been in poor condition. As he grew older, one of his kidneys deteriorated to the point where he needed kidney transplant. At that time, the young man’s mother met the girl and set up a meeting, and both of them were overjoyed. Soon, on the day of the appointed operation, the girl suddenly received a call from the hospital. The doctors said they failed to save her grandfather’s life and he died.” Joey’s eyes widened in shock as he processed the story. “And then?” Lukas fixed his gaze on Joey. “Then the kidney transplant was canceled. With his family’s background, the young man had little trouble finding a suitable kidney. Everyone assumed this situation would end this way, but no one expected the young man’s condition to suddenly get worse. The young man’s mother had no choice but to beg the girl to save her son. The girl and the young man were around the same age. She couldn’t bear seeing the young man’s mother begging for help. Besides, her grandmother was in her eighties. She thought that if she didn’t have money, she wouldn’t be able to save her grandmother if she became ill. As a result, she agreed.” Joey lowered his eyes and pouted. “She’s stupid…” “Yes, she was a silly girl.” Lukas nodded. “However, that was the best option for her in that situation.” “Did the young man survive?” Lukas smiled, “The girl stayed in the hospital to recover for a long time. The young man’s mother specially arranged a VIP ward for her. Back then, the rich young man was staying in the VIP room next to the girl. There was a time when the young man threw fits and drove everyone out of the ward. The girl happened to pass by and saw it. He had thrown something and hit her on the head accidentally. The young man came out of his room and as soon as they made eye contact, the girl suddenly felt as if flowers were blossoming in the background. It was the girl’s first encounter with him, and she fell in love at first sight.”

“Fell in love at first sight?” Joey asked, frowning. “Are you surprised? Sometimes, love is just like this.” “How could anyone like such a nasty-tempered person? Did she lose her senses after the operation?” Joey couldn’t understand why people became so dumb after falling in love. Lukas laughed when he heard this. If Victor heard what Joey said about his mother, he might get angry and would teach him a lesson.

“Did the rich young man marry that girl? Their story is like a fairy tale.” “No.” Lukas’s smile had vanished, and his eyes had darkened. “They didn’t.”

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