Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 334

Chapter 334 Born Without Being Blessed 

Joey raised his eyebrows and looked at Lukas intently. On the other hand, Lukas gave Joey a gentle smile and continued, “Although she liked the young man, she was well aware of the vast difference of their social status. Therefore, she could only hide her feelings deep in her heart. After she was discharged from the hospital, the news that she sold her kidney was exposed. When her classmates knew about it, they slandered her and called her many names. Because of this unfortunate incident, the school had no choice but to let the girl temporarily drop out of school. She was told that she could only go back when the issue died down. Not able to do anything, the girl listened to the school’s arrangement and stayed at home to take care of her grandmother. At this time, the man’s mother heard about it. She was actually grateful to the girl. She knew that the girl’s family background was not very good, and she personally invited the girl to her house to become a servant instead. This way, the girl could earn decent money. In fact, the man’s mother paid the girl a salary which was twenty percent higher than the standard. She deemed that the girl could work for them until she was able to go back to school.” Holding his chin with his hand, Joey frowned, thinking that the girl in the story was too weak and pitiful.

At the back of his mind, he thought that if something like that happened to him, he would definitely find the person who spread the rumors. Instead of him dropping out of school, he would make sure that those who spread the rumors would be the ones punished. At the same time, he still listened patiently to Lukas. “And then?” “Then…” Lukas slowly closed his eyes and recalled the back of that girl who left in the middle of the rainy night. Trying to focus on telling the story, he continued, “The girl eventually became a servant of the rich family and did her job properly. The man’s mother liked her perseverance, and she made sure that girl’s life became better gradually. Just as the girl felt that she was about to completely get back on her feet, something suddenly pulled her down again. One night, the man came home drunk. Coincidentally, it was the girl’s turn to keep watch at night. Seeing him stumble due to drunkenness, the girl went over to help him. However, she didn’t expect that he would suddenly hold her tightly in his arms. The girl panicked and actually wanted to ask for help, but she was alone at that time. She had no choice but to assist the man until they could go upstairs to his room. The girl didn’t come out of the man’s room until the next morning. Unfortunately, when she got out of the room, someone saw her. That night, the man’s parents came back. After hearing about the incident, they asked the man and the girl to explain what happened. The girl didn’t say anything. The man’s mother wanted to believe that the girl wasn’t at fault because she knew she had a good personality. But the mother was also aware that anyone could be tempted. Therefore, based on the testimony of the servants, the mother was uncertain if the girl got desperate and did such a thing for money. However, she didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. Hence, the mother asked the girl what had happened that night. Surprisingly, the girl zipped her lips and didn’t say anything. However, the man said the girl seduced him while he was drunk.” “Bah! What a b*****d!” Joey’s eyes widened in disbelief. “That’s the person that the girl liked? She must be blind then!”

Lukas couldn’t help but laugh. But then his expression became serious and said, “Joe, children shouldn’t say such rude words.” Joey curled his lips and replied, “But he was in the wrong! The girl retorted and cleared her name, right? She shouldn’t marry such a coward!” “Actually, she didn’t…” The girl didn’t deny what the young man said. Lukas lowered his eyes and continued, “The girl didn’t explain anything. Instead, she just knelt down on the floor and apologized. Moreover, she quit her job and left the house. It was raining heavily at that time, but she still chose to leave.” Joey felt so upset that he didn’t want to hear the story anymore. “Sir, what does your story have to do with Mr. Sullivan? It doesn’t interest me. It’s just too depressing.” “What does it have to do with Mr. Sullivan? Everything…” “What do you mean?” Joey asked, extremely confused at this point. Lukas paused for a moment, breathed deeply, and said, “The girl and the young man from the story are actually Mr. Sullivan’s parents.” Hearing this, Joey was stunned. In a helpless and distressing tone, Lukas added, “Mr. Sullivan was born without being blessed. He grew up living with his mother since he was born. Because of their situation, it resulted to his indifference when it comes to love.”

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