Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 335

Chapter 335 He Signed It 

It was late at night and the room was dim. Joey sat at the edge of the bed and looked out of the window at the dark scenery. His mind went back to what Lukas had said in the baby’s room. Lukas said that Victor’s birth wasn’t a joyous one. His mother got pregnant accidentally, and his father detested the mere thought of his existence. Because of this, his mother sacrificed everything she had, to give birth to him in good health. Joey could remember Lukas’ words. “Although Mr. Sullivan didn’t tell anyone and doesn’t show it, his grandma and I know that he has never stopped blaming himself for his own mother’s death. Now that he is CEO, outsiders think he has reached the height of his glory. But they don’t know what goes on in his head. He feels like he has no business living in this world, and he hates himself for being alive when his mother died for him. This is why he is unwilling to open his heart to others.

He is practically scared of accepting people.” Lukas couldn’t stop his tears from flowing as he spoke. “His grandma was the only person he accepted and allowed to get close enough to him. Unfortunately, she died when he least expected it. She didn’t want him to be alone. Knowing Mr. Sullivan well, she was afraid that he would do something stupid after she died. That was why she had been in such a hurry to marry him off to Rachel at that time. She was hoping that he would at least have his family to help him, if it all became too much for him and he had a breakdown.” Lukas sighed with a bitter smile, looked at his feet, and shook his head. “It’s a pity that Mrs. Sullivan’s wish wasn’t finally fulfilled. After Mrs. Sullivan passed away, and the two-year period contract expired, Mr. Sullivan presented his wife with a divorce agreement. Soon enough, the news of their divorce spread all over the city like a wild fire. I was sure Mr. Sullivan would never let anyone else get close to him. So, I vowed to take care of him. At least in that way, I wouldn’t disappoint Mrs. Sullivan, and Mr. Sullivan would have someone to accompany him. However, no one expected that Miss Bennet would be pregnant when all of this happened. When we discovered this, she was brought back to the house. From then, Mr. Sullivan’s attitude towards Miss Bennet visibly changed. He kept aside his coldness and even took her for walks around the city just to make her smile.” Lukas smiled as he recounted this part. “That was the first time I ever saw Mr. Sullivan act kind and patient to someone who wasn’t his grandma. He had slowly begun to accept Miss Bennet, and had let her in. It didn’t stay for long, though. Miss Bennet soon lost her child, and the relationship between her and Mr. Sullivan severed as though it had never existed.” 1 Joey had wanted to ask something for a long time, but had never seen an opening. He seized this one without hesitation and said, “I heard that Mr. Sullivan abandon that child. Is that true?” “No! He couldn’t have done that! Where is this coming from?” Lukas frowned and shook his head.

“If Mr. Sullivan could have sacrificed his own life to save that of the child, he would have done so without thinking twice!” Joey desperately wanted to believe Lukas, but he found it very difficult, and it saddened him. “But he signed the notice for the operation, didn’t he?” Lukas was so stunned hearing this from Joey that, he couldn’t formulate an answer instantly. He wondered how Joey could have found out about that. Recovering from the shock, he said, “He did. And

that was the first time Ivan and I ever saw Mr. Sullivan cry. I can’t say Mr. Sullivan didn’t sign the notice for the operation because he did so himself. But you have to understand that it was in a critical situation and he had no choice. If he didn’t sign it, then both Miss Bennet and the child would have lost their lives. I can still remember how Mr. Sullivan’s hands trembled when he signed it.” 1 Lukas looked into Joey’s eyes. “After he signed it, the nurse entered the operating room with the notice for the operation.

He said, ‘If the child can’t be saved, then that means I can’t be with her.’ I don’t think I had ever seen

him look so broken.”

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