Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 336

Chapter 336 Rumors And Bankruptcy 

Since so many people went in and out of the hospital, the news of Victor’s injury and hospitalizati spread like wildfire. So for several days, reporters set camp outside the inpatient building. They tried to get Victoi current status from the doctors or nurses who passed by. Ivan stood beside the bed with an iPad. After getting done with work, he looked at the photos sent t the bodyguard. He frowned and hesitated. As Victor signed the last document, he sensed Ivan’s hesitation. After he closed the file and handed i to Ivan, he asked, “What’s the matter? Tell me.” “Mr. Sullivan, I’m not sure who leaked the news to the press that you’re hospitalized. For the past two days, many reporters have parked themselves downstairs. Also, many articles have appeared on the Internet.” Since Victor asked him, Ivan didn’t hesitate to tell him. Victor got out of bed. Since he had been resting for several days, his injury got better. He could no longer feel the pain when he walked. He strode to the balcony and looked at the scene below. It had rained continuously for two days, and the temperature dropped down several degrees. Ivan hurried over to hand him a coat. “Mr. Sullivan, it’s cold. You better put on your coat.” As Victor took the coat, he looked away from the reporters downstairs. He asked, “What is the internet saying?” “Actually…” Once again, Ivan hesitated. Victor turned around and looked at Ivan. “Just tell me the truth.” “Actually, they’re not saying anything. Since the accidents happened back to back, people are just guessing and jumping to conclusions.” Ivan pursed his lips, and after a short pause, he continued, “They are saying that since Odin passed away and you’re also injured and hospitalized… Sullivan Group will face bankruptcy shortly.”

The rumors on the Internet were all baseless. But since many people were discussing it, so more

people believed it. The talks became more and more exaggerated.

Some also said that since the Sullivan Group did so many bad things on the sly, their two leaders have gotten into trouble. It was karma.

In reality, it wasn’t a big deal, but all the rumors caused the Sullivan Group’s stocks to fluctuate. After giving it considerable thought, Ivan realized that someone was behind the rumors to spread it so fast.

However, since Victor was in the hospital, Carson was handling the Sullivan Group’s affairs. Currently, they didn’t have the manpower to find out who was behind it. Everyone in the company was in panic mode. One could say that Victor was facing two problems at the same time.

The turmoil caused by Odin’s death had just subsided, but Victor’s hospitalization caused the waves to rise again.

“Iyan, arrange some guards for Sue Garden. If they find any reporters loitering around ask them to call the police immediately. Let them stay in the lockup for a few days,” Victor said in a low voice and

interrupted Ivan’s thoughts. Victor didn’t care about the rumors.

What he hated the most was that these self-righteous reporters harassed the innocent.

“Okay!” “Also, make a note which news channel or paper the below reporters belong to. Since they want to get the news so badly, let me give them news about themselves first,” Victor said coldly and indifferently. Then he turned around and entered the ward.

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