Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 337

Chapter 337 The Contract 

Standing on the balcony, Ivan looked at the reporters below. He couldn’t help but sigh as he conveyed Victor’s orders to someone over the phone.

Within an hour, the scandals of three media companies came to light. One company had evaded eight billion dollars in taxes, and the tax department officially started an investigation. Another company’s senior leader had an affair with a female star… All the attention shifted from Victor to these media scandals. The reporters who had set camp downstairs also left to save their company’s a*s. After getting the reports on the scandals, Ivan went back to the ward. Victor was resting with his eyes closed. He heard the sound of the door and opened his eyes to look indifferently at Ivan. “Mr. Sullivan, the guards have reported that no reporters are loitering near Sue Garden,” Ivan said. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. A hint of surprise flashed through Ivan’s eyes when he turned to see the person who entered. “Miss Salazar, you…” Ivan quickly shut his mouth and calmed himself. He surreptitiously looked at Victor, who was sitting on the bed.

Susan looked straight at Victor. She pursed her lips and clenched her dress. It had been a week since Victor proposed to break off the engagement. Since then, Susan hadn’t been able to sleep or eat. Once she calmed down, Victor’s cold and distant words would fill her mind.

Susan thought that she had exhausted all her tears. But as soon as she saw Victor, her eyes swam with unshed tears.

For three years, she had been by his side. Even if they were just partners, she wasn’t ready to believe that Victor had no feelings for her. How could he be so ruthless? “Victor,” Susan said softly. However, Victor didn’t respond and seemed to ignore her completely. She lowered her eyes. A voice in her head kept putting her nerves on edge. ‘Victor doesn’t take you seriously. Why are you still standing here? Leave now! Don’t make a fool of yourself!’ But Susan didn’t move an inch.

Ivan looked at Susan and then wisely left the ward.

Victor and Susan were left alone.

After standing and fidgeting for a while, she slowly moved closer to the bed. “Victor…”

“What is it?” Victor asked coldly, as he looked at her indifferently. “Victor, I…” Although Susan had been well prepared, she was heartbroken by Victor’s indifference. She bit her lip and forced herself not to feel sad. She took out a file from her bag and said, “I brought the contract.”

Victor looked at the contract in her hand, This was the contract Carson had sent to the Salazar Group a few days ago. Victor had used this contract to call off the engagement. James had still held a glimmer of hope, so he didn’t sign it immediately. He thought that the lover’stiff would get sorted out in a few days. But he was wrong. In the next few days, investors withdrew their money from several Salazar Group projects. The capital chain was suddenly broken, and everyone from the Salazar Group grew anxious. James tried to call Victor several times, but the latter didn’t answer. James had no chance of knowing what went wrong until Susan came back. He and his wife took turns asking Susan what had happened and even asked her to apologize to Victor without knowing the reason. They said that this lovers’ quarrel should end soon. But Susan knew this wasn’t some quarrel between lovers. How could they quarrel when Victor had made their relationship clear from day one? Now, he calmly canceled their cooperation. Susan told her parents everything that happened in the past three years, and just like that, her father’s last hope fizzled out. James signed the contract and urged Susan to give the contract to Victor, regardless of her emotional state. “Victor…” “Susan, I thought I made myself very clear the other day.” A trace of impatience flashed through his eyes as he saw Susan’s red eyes. Once again, tears welled up in her eyes. She took a calming breath and said, “I know. I have no other intentions.” 

“In that case, you can leave now. Since your father has signed the contract, I will ask Ivan to implement it as soon as possible and reinvest in the Salazar Group projects,” Victor said this to drive Suşan away. Susan bit her lip hard and stood by the bed. She looked at Victor and wanted to ask him something. Susan wanted to ask that what if she were Rachel? Would he have still been so heartless?

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