Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 338

Chapter 338-“Anything else?” Victor frowned with piercing eyes.

Susan could only look back at his indifferent face. She was longing to ask him something, but the words stuck in her throat. She felt a little dispirited. After a few seconds, she took a deep breath and forced a smile. “I talked to Dr. Turner earlier. He said that it would take at least half a month before you could get discharged from the hospital. I know there are many rumors going around online at the moment. Knowing you, you will do something about it, but—”

“Susan.” It was something he didn’t like to hear, so Victor cut her off abruptly in a voice so cold. “That’s none of your business.”


His disregard for what she was trying to say made Susan bite her lower lip, yet she still responded so calmly, “I just care about—”


“No need.” There was not a trace of emotion on Victor’s face, but he did sound steely.




With tears welling in her eyes, Susan lowered her head and didn’t say a word for a while. When she finally collected herself, she raised her head again and feigned a smile. As she tried to keep her voice from quavering, she uttered, “You see, I’m quite officious.”



Susan stared straight to Victor, trying to see how he would react. However, Victor didn’t even look at her.


Susan tightened her grip on the hem of her dress. Then, hidden under her dress, she tightly pinched her palm with her nails that were covered with exquisite manicure. This way, she could let out and hide her embarrassment at the same time. Forcing a smile, she said, “Anyway, I won’t stay for long. I have other things to do today. But before I go, I just want to ask you. Do you remember what you said before? If our cooperation is cancelled, in addition to the film contract and the cooperative contract between the Salazar Group and the Sullivan Group, you will also give me three houses in Delmor Community.”




“Yes. Don’t worry. I will ask Ivan to make the arrangements so that the transfer procedure will be done as soon as possible.” As Susan reminded Victor of their agreement, his expression became even colder. But then Susan pursed her lips, looked up at Victor, and suddenly said, “No. I actually don’t want those houses.” Victor was already typing a message that he would send to lvan when Susan suddenly made such an unexpected remark. He then stopped typing, raised his head, and squinted his eyes at Susan. Obviously, he wasn’t amused. The moment their eyes met, Susan felt a chill down her spine. It was as if Victor could look through the depths of her being. She actually felt numb, and she had a hard time moving.


Just a few days ago, Victor was sent to the operating room and was in a critical condition. But even though he wasn’t fully healed yet, his aura, and the intensity of his stare didn’t change at all. Susan felt like she couldn’t breathe properly while Victor’s fierce gaze was focused on her. Susan admired Victor, but she was also afraid of him. Moreover, she was scared that he would see through her real thoughts.




“So, you don’t like the houses in Delmor Community? I still have a few sets of houses, and the Sullivan Group also has several real estate projects under construction. If you prefer a different location, then you can tell Ivan your choices. He will help you obtain whatever property you like,” Victor said flatly, his eyes void of emotion.


“No. You misunderstand me.” At this point, Susan summoned all her courage, looked at Victor, and said, “Although my family is not the richest in Apliaria, my parents will have no problem buying a house for me. In short, I don’t really need your properties.”


Victor’s eyes darkened. He didn’t want to dilly-dally so he asked straightforwardly, “Then, what exactly do you want?”


“I…” Susan paused and swallowed before continuing, “It will be my birthday in half a month. Forget the houses. Victor, I just… I just want to celebrate my birthday with you. Will that be okay?”


After saying that, Susan stared at Victor’s eyes nervously. She didn’t want to miss any subtle change in his expression. “This is the last time I’ll ask anything from you. Think of it as your parting gift as we end our cooperation that lasted for three years. Victor, I’m not asking for anything else. This is my only request.” Afraid that Victor would refuse without hesitation, Susan made sure that she said the right words.


However, while Susan looked at Victor’s dark eyes, she didn’t have any clue at what he was thinking. In fact, no one might be able to read his mind. Nonetheless, Susan was determined to get what she wanted. She wouldn’t leave Victor’s side until she got the reply that she was yearning for. “Victor!” Knock! Knock! Knock! They were interrupted by a series of knock on the door, and the door was pushed open from the outside. Then, a small hand holding the doorknob appeared, followed by a familiar small face.

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