Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 339

Chapter 339 Help You (Part One)

“Come in.” The noise coming from behind the door

caught Victor’s attention. When he glanced at it, he


saw the little boy. Without a single trace of embarrassment on his face, Joey withdrew his hand from the door and walked in.


Hello, Miss Salazar,” he greeted Susan with a smile.




Because of Joey’s sudden appearance, Susan wasn’t able to finish what she was saying. She looked at the young boy’s innocent face, not knowing what to feel or say.



“Hi, little boy. We met again.” Left with no other


choice, Susan forced a smile.




Joey looked at Victor and then at Susan who had tears in her eyes. “Have I interrupted you? I’m sorry, Miss Salazar. I didn’t know you were here.”


If Susan didn’t see the slyness in Joey’s eyes, she




would have believed that he was just an ordinary


little boy.


It was not as if Joey was trying to hide the cunning look in his eyes. He wasn’t afraid to get caught by Susan, who now figured out that he barged in on purpose. That was right. Joey knew that Susan was in the room with Victor. She thought he might have heard their conversation and deliberately knocked


on the door at a critical time.


“You don’t have to apologize to her.” Victor said


before Susan could react. “We’re done talking.” From the sound of it, Victor wasn’t bothered by the interruption at all.


At this time, Susan’s anger began to creep in. “Victor, he…” What she wanted to say was that Joey deliberately interrupted them, but she stopped when Victor cast a cold glance at her.




Her heart skipped a beat, and she smiled with self mockery. What should she say? Should she say that Joey was lying? That he barged in on purpose and that he was


not as simple and naive as he looked like at all? If


she said so, what would happen? Would Victor


believe her? Of course not.


No one would believe her words, because Joey was just a child. Besides, Susan had no evidence. And even if she had, it was ridiculous for an adult to argue with a child. Everyone would surely laugh at her.


Susan was never a naive woman. She knew everything, which was why she didn’t want to give up so easily.


“I… I’m leaving now.” After saying that, Susan turned around and left the ward in a hurry.


Outside the ward, Susan rested her back against the


wall. She bit her lower lip hard until she tasted


metal in her mouth. While she was in the middle of self-loathing, a glass


of water appeared in front of her.


Tears were blurring her eyes, but Susan raised her head to see who the person holding the glass of water was. “Dr. Turner.” O


“Drink some water to warm yourself up,” Dr. Turner said softly as he handed the glass of water to her.




“Thank you.” Not wanting to be seen in such a weak state, Susan quickly calmed herself down and took the glass of water. But the warm water wasn’t enough to wash away Victor’s cold and ruthless look that was lingering in her mind.


With his hands in his pockets, Dr. Turner looked down at Susan, who was a few inches shorter than him. “Miss Salazar.”


A hint of hesitation was evident in his tone. “Regarding what you asked me the last time we met… I can help you.”


Hearing this, Susan looked up at him with an unreadable expression.


“How long have you been standing at the door?” In the ward, Victor finally told Joey that he knew the truth.


Yes, Victor knew that he interrupted them on purpose. After all, Susan had just finished speaking


and was waiting for his answer at that time,


But because he didn’t want to talk to Susan anymore, he pretended that he knew nothing.


“How did you know…” Joey’s eyes widened in fear


upon realizing that he had exposed himself even


though he thought he had hidden himself well.


“Did Carson take you here again? What are you doing here?” It wasn’t a big deal, so Victor changed the topic right away.


For some reason, Joey felt guiltier when Victor didn’t scold him. He shook his head and replied, “No. Lukas asked someone else to drive me here. I wasn’t eavesdropping. I heard your conversation by accident.”


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