Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 342 Read Online

Chapter 342 Joey’s Intentional Sickness 

It was late night in early winter. The wind howled, biting coldly into people’s skin, and all of a sudden, the rain began to pour heavily.

The Maybach slowly drove into the Sue Garden and stopped carefully on the open s

Garden and stopped carefully on the open space in front of the marbled steps. Lukas opened the car door and got out of the passenger seat. He opened an umbrella, saying, “Let me carry you in, Joe. It’s raining and the ground is wet.” Seeing that the temperature was going to drop again, Lukas specially packed clothes for Victor and sent them to the hospital in the afternoon. He also picked Joey up and brought him back to the Sue Garden. Hearing this, the driver quickly got out of the car and walked around the front to hold the umbrella for Lukas. But before he could take the umbrella, Joey got out of the car, shaking his head. “It’s alright.” Joey jumped out and smiled as he stepped across the puddles. His dimples were clear on his cheeks. “I’m not a girl, so I’m not delicate.” Just then, Joey sneezed. Lukas instantly removed his coat and draped it over the little boy. Joey felt the tip of his nose and was surprised by how cold the wind was outside the car. They had a heater inside so he never expected to be greeted by such a chill after he got out. 1 “Of course you are. But you can’t get wet, so let’s go inside.” Joey could only nod in silence. When they came inside, Lukas was worried that Joey would catch a cold. He requested the chef to make ginger soup to warm him up. He also asked the maid to get some water ready for Joey to take a shower. As soon as Joey returned to his room, the maid had already prepared everything he needed. “The water is ready and the temperature is just right,” the maid said in a respectful tone. “You should go in now, or you’ll catch a cold if the water cools down.” Joey was sitting cross-legged on the sofa at the moment. An idea flashed across his mind when he heard the maid’s words. He raised his head and turned to face the maid who was waiting for him not far away “What did you just say?” Joey’s eyes glowed. He instantly got up from the couch and took a step forward. The maid instinctively apologized since she believed she had said something wrong. After all, the child in front of her was certainly going to be the Sullivan Group’s future heir. Joey could end her entire career with just a few words. Even her family would have no chance to survive in Apliaria if she, by any chance, offended anyone in this household. Noticing the maid’s nervousness, Joey frowned and said, “No, that’s not what I meant.” There was a brief pause in the air. The maid’s eyes widened in surprise. “What?” “I was asking you to repeat what you just said, I didn’t tell you to apologize to me.” The maid swallowed hard. She heaved a sigh of relief when she realized Joey wasn’t upset with her.

“Repeat what I just said?” “Yes.” Joey nodded. “What did you say again? Tell me.” “I…I said you should go in and take a shower.” “No, not that.” Joey frowned and scratched his head out of frustration. “You just said that if the water gets cold…” 1 “You’ll easily catch a cold if the water gets chilly…” the maid answered with wide eyes. The child’s eyes lit up once more and he clapped his hands excitedly. “Yes! Catch a cold! I know what to do!” Joey then shoved the maid out of the room before she could come to her senses. “You just wait outside. No one is allowed to enter without my permission.” “What?” The maid was stunned as she was forced out of the room. Bang! Joey had already shut the door before the maid could finish her sentence. Joey walked into the bathroom and stared curiously at the warm water that had filled the entire bathtub. Turning his gaze upwards, he watched raindrops sticking to the window. Observing this, he stroke his chin and came up with a plan. He pulled a chair into the bathroom; cautiously stood in it, and opened the bathroom’s glass window. After that, the cold wind and drizzling rain from the outside swept into the bathroom.

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