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Captivation Want Nothing But You, Chapter 344: The Downfall Of Jack

“Jack’s sick.He fainted last night in his apartment.It wasn’t until this morning that his roommate found him and rushed him to the hospital.”

“Miss Bennet, according to the doctor’s preliminary examination, your father is likely to have lung cancer.That said, we won’t know for sure until further testing.”

Rachel, who was standing by the door of Jack’s ward, turned around to face her unconscious father lying in bed.

‘Lung cancer, huh?’ Rachel was taken over by a wave of emotions.

But instead of crying, she unexpectedly started giggling.

Logically speaking, Jack’s unfortunate circumstance was none of her concern.

After all, they barely saw each other.And on the rare occasion that they did meet, he always treated her poorly.

However, that wasn’t the case.She wasn’t as unbothered as she thought she would be.

“Miss Bennet?”

After paying Jack’s medical bill, Andy headed back to Jack’s ward and saw Rachel standing by the door.

The odd expression on her face piqued his curiosity, so he came up to her and asked, “Is something the matter, Miss Bennet? Aren’t you planning to go in?”

“There’s no need for that,” Rachel replied nonchalantly.

Confused by what she meant, Andy peered through the small window in the door and saw Jack’s sorry state.

This wasn’t a VIP ward.

There were two other patients inside, accompanied by their loved ones, emphasizing the fact that nobody cared enough about Jack to keep him company.

As unfortunately as Jack seemed, Andy didn’t feel sorry for him at all.

In the last two decades, not once did Jack fulfill his role as a father.

What’s worse, he even drove his daughter out of their house in exchange for a so-called legacy.

Hence, Andy had no qualms about Rachel’s decision to stay outside.

“Hey, did you settle the medical fees already?” Rachel asked casually.

“Yeah.I paid for Jack’s following examination and half a month’s worth of hospitalization.As for the rest, let’s talk about it after his results come out,” Andy replied before handing over a stack of invoices.

After taking it, Rachel headed for the elevator, followed by Andy.

Along the way, he said, “I know you don’t care much about Jack, and I think that’s completely justified.A man like him doesn’t deserve his daughter’s love…”

After a brief pause, Andy sheepishly added, “I really wish I didn’t have to say this.But the hospital requires a family member’s signature.”

Hearing this, Rachel looked down and casually flipped through the invoices in her hand.

“Sort these out and give them to him when he’s ready to leave.He’s a grown man.He should be paying his bills himself.”

Even though Andy was well aware of Rachel’s hatred for Jack, he didn’t expect her to be so cold.

“If he’s out of money, tell him to liquidate his shares.If my memory serves me right, he still owns three percent of the Bennet Group’s share capital.That should be more than enough to pay for his medical bills.”

“Ah, yes.Jack should probably still have some.”

Three percent might sound like an insignificant amount.

But since the Bennet Group was so wealthy, it was enough for Jack to live a decent life for the past four years.

In order to disempower the senior board of directors, Rachel sneakily reshuffled the company shares four years ago.

This allowed Victor to become the majority shareholder, while Quintin kept his place at second.

Unfortunately, such a large change in the company entailed some unfavorable consequences, mainly Jack becoming the third-largest shareholder of the Bennet Group.

The Bennet Group’s former majority shareholder refused to do anything that wouldn’t generate money for the company.

Second on the pecking order was Quintin, a man who wouldn’t even show up to shareholder meetings.

Because of this, the senior board of directors turned to Jack for leadership, hoping he would become the CEO someday.

At first, everything went well for Jack.

But due to his gambling problem, his life quickly went on a downward spiral.He gradually lost all his money, including his shares, at the casino.He borrowed a hefty sum of money to try and win it all back.But that just made things worse.

When the debt collectors came knocking on his door, he and his wife quickly went into hiding.The stress of being constantly on the move took its toll on Caroline’s psyche.So when Alice disappeared, she couldn’t bear to be with him anymore, leading to their divorce.

This was why Jack, a formerly esteemed gentleman, was sharing an apartment in the most remote area of Apliaria.

It took four long years for the board of directors to give up on Jack.

But when it finally happened, they immediately stopped helping him, causing Jack’s life to get even worse than it already was.

Anyone who knew Jack probably wouldn’t believe that he was living a miserable life unless they saw it with their own eyes.


On the way down, the elevator stopped at the third floor.

When the elevator doors opened, Rachel subconsciously looked up and saw a familiar face standing right in front of her.


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