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Captivation Want Nothing But You, Chapter 346: Joe Had A Cold And A Fever

Lukas looked at Rachel and sighed.

“If I had known what would happen, I’d have tried to stop Mrs.Sullivan “

“No,” Rachel interjected softly.

“It’s not your fault, nor Mrs.Sullivan’s.I agreed to her request, remember? If I had known better, no matter how much Mrs.Sullivan persuaded me, I wouldn’t have agreed to marry Victor.There’s no need to mention what happened.It’s in the past now; bringing it up is pointless.”

Lukas sighed and nodded.

Then, he flashed Rachel a gentle smile and said, “It’s great to see you living a good life now, Miss Bennet.”

Rachel didn’t reply, nor did she return his smile.

Instead, her attention returned to the bag of cold medicine in Lukas’ hand.

“Lukas, I forgot to ask you about this medicine.Did you catch a cold?”

“Oh, umm…”

Lukas looked down at the medicine bag.

“No, I don’t have a cold.This medicine is not for me.It’s for Joey.”

‘Huh? Joey?’ Rachel’s heart jolted in alarm as she asked, “What’s wrong with him? Is he sick? Is he uncomfortable? When did he catch a cold?”

Rachel had just returned, and she had chosen to stay in Apliaria for a period to deal with the internal problems at Bennet Group.

She believed Joey was safe at the Sue Garden, so she hadn’t visited him, opting for nightly video calls instead.And Joey was fine a few days ago, so how could he suddenly get sick?

“Miss Bennet, you…”

Lukas began, taken aback by Rachel’s visible concern for Joey.

Rachel snapped back to reality and realized she had overreacted to Lukas’ reply.

She shook her head calmly and said, “I met Joey at the press conference, and I like him; he is cute, you see.

That’s why I asked about his condition the moment you said he is sick.”

Lukas wasn’t at the press conference, but he knew what had happened there.

However, he didn’t know if Joey had met Rachel or not.

Lukas smiled after her brief explanation.

“I see,” he said.

“Don’t worry, Miss Bennet.Joey is fine now.The doctor said he’ll fully recover after two days of injections.”

Rachel’s thoughts shifted to her earlier concern, and she couldn’t help but frown.

“Joey is pretty strong, isn’t he? How could he suddenly catch a cold?”

“It’s all my fault.” Lukas sighed.

“Last night was cold, wet, and windy.Joey went to bed early last night, and because I thought the heater in his room was on, I didn’t enter his room.I never knew his balcony door was wide open, allowing the wind to rush in throughout the night.”

Lukas’ heart filled with guilt when he thought of Joey huddled under his quilt in the cold room, shivering uncontrollably.

“If I had just gone to check on him last night, he wouldn’t have caught a cold.”

‘The balcony door was open all night?’ The circumstances seemed reasonable, but Rachel couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss.

However, she couldn’t put her finger on what was wrong.

“Has his fever lifted?” Rachel asked, doing her best to suppress her doubt.

“Yes, it has.Joey’s getting an injection at the children’s department now.I don’t think he ate much, so after buying him the medicine, I wanted to get him something he could easily digest, like millet porridge,” Lukas replied.

The two talked for a while longer and called it a day.

After saying their goodbyes, Rachel went to the parking lot.She opened her car door but didn’t get in.

Andy waited and didn’t hear the car door close, so he looked out the window and asked in confusion.

“What’s wrong, Miss Bennet? Why aren’t you getting in?”

Rachel looked at Andy for a moment and closed the door.

“You can leave.I have something to do.”

“What’s wrong?” Andy asked, visibly confused.

‘Isn’t she done with Jack’s matter? What else is happening at the hospital?’ he wondered.

Thought after thought crossed Andy’s mind, and soon, Lukas’ face surfaced in his mind.Andy’s eyes widened, and he asked, “Miss Bennet, are you—”

“It’s not what you think,” Rachel said, abruptly cutting him off.

The instant Andy’s expression changed, she understood what had crossed his mind.

“It has something to do with him, though.” Andy frowned.

“Did you forget? I told you my son is there.He’s getting an injection right now because he’s sick.I have to see him,” Rachel said.

Although Lukas had informed her that Joey was fine—and she understood it wasn’t unusual for a young boy to catch a cold and have a fever—she still wanted to visit her son.Then, Rachel turned around and walked away, leaving Andy no chance to say anything else.

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