Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 348 by Adolf Dunne

Chapter 348 A Spoiled Child (Part Two) 

It was the first time that Rachel had seen Joey cry like this because he had always been stronger and more sensible than other kids.

Back in the alliance, Joey had been bullied a couple of times. But he never came crying to her or Quintin. Instead, he would plot his revenge against those kids that bullied him. This was why Rachel sometimes thought that she needed

her son more than he needed her.

Used to seeing Joey tough all the time, Rachel panicked when she saw him cry.

Perhaps he was too mature for his age that she had almost forgotten that her son was only three years old. How could she leave him alone in the Sue Garden? Feeling guilty, Rachel held Joey in her arms and comforted him in a soft voice. “Hush now, Joey. Mommy is here.”

After a while, Joey gradually calmed down. But he didn’t leave Rachel’s arms.

“Are you tired?” Noticing that Joey stopped crying, Rachel pulled away and gently wiped the tears off his face. She didn’t ask him why he cried and instead asked him if he was tired.

“Mommy… Did I scare you?”

Rachel felt a pang of pain in her heart when she heard this.

This was her baby. She risked her life to give birth to him. She doted him, but in the end, he was worried that he would frighten her. “How could it be? You are my baby. Why would I be scared of you? I should be the one saying sorry. I’m sorry that I have ignored you recently.” Hearing this, Joey buried his head in Rachel’s arms and said, “I’m not taking it against you.” He felt a hand stroking the back of his head, which was very soothing. And then his mother’s voice rang in his eyes. “It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have left you alone in the Sue Garden. I’m sorry.” Sadness was evident in Rachel’s tone, so Joey raised his head to look at her. Because Rachel felt guilty and sorry for Joey, her eyes turned red. Joey immediately regretted crying aloud. The reason why he cried so hard just now was that he missed his mother so much. After all, he had been alone in the Sue Garden for the past few days. He wanted his mother to go back to the Sue Garden with him.

That was why Joey cried so hard on purpose. But he didn’t know that Rachel would be so affected,

“Mommy… I’m sorry.” Guilt crept into Joey’s little heart. He blamed himself for making his mother cry. “What?” His voice was so soft that Rachel didn’t catch what he said. Lowering her head to level him, she asked, “What’s the matter?” Joey raised his head and looked into Rachel’s eyes. He was in a dilemma, not knowing how to say the words that seemed to have been stuck in his throat. Although Joey was silent, Rachel knew he had something to say. So she patiently waited until he mustered up his courage. Not long after, Joey finally spoke again. “Mommy, can you stay here?” What he said left Rachel in astonishment. Hearing no reaction from her, Joey assumed that she didn’t want to stay with him. Subconsciously, he grabbed the hem of Rachel’s shirt and suppressed his nervousness. “Mommy, it’s okay if you don’t want to. I know you and Daddy…” “Why? Why do you suddenly want me to stay here?” It never occurred to Rachel that Joey would have such a request so she was surprised. But she could sense that he had something on his mind. Rachel wondered why Joey had such an idea all of a sudden, so she didn’t agree right away. Not knowing what to say, Joey lowered his head,

On the one hand, he hoped that the misunderstandings between his daddy and mommy could be solved, but on the other hand, he was afraid that his mommy would be hurt again. Just as Rachel was about to ask again, she was stopped by the noise of the door being opened from outside the room.

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