Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 349 by Adolf Dunne

Chapter 349 Why Are You Here 

The man standing at the door obviously didn’t expect that Rachel would be in the ward. He was too stunned to

react “He just caught a cold. Besides, Lukas is taking care of him. You don’t really need to come here. Why are you so worried about Joey? To be honest, if we didn’t know that this little guy is Odin’s son, we might think that he is your

child.” While speaking, Carson walked slowly behind Victor. Victor’s back was blocking what was inside, so he didn’t

know that there was someone else in the ward.

“Well, I’m serious. You go back and lie down after seeing him, so you’ll get better soon. In that way, you can go back to work. I don’t want to be the acting CEO of the Sullivan Group anymore. It’s too tiresome for me.” The moment Carson noticed that Victor stopped at the door, he peeped to see what was happening inside. Only then did he saw the woman sitting beside Joey. Rachel had expected Lukas to come back. But to her surprise, the man standing at the door was Victor.

Carson raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Miss Bennet.” Rachel asked Joey to lie down before she stood up to acknowledge Victor and Carson’s presence. But she felt a hand tugging at the hem of her shirt.

Upon looking down, she found Joey’s little hand pulling her back.

Rachel’s eyelashes fluttered as she recalled what Joey said a while ago. She slowly removed his hand and h****d his little finger with hers. At first, Joey thought that his mother was angry. Panic and fear flashed across his eyes. He subconsciously wanted to tighten his grip on the hem of her shirt.

Unexpectedly, Rachel h****d his little finger and gently smiled at him.

Although she could see that Joey was confused, Rachel didn’t say anything and raised her head to look at Victor and Carson. “Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Scott.”


“We have known each other for such a long time. Aren’t you being too formal? Just call me Carson.” Thanks to

Carson’s playfulness, the tension in the room at that moment was reduced.

“Didn’t you just call me Miss Bennet?” The way Rachel said this sounded as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“Well, I’m being polite.” As Carson spoke, he glanced at Victor who was still silent beside him.

Since Victor opened the door and saw Rachel, he never took his eyes off her. But the latter never threw him a single glance at all. She could definitely feel his gaze but deliberately ignored it.

It was as if Victor didn’t exist. On the other hand, Rachel only responded to Carson with a small smile.

Everyone knew that Carson had an acid tongue and liked to joke around, so she didn’t take his words by heart.

After patting Victor on his shoulder, Carson entered the ward and walked to the hospital bed where joey was lying down. “Little boy,” he greeted with a smile. Still worried that his mother was angry, Joey was not in the mood for a chit-chat, He only glanced at Carson and didn’t greet him back.

Without a warning, Carson put his hand on Joey’s forehead.

The latter quickly turned his head away and glared at Carson in annoyance. It was too cold, How could Carson’s hand be so cold?

“A fever isn’t enough to damage your brain. I doubt that you don’t remember me. Why won’t you greet me back? Huh?” For some reason, sensing Joey’s disgust amused Carson. “Are you feeling better, little boy?” “Yes.” Not wanting to argue with him, Joey was forced to respond. However, his eyes were still fixed on his mothers face.

No matter how obtuse Carson was, he could tell that Joey seemed excessively dependent to Rachel.

He wasn’t surprised to see Rachel here since Joey had already met her once. But they seemed so close. Carson had

met Joey more than once, but the little boy wasn’t that unguarded around him. “I almost forgot to ask, Miss Bennet, why are you here?”

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