Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 350 by Adolf Dunne

Chapter 350 I Won’t Leave

I came here to meet someone and just happened to run into Lukas,” Rachel explained tersely

Carson glanced at Victor from the corner of his eye. Carson smiled and said, “I see. I thought you knew Joey caught

a cold and came to the hospital to see him.”

At first, his words seemed harmless.

However, Rachel was not stupid. She understood what Carson meant. Although she said she came to visit an acquaintance, he assumed she was here to see Victor. 2 Rachel glanced away, lowered her eyes, and didn’t explain further. When Victor heard Rachel’s words, his eyes darkened.

Carson had misunderstood, but Victor knew Rachel would never come to the hospital to see him. She wanted to

stay as far away as possible from him. Then how could she come to see him? But who did Rachel come to see at the hospital?

First, the person was a patient or a staff member in the hospital. Secondly, that person was Rachel’s acquaintance.

A name immediately flashed through Victor’s mind. Roger!

Clara was now the Incare General Hospital’s VP, and she shared a good relationship with Rachel. Although the news about Rachel being alive wasn’t made public yet, it was widely discussed in the upper-class circles of Apliaria. Therefore, if Roger knew that Rachel was still alive he would meet Rachel through Clara’s help.

Roger and Rachel!

The image of them standing together flashed through Victor’s mind. His heart seemed to be squeezed by an invisible hand, making it difficult to breathe and the veins on his neck bulged.



It was obvious that Rachel didn’t know what was going on in Victor’s mind and didn’t notice his emotional change.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and Lukas entered after buying porridge for Joey.

“Mr. Sullivan! Mr. Scott!” Lukas was stunned to see Victor and Carson. He looked at Rachel standing by the bed and

was surprised. “Miss Bennet?”

Rachel nodded.

Suddenly, there was another knock on the door. This time it was a nurse. She reminded them, “It’s time for the patient to be taken for a CT scan. You can take him to the lab.” “CT Scan?” Carson was puzzled. “Didn’t you say that Joey had just caught a common cold?” Lukas rushed to explain, “Yes, it’s just a slight cold. But, I’m also a bit worried, so I asked them to do a thorough check-up.” 2 Carson nodded slightly to show that he understood. “Okay, then… Mr. Sullivan, can I take Joey for his examination?” Lukas looked at Victor, who had been silent the entire time. He realized that Victor was in a bad mood, so he asked as carefully as possible.. “Is it okay?” Victor just nodded his consent. Lukas understood and walked to the bed. “Joey, let’s go…” “No! I won’t!” Joey yelled. He dodged Lukas’s hand and threw himself into Rachel’s arms. He was afraid that she would leave as soon as he left this room. [ “Joey?!” Lukas was stunned to see Joey behave in such a manner. He had never known Joey to be so close to anyone 1

these days. Joey hid his face in Rachel’s arms and didn’t say anything, Rachel knew her son well and knew what he was thinking. She touched Joey’s forehead. Although his fever had subsided, he still seemed warm. His eyes were dull, and his face


was pale. Rachel’s heart ached. “Don’t worry. Go with Lukas. I won’t leave. I’ll be waiting for you here,” Rachel said gently.

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