Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 352 by Adolf Dunne

Chapter 352 A Request Or A Threat (Part Two) 

Rachel was stunned for a moment. She unconsciously tightened her grip on the phone and looked away. Quickly she walked passed Victor and went inside.

Rachel calculated the time in her mind and wanted to go to the washroom. She thought she would be back by the

time Joey’s CT scan was done.

She needed to calm down, organize her thoughts and adjust her mood accordingly. She hated this upset feeling. It made her restless. The door to the balcony was only enough for two people to pass by at one time. Victor noticed that Rachel passed by with an indifferent expression on her face. His eyes darkened, and he grabbed her wrist.

Rachel was forced to stop.

She glanced at Victor’s hand and noticed that his veins were bulging. She knew that Victor was restraining himself, but he still held on tightly. Rachel’s face didn’t show any pain. She just looked up at Victor indifferently and reminded him to let go of her. “Mr. Sullivan.”

Victor looked at Rachel and swallowed. After a while, he asked in a low voice, “Are you leaving?”

He could tell that she wanted to leave and didn’t want to stay alone with him at all. When Rachel was talking to Andy on the phone just now, Victor had been standing behind her. Although he couldn’t see her facial expressions, he could tell from her tone that she was relaxed and smiling. But when Rachel turned to face him, her expression was indifferent. Rachel tugged her hand and answered, “Mr. Sullivan, you must have mistaken me for someone else. I’m not your employee. So I don’t need to tell you where I’m going. I don’t need your permission.”

After saying that, she turned away and walked inside.

Victor stood rooted to the spot. He clenched his hand as if he was still trying to grab her wrist. Unfortunately, there was nothing but just cool air. Four years ago, he had failed to catch her. And four years later, he was still unsuccessful. “You promised to wait for him.” Seeing that Rachel was about to step out of the ward, Victor grasped at straws and used Joey as an excuse to make her stay. Victor couldn’t think of any other reason. Now Rachel didn’t need him, and she even hated him. So she could leave and go anywhere without his permission. “I’m going to the washroom.” Rachel turned and calmly looked at Victor. Victor’s tense shoulders relaxed a bit. But suddenly, he felt shooting pain from the wound that had not yet healed. His body started to tremble.

He lost his balance and staggered back. His back hit the door frame hard,

Rachel witnessed the entire scene.

Before she could process it, she had already rushed toward Victor. By the time she realized what was happening, she had already grabbed his arm. Once Victor caught his balance, he could clearly feel Rachel’s warm palm through his hospital gown. He carefully leaned against the door frame to ease his pain. He looked at Rachel and saw that her eyebrows were furrowed. For a moment, he thought that Rachel was worried about him. “Rachel…” Victor called out. He couldn’t help but raise his hand to smooth Rachel’s frown. Rachel noticed what he was about to do and jerked. She stopped holding him and took a couple of steps back.

Victor’s hand froze in mid-air. Finally, he slowly put his hand down and straightened. *p’m okay. You can go to the washroom.” Victor smiled as he bore the pain. He walked slowly to the sofa and sat down. Only he knew that there was something wrong with him.

He was in pain. It wasn’t the wound but his heart. For the past four years, he felt the pain every night. During the daytime, he used work to dull the pain and force his heart to heal. Time and again, Victor felt tortured over the past four years. When he saw Rachel again, the wound in his heart that had been somewhat healed, opened up again. This time the pain made it difficult for him to breathe.

Rachel noticed the sweat on Victor’s forehead and realized that he wasn’t fine.

She knew something about his injury. Victor shouldn’t get out of bed in three months. However, it wasn’t the first time that he had disobeyed the doctor’s orders and gotten out of bed to walk, which only aggravated his injury.

If he continued to do that, it would prove fatal.

If she left, Victor would probably pass out because of the pain. “I’ll go and get a doctor,” Rachel said slowly. “No need. That’s not necessary.” Victor refused and stood up to show that he was fine. “Rachel, what you said just now is right. You’re not my employee. You don’t need to keep me informed about your whereabouts, so you don’t need to worry about me.” Rachel laughed angrily. “Are you threatening me, Victor?” She pursed her lips as her dark eyes reflected Victor’s face. “No.” Victor’s eyes darkened, and his jaw tightened. “It’s not a threat.” “Oh, really? If I leave now and something happens to you, Carson and Ivan will hold me responsible. And before you wake up, they will ask your people to capture me. Maybe if you don’t wake up, they may even kill me. There are only two of us in this room. So no matter what I say, no one will believe the words of a poor woman in comparison to the CEO of the Sullivan Group.” Rachel didn’t flatter herself, but what she said could happen, even if it wasn’t Victor’s original intention. Everyone knew that he had locked Rachel four years ago. They also knew how much she hated Victor. So if something happened to Victor, Rachel would not be able to escape. “Although I want you to die, I don’t want to die because of you,” Rachel said in a voice that dripped with ice. Then, she turned around and walked towards the door to get a doctor. But as soon as her hand touched the doorknob, a big hand held the door from behind, forbidding her from opening the door. “If I die, no one will capture you. Also, no one will kill you,” Victor said in a low and hoarse voice. Rachel knew that Victor was standing very close to her because she could feel his body heat through her clothes. Her heart missed a beat.

“What do you mean by that?” she asked. “If i die before Joey turns eighteen, you will be the largest shareholder of the Sullivan Group and take over the company.” Victor looked down but couldn’t see Rachel’s expression from his position. However, he could clearly tell that she was shocked and astonished.

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