Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 353 by Adolf Dunne

Chapter 353 A Request Or A Threat (Part Three) 

“Are you out of your mind, Victor?” Rachel somehow managed to speak after recovering from the shock. If she heard his words right, Victor had indeed revealed the mind-blowing details of his will.

Victor confirmed that he had just made a will, and its contents were related to her. The moment Rachel realized this, her heart became heavy with anxiety. She lost her breath and felt a big lump stuck in her throat. Still reeling from the shocking revelation, she slowly turned around and looked up at the brooding man beside her. Victor’s pale face greeted her worried eyes. Cold beads of sweat formed on his forehead and trickled down his nose. It was clear that he was hurt, but he still had an air of indifference about him. When he heard Rachel say that he was crazy, a cheeky grin spread to his cheeks. “I’ll go look for a doctor.” No matter how Victor tried to hide the agony from his face, Rachel could sense that he was doing his best to endure the searing pain. She quickly spun around towards the exit to contact a doctor. But with Victor’s hand firmly on the doorknob, Rachel was barred from leaving the room. With her patience running thin, Rachel took a deep breath to calm down. She gritted her teeth and said, “Victor, I understand that you are not thinking straight right now. Do whatever you please, just don’t involve me in your business affairs. There’s not a chance that I’m taking over the Sullivan Group after your death! I won’t run the company, let alone raise the heir of the Sullivan Group in your absence. If you die, I’ll sell the Sullivan Group to the highest bidder and send Joey straight to the orphanage!”

“No, you won’t,” Victor replied in a low and firm voice. Tension suddenly filled the air as the two people stood silently in bitter disagreement. Clenching her fists in anger, Rachel glared defiantly at Victor. Contrary to her previous statement, the young woman had no intention of selling the company and sending Joey away to the orphanage. But it was not because of Victor’s wishes.

The Sullivan Group was a product of generations of hard work by the entire Sullivan family. Although Victor hurt her in the past, Carolyn had always been kind to her. She helped Rachel on several occasions and treated her with respect. Because of this, Rachel couldn’t be ungrateful and sell the Sullivan Group whenever she pleased.

Moreover, Rachel had risked her life to give birth to Joey. How could she just give him up to the orphanage?

Rachel’s eyes were seething with fury. “How do you know I won’t? Do you really think you know me so well?” “I thought I did. But it turns out that I don’t.”. A look of confusion suddenly appeared on Rachel’s beautiful face. Rachel knew that Victor was not one to admit he was wrong. She thought that he would say he knew her very well. After all, she used to be obsessed with him, and they had spent a lot of time together. But Victor just stated he didn’t actually know her. Was it possible for such a conceited person to admit his shortcomings? Rachel pursed her lips cautiously, her entire body frozen in anticipation. The indescribable feeling in her heart seemed to be consuming her. At that very moment, she realized that Victor had changed.

This man in front of her seemed to be completely different from the selfish b*****d who had constrained her at all

costs and forced her to reach a compromise four years ago.

“Rachel, I used to think I knew you inside and out.” Victor couldn’t bear the pain of his wound, but he didn’t want Rachel to worry about him. He tightened his grip on the doorknob. “But from the day you signed the divorce agreement without hesitation, it seemed that I was wrong about you. I thought you would tear up the divorce papers and cause a scene in the company at my expense. But you didn’t do such things. Imagine my surprise when

Ivan informed me that you didn’t dispute the terms and just signed your name.”

Victor paused for a moment to reflect. He looked at Rachel with regret and said, “I thought I knew you so well that I was sure that you were just playing hard to get. I was confident that you would seek retribution at that time. But

you returned to the Bennet family without hesitation. It seemed that you really wanted to leave me. To be honest. I had my doubts about you once before. There was a time that I suspected that you were not Rachel.”

A knot suddenly formed in Rachel’s gut. Her gaze wavered momentarily, unable to look at Victor’s gloomy face. However, Victor didn’t notice the change of expression in Rachel’s eyes. With a self-deprecating smile, he said, “But Rachel doesn’t have a twin sister. It’s also impossible for another person in this world to look exactly like her. If you are not Rachel, then where is the real Rachel? So my suspicions are not plausible.”

‘No, Victor. You failed to realize that you were closer to the truth than you expected,’ Rachel thought. Victor’s intuition was correct. She was not Rachel. She never was the Rachel that Victor knew. “From then on, I realized that I didn’t know you fully well. But even so, at least I have seen sides of you that you’ve

never shown to others,” Victor remarked.

Rachel smiled timidly, but there was no happiness in her eyes. Instead, traces of pent-up rage started to show.

She didn’t know why she was so angry. Was she mad at Victor because he knew in his heart that she wouldn’t sell the Sullivan Group and abandon Joey? Or was she simply frustrated that she couldn’t be ruthless no matter how much she tried?

“Nothing you say can change my mind. I have already made my decision. Victor, don’t think too highly of yourself,” Rachel said stubbornly.

“Is that so?” Victor looked deeply into Rachel’s eyes as if he had seen through her innermost thoughts. “But I still don’t think you can.” 1

Victor waited for a reply, but nothing came. Rachel gritted her teeth and stopped arguing. She reached out her hand to push Victor away. As soon as she could find a doctor, she could finally leave. It was so stupid of her to discuss such matters with Victor here. “He likes you very much.” Seeing that Rachel was determined to walk out of the room, Victor suddenly brought up the one person closest to her heart. Rachel paused and looked up at Victor in confusion. “I’m talking about Joey.” Feeling the pain of his wound getting worse by the second, Victor knew that he couldn’t keep a calm appearance much longer. He released his grip from the doorknob, turned around, and gingerly sat down on the edge of the bed, releasing a sigh of relief. With Victor out of the way, the path to the exit was finally clear. But Rachel didn’t rush to open the door. Her mind was focused on the little boy.

“Joey is Odin’s son,” Victor said, looking at Rachel with sincerity in his eyes. “Joey hasn’t been in the Sue Garden for a long time. Lukas said he doesn’t open up to anyone. The kid always kept his distance and never trusted easily.” Rachel didn’t understand what Victor was trying to say. Moreover, she felt a little surprised that Victor took the initiative to mention Joey’s identity, although she knew deep inside that it was not true. “Even in my presence, he is cautious with his words and actions. But I can see that he likes you very much and naturally relies on you,” he continued. That was because Rachel was Joey’s mother. She knew this, but Victor didn’t. “What do you mean by all this?” After a moment’s silence, Rachel asked with a puzzled look. “The car accident at the press conference was not what it seemed. I thought the person behind the car accident was the killer’s partner in the lounge. We initially thought they came for me,” Victor explained. Hearing Victor’s analysis, Rachel started to realize something. “Wait a second…” “My team of detectives investigated the whole scene. The car accident was obviously a distraction. Lukas checked the

hinance video on the day of the press conference, an unmarked vehicle was parked outside the Sue Garden. If

intended to kill me, there was no need for them to have another car stay outside the Sue Garden since they already knew my route.

mothey designed the car accident to kill Joey.” Rachel’s eyes widened in shock as her voice trembled in fear. .

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