Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 354 by Adolf Dunne

Chapter 354 A Request Or A Threat (Part Four) 

Victor didn’t say anything, but his intent was clear. He showed that Rachel was right about it.

Rachel’s lips were pursed tightly and she couldn’t help but feel nervous. Her hands were clenched into fists and her

nails were digging into her skin. She ought to keep her cool so she wouldn’t reveal her secret in front of Victor.

“You’re telling me this now?” Rachel quickly understood Victor’s purpose for bringing this up.

Although she didn’t think she knew Victor very well, the six months they spent together told her he wouldn’t say anything until it was absolutely necessary. He must’ve had something in mind. “I want you to stay and take care of Joey.” Victor sounded calm and did not feel angry after Rachel revealed his true intentions. Rachel was taken aback by Victor’s candor. “Why would you think i’d do what you asked, Mr. Sullivan?” Victor’s bold request made Rachel huff and laugh sarcastically. “Odin is dead,” Victor replied, “You know what happened in the press conference that day. Although the Sullivan Group is now indestructible, the people within it have divided into two factions. One faction supports Odin, and the other faction supports me.” Outsiders didn’t know that the Sullivan Group was divided into two factions. After all, Maria and Odin were always nice to Victor in front of other people, as if they were really a close family. However, Rachel knew everything. She had learned about Victor’s life experience from Carolyn since the day she married into the Sullivan family. She also understood that the great Sullivan Group was not as peaceful as it appeared to be. But what did it have to do with her anyway? Rachel could say her thoughts out loud if she wanted, but she kept them to herself. She simply appeared uninterested and said nothing in response. “Now that Odin is dead and I’m in the hospital, the Sullivan Group is in disarray. The person who instigated the car accident has yet to be apprehended. Although Joey lives in the Sue Garden, he doesn’t listen to anyone at all. Once he escapes or goes outside, my people may not be able to protect him well. The kid seems to like you very much. If you’re willing to stay, he may not be so reluctant to stay in the Sue Garden.” Victor said in a low but clear voice. Anyone could tell that Joey adored Rachel and kept relying on her. Rachel was the best person to ask to accompany Joey at home. That way, he wouldn’t have any thoughts of going outside anymore. Silence filled the air. Rachel had to admit that Victor’s thoughts surprised her. It wasn’t for any other reason at all. It was to ensure Joey’s safety. She had always thought that as long as Victor wouldn’t discover Joey’s true identity, it wouldn’t be a major concern if Victor mistook Joey for Odin’s kid. But now that she understood the car accident was intended for Joey, she instantly realized that while this confusion might have caused Victor to doubt Joey’s identity, it had also drawn Odin’s enemies. Rachel didn’t have a clue on what kind of people Odin had offended these years when he was abroad, and she had not looked into it.

1 the car accident was truly intended for Joey, the perpetrator could only be someone seeking vengeance on Odin’s family

And being “Odin’s son,” Joey was the best target for their revenge. Rachel unknowingly put her own son at risk. “You have a point there.” Rachel soon regained her composure and decided not to say yes right away. “But you seem to have forgotten that Joey is the Sullivan Group’s heir and your nephew. He has nothing to do with me, and I am not obligated to take care of him for you. Besides, how can I be sure that what you’re saying is true?”

Rachel narrowed her eyes, her distrust for Victor clearly showing.

Victor was hard to read that she couldn’t tell if he was telling the truth or not. “What should I do to make you believe me?” Victor asked in a calm tone. What could he possibly do to persuade her? Hearing Victor’s question stunned Rachel for a moment. Then she looked up into his incredibly deep eyes, making it difficult for her to discern what he was thinking. After being lost in thought, Rachel turned aside and didn’t say anything. She put her hand inside her pocket and felt the sharp corner of the praying pendant with her fingertips. She calmed down almost immediately after being upset. “Mr. Sullivan, you should already know this by now. If you want others to believe you, you have to show your sincerity, right?” Rachel replied in a relaxed tone while holding the pendant. “What kind of sincerity are you looking for?” “I can promise you that I will stay and look after Joey, but…” Rachel locked her serious gaze on Victor and continued, “I don’t want to see you.” ‘I don’t want to see you.’ These six words seemed to have turned into a sharp blade that struck Victor in the heart, causing him excruciating pain.


Even after all this time, Rachel was open about her dislike and loathing for Victor. She even said it out loud, totally hinting that she no longer loved him and leaving him no chance for redemption. It was very ruthless of her.


She seemed to know exactly where to nail Victor completely, so she went straight for his heart. “Okay,” Víctor agreed willingly. There was no trace of hesitation in his eyes. Rachel was a little surprised when she heard that. “After I leave the hospital, i’ll spend most of my time on business and basically live in the company,” Victor remarked. “So you can rest assured to live in the Sue Garden peacefully. You won’t see me.” Rachel just stared at him silently. Not long after they finished talking, Joey returned. Joey hopped around in the ward excitedly, knowing that Rachel would live in the Sue Garden to be with him. He didn’t look like a patient who had a fever at all.

After Rachel saw that Joey was so ecstatic, her worries faded in an instant.

At the very least, her son was happy.

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