Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 355 by Adolf Dunne

Chapter 355 Pretending Carson smiled as he stood outside the ward, two palms on the railing and two slim fingers clutching a cigarette when he saw Victor come out of the ward. “The Sullivan Group is in shambles? Mr. Sullivan, I’ve been managing the company for some time now. How come i don’t know of the Sullivan Group’s


The Sullivan Group was indeed divided into two factions, but the situation was not as dangerous as Victor described. Back then, he only had Carolyn’s support, and yet he was still able to become the CEO. The two factions couldn’t have possibly caused him to loshis jobThe death of Odin was an excuse for the Sullivan Groupshareholders to deal with Victor, but it was insufficient to disturb Victor’s position, let alone cause the Sullivan Group to fall apart. People wanted to see how Sullivan Group would suffer, but the day would never come.

After Carson had smoked and returned to the ward’s door, he heard Victor say that the Sullivan Group was in bad shape before Rachel. He knew Victor was just pretending to be pitifulVictor had a significant impact on Apliaria‘s business community as CEO of the Sullivan GroupAnd yet, he was trying to gain his ex-wife’s sympathy. Victor looked at Carson. Carson noted Victor’pallid face and concluded that Victorwound had been ripped once more. He extinguished the cigarette by pressing the end on the railingThen he stepped up to Victor, grabbed his arm, and taunted, “You do realize that the Sullivan Group may truly be in jam if you don’t listen to the doctor.”

“You’ve lately seemed to be so free. Do you have any information on what I asked you to look into?” Victor sneered.

Istill on itBut have something that might intrigue you,” Carson answered. He shivered when Victor stared at him with cold eyes. “Take a guess.”

“An email came in two days ago.” Victor unexpectedly shifted the subject instead of taking a guess as Carson wanted.

That quite puzzled CarsonWhat?” 

“It’s from our Canadian subsidiary. The content pertains to the candidate for the position of director of the design department in the branch,” Victor explained.

“The director of the design department of the Canadian branch? What’s the matter with the folks there? How come they reported to you about it?” Carson snorted at that. Victor came to a stop and fixed his gaze intently on Carson. Carson was a bit uneasy as Victor’s gaze fell on him. He unknowingly touched his face. “Can you guess who this person is?” Victor inquired. “It doesn’t really matter who the candidate is to me. My interest isn’t piqued.” SureThe candidate goes by Lee.” Carson was stunned. “Did you say Lee? The director of the design department? Kairi? Currently, she’s in Canada, right?” . Instead of responding to Carson’s eagerness, Victor remarked, “You may say it now.”

“Say? What’s there to say?” Carson asked, puzzled. Victor resulted up saying nothing after looking at Carson calmly. Carson now understood what Victor was trying to say. He deduced that Victor’s quick shift of subject and mention of Kairi just now were intended as a form of retaliation against him for teasing him. Victor must have been a crafty one! “My guys discovered that on the day Odin was assaulted, there was a 36-hour operation in No. 3 operating room of the public hospital in Plimpton, and the top physicians from all departments assembled in that operating room.” 

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