Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 356 by Adolf Dunne

Chapter 356 I’m Being Tailed 

Because Joey’s examination results would come the next day, he stayed for one more night in the hospital Since Rachel had promised to stay and take care of Joey, she also spent the night at the hospital. Since it was winter and the wind was chilly, Rachel closed the balcony door and walked quietly toward the bed. She saw that Joey was fast asleep. As her forehead furrowed in worry, she touched his forehead to check his temperature. After that, she tucked the quilt properly around him. Perhaps because Joey was ill, he fell asleep before nine o’clock. When Rachel checked the time on her phone, it was just past ten. She spent almost the entire day in the hospital. Once the results were out tomorrow morning, Rachel would go back with him to Sue Garden. She had to go back home now to pack some clothes. As Rachel thought about this, she stood up and walked out of the ward. As soon as she left the room, she met Lukas who was bringing Joey some toiletries. Lukas smiled gently. “Miss Bennet, where are you going?” Rachel looked at the bag in Lukas’ hand and said, “Well, Joey has gone to sleep. So I thought I would go and get something.” “Joey has gone to sleep?” Lukas was surprised that Joey had gone to sleep so early. But then he found it normal since the little boy was ill. He looked toward the door and sighed. “It’s the first time I have seen Joey so happy since he started living at Sue Garden.” The entire afternoon, Joey followed Rachel around like a lost puppy. It seemed he was afraid that she would disappear in the blink of an eye. Rachel couldn’t help but think that this was the first time that Joey relied on her so much.

“Is it?” Rachel’s face softened as she smiled.

“I can see that he really likes you. It’s great that you agreed to move back to Sue Garden to take care

of him,” Lukas said happily.

Rachel just continued to smile and said nothing.

She was relieved that Lukas was here. That way, she could go back home to pack her things.

Rachel refused Lukas’ offer to let the driver take her to the Bennet family’s house. Instead, she took a cab and went alone.

The cab drove at a steady speed in the dark. There were many cars on the road, and the streets were lively. Rachel looked out of the half-opened window as her eyelashes drooped slightly. Suddenly, Victor’s words flashed through her mind.

She wondered whether Victor was telling the truth or not. ‘If the car accident was really meant for Joey, who was behind the attack? Could that person be Odin’s enemy? Or was it because of something else?’

Rachel knew that as long as Joey was in Sue Garden, no one would dare to lay a finger on him. However, she was worried because the person behind the attack hadn’t been caught yet. Rachel quickly gathered her thoughts and dialed a number.

The phone rang only once, and the person on the other end said sleepily, “Boss, although it’s only ten

o’clock at night in Apliaria, please don’t forget that it’s only three in the morning here!” Quintin glanced at the time on the phone screen and had a pained look. He had only slept for an hour and a half. But because of what had happened four years ago, Quintin didn’t dare to mute his phone when he went to sleep. And just in case, he specifically set the ringtones for Rachel and Joey to the maximum. “Has the alliance kept you busy?” Rachel could tell from his tone that he was tired. Quintin yawned and switched on the bedside lamp. As the light stabbed his eyes, he became alert. “It’s okay. I just took on a small task, and that’s the reason I went to bed late.” “Took on a small task? Are you falling short on money?” Quintin touched his nose and smiled awkwardly. “The New Year is just around the corner. I want to be ready with lucky money for Joe.” Obviously, Quintin wouldn’t admit that he had no money. It was very embarrassing! In the past four years, he seldom did any tasks. Except for some necessary and unrequited ones, he didn’t save much money and had been spending the money he had previously saved. Since Joey learned how to program, and showed his outstanding talent in hacking, so as to increase his interest, Quintin bet with him several times.

Quintin worked hard to teach JoeyAs a result, the kid was incredible. However, Quintin also suffered huge losses because of the same incredible talent. He lost several bets and almost lost all of his money to Joey. Quintin couldn’t understand why would a three-year-old need so much money?! And Joey wanted only his money! The more Quintin thought about it, the more depressed he got. “Boss, let’s stop talking about it. What’s wrong? Why did you call me so late?” “I need your help. Find out who carried out a hit in Apliaria recently.” Rachel remembered that Quintin had earlier informed her that the surveillance cameras were broken on the road where the accident had taken place. At first, they both thought that Victor was behind it and that he had known that someone was waiting there.

But thinking back on what Victor told her today, Rachel realized that someone else had broken the


Victor had been well prepared, so he had already secretly arranged for bodyguards. However, he didn’t know that they would attack in the form of a car accident, and that was why his men weren’t alert during the drive.

The monitoring system in the Apliaria was relatively perfect. Ordinary hackers wouldn’t be able to break through the defense system so easily to destroy the monitoring system, but if the person was a hacker from the alliance, it would be hard to find out. Quintin immediately sat up straighter and sensed something was wrong. “I’ll investigate right away.” “Don’t let others know about it for now!” Rachel reminded him.

“Sure.” Quintin didn’t need to ask more. He knew clearly that Rachel would tell when she was ready.

Since she didn’t tell him now, it only meant it wasn’t time yet.

Rachel glanced in the rearview mirror and was about to hang up when she noticed a car. She squinted her eyes and tried to get a look at the license plate. However, the car maintained a distance from her cab, and she couldn’t read the license plate. But she

knew that the car had been following her for some time. Seeing that they would reach home after a right turn, Rachel’s eyes darkened, and she said, “Please take a left turn and take a U-turn at the second traffic light. The driver was confused. “Left turn? Aren’t I supposed to make a right ahead? It will be longer if I take a left.” “Yes, I’m aware. I’ll pay you double the fare.” Since Rachel hadn’t hung up, Quintin heard the entire conversation. He realized something was wrong. “Boss?” “Quintin, I’m at Riverside Avenue now. Two minutes later, the driver will turn left at the end of Southeast Avenue. The license plate of my cab is N749.” Rachel informed Quintin where she was. She once again looked at the rearview mirror. “I’m being tailed.”

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