Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 358 by Adolf Dunne

Chapter 358 Susan’s Birthday Party (Part One)
Silence encompassed the surroundings as Rachel paused in her tracks, but she said nothing and continued walking towards the Bennet family’s house without looking back. Susan seethed at the sight of Rachel’s receding figure. She clenched her fists so hard that her nails almost drew blood in a fit of rage.
A low click rang out as the car door opened, and a man got out. The man glanced briefly at Susan’s trembling fists, and his expression turned complicated. He took off his coat and calmly put it around her shoulders. The sudden feeling of warmth made Susan’s eyelids flutter, and she looked back at the man with red

learned my engagement to Victor is off.” Dr. Turner stared at her in silence for a couple of seconds before saying, “It’s cold. Let go.” “She doesn’t love Victor one bit. I really don’t want to give up. Why? If Rachel still had feelings for Victor, I’d willingly give up on him, disappear forever, and wish them happiness from afar. But she doesn’t love him. How could I be so willing to lose quickly?” Susan whimpered, tears streaking down her cheeks. Her pain moved Dr. Turner. “Don’t worry, Miss Salazar. I’ll help you as I promised I would.” Dr. Turner was now more certain about his decision than ever before. He hadn’t been sure if he should help Susan because he had called his tutor several days ago and learned his tutor knew Rachel. Susan tugged slightly at the coat wrapped around her and said, “Dr. Turner, I… If this matter gets exposed, you’ll be implicated. I heard the hospital plans to promote you to vice president. I don’t want to get you in trouble, so I won’t complain if you back out now because you’re scared.” Dr. Turner looked into Susan’s beautiful eyes, and his mood lifted. Every move she made uplifted his spirits. He wasn’t an inexperienced young man. He was a thirty-year-old adult who understood what the feeling in his heart was. “Miss Salazar, I chose to help you, so I alone will deal with the consequences if this matter gets exposed. Let’s go. I’ll drive.” Susan nodded and followed him back to the car. She stood back quietly and watched him open the passenger door for her.. “Dr. Turner,” Susan softly said, looking up at him after taking her seat. “Yes?” Dr. Turner answered, looking visibly confused. “You’re a wonderful person. If I had met you earlier, perhaps I might have fallen in love with you,” Susan warmly replied.

A look of surprise crossed his face, and he smiled a second later. He didn’t think she meant it.
Susan was a beloved lady of the Salazar family and her parents had protected her since birth. However, Dr. Turner was, at best, a knight, so how bn earth would such a person fall in love with him? He didn’t dare believe it. He clearly understood his position. “Miss Salazar, you must be joking. I’m sure Mr. Sullivan will recognize what an excellent person you are someday.”
Susan lowered her eyes and sighed, her expression turning forlorn. Dr Turner saw her shoulders droop, and he felt sorry for her. However, the dark glint in her eyes escaped his notice.
The next day. Joey’s medical test result was released, and it showed there was nothing wrong with him. So, Lukas, who had been looking after him, left to handle the discharge procedures. Rachel remained in the ward. She poured Joey a glass of warm water and watched him take his cold medicine.
“Mommy,” Joey cooed and obediently put the pill in his mouth. The medicine left a bitter taste in his mouth, making his face contort in disgust. He downed the cup of water quickly to relieve himself. Rachel handed Joey the coat. Joey grabbed his mother’s hand and tapped the back of it. “What are you doing?” Rachel asked in surprise. “Mommy, hit me. I want to see if it’ll hurt,” Joey replied seriously. Rachel pulled her hand away and placed it on Joey’s forehead. Then, she put her other hand on her forehead and said, “You don’t have a fever. What are you talking about?” .
“I feel like I’m dreaming.” Joey grabbed Rachel’s hand again. “What if all this is a dream?”
Rachel was at a loss for words.
Before she could think of something to say, Joey threw himself into her arms and exclaimed, “This is
great, Mommy! You’re finally with me.”
Rachel smiled. She ruffled Joey’s hair fondly before looking down at her watch. “Well, it’s almost time to head downstairs. Lukas should be waiting for us there.” “Okay,” Joey nodded quickly. He scrambled out of bed, put his shoes and coat on, and followed Rachel out of the ward. The pair walked down the hall and into a waiting elevator, and as it ended, Rachel could feel the frequent glances Joey was giving her. Under the impression that the boy still suspected he was dreaming, she gently flicked his forehead, granting his earlier request. “Did it hurt? Do you still think you’re dreaming?” Rachel asked. She didn’t understand why he was being so insecure. She felt sorry for him. It seemed she had barely paid attention to him. Joey massaged the sore spot on his forehead and whined, “Mommy, it hurts.” “If it didn’t hurt, how could you know it’s not a dream?” The corners of Joey’s lips curled upward. Rachel smiled, too, and cradled his hand. “I won’t leave you alone ever again. I promise.” “You had better keep your words!” Joey said in feigned seriousness. It was rare to see him this childish. Rachel nodded. A soft ping rang out as the elevator arrived on the first floor. They walked out of the elevator holding hands, but Joey suddenly froze in place. Rachel looked down at the kid in surprise, trying to discern what had happened. It seemed something had been on his mind long before entering the elevator. “Mommy… This morning, I overheard the nurse who came to inspect say that Daddy developed a high fever when he returned to his ward last night. She also said the fever persisted all night.” Joey looked up at his mother, observing the change in her expression. “Do you think I infected him?”

“Get to the point,” Rachel said. “If he truly got it from me, should I visit him?” Joey asked eagerly. The rise and fall of his chest spoke volumes of how long he had held this request in. Joey had promised he would help his father, so he couldn’t sit back and do nothing. He knew he had to seek opportunities to get his father and mother back on talking terms, by which time they could resolve their misunderstanding. Rachel knew her son better than anyone else. It was apparent that the boy wasn’t worried one bit about Victor’s cold. He was just looking for an opportunity to get her to see Victor. She could tell something was off when Joey had asked her to stay. It vaguely felt like he was trying to arrange for her to see Victor. ‘When did Joey’s feelings for Victor change?’ she wondered. Her eyes darkened. Rachel knew what Joey was planning, but she didn’t want to call him out because the boy felt insecure, something she found out a short while ago. She didn’t want to scold Joey, but she had no intention of granting his request. “If you are that worried about him, Lukas can go upstairs with you to see him,” Rachel replied. Apparently, she wanted to severe ties with Victor. “What about you, Mommy?” “I’ll wait for you in the car.” Joey sighed in disappointment. His plan failed. He knew his mother as well as she knew him. Rachel always kept her word, so there was no need for him to make a scene. Besides, there was only so much a kid like him could do. The onus was on his father to win her back because it was he who lost her. Joey quickly considered his options. After a few moments of deep thinking, he changed his mind. He squeezed Rachel’s hand softly and said, “Don’t worry, Mommy. Let’s go home.” 4 Home… Rachel was stunned upon hearing the word. She wanted to tell him that Sue Garden wasn’t their home, but when she saw the light in his eyes, she couldn’t bring herself to mention it. After a few moments of silence, she agreed. “Okay.” In Victor’s ward Ivan walked to the balcony for some fresh air. He looked back at Victor and saw him looking elsewhere. Ivan traced Victor’s gaze and saw Rachel and Joey getting into a car “Mr. Sullivan, the Salazar Group has sent you the invitation to Susan’s birthday party. Susan plans to announce the cancellation of your engagement at that party. She hopes to clarify that you two are just friends. Susan said she hopes you can be there on time,” Ivan said.

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