Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 359 by Adolf Dunne

Chapter 359 Susan’s Birthday Party (Part Two)
Rachel sat at the computer desk early that morning. She looked sideways at the bright sky as she yawned. She had been up all night long. In the past few years, Rachel tried very hard to find out about the problems the Bennet Group faced. It was a slow process, and she was able to find solutions only when she gradually got to know about the issues. Although she held the shares of the Bennet Group, it was still a shell company and could go under at any time. Even though she was mentally prepared, she was still stunned for a few seconds when she saw the actual project information of the Bennet Group. The electronic version of the document was more than three hundred pages, and each page was filled with words. It looked like thousands of ants crawling, which made Rachel dizzy. And Andy had already done the screening work. “Boss, if you can’t come up with any solution, just let it be for now,” Quintin said tiredly over the phone. He, too, had helped Rachel sort the information the entire night and was so exhausted that he could fall asleep immediately. Rachel switched off the computer and picked up the phone. “Let’s stop looking at the information. You’ve stayed up all night. Go to sleep now.” “Boss, the suggestion I made just now…” In his opinion, Quintin thought Bennet Group was just a shell company. It was better to declare bankruptcy. At least, then it would mean that all the debts of Bennet Group would be dispersed, which was way better than Rachel using her own savings to make up for the company’s loss. The Bennet Group was an abyss. Not every company had strong financial backing like the Sullivan Group, not to mention that Rachel was not obliged to save the Bennet Group. Three generations of the Bennet family made Bennet Group what it was today. Saving the business was Rachel’s responsibility. However, the person in Rache’s body was Shelia now. “No!” Rachel interrupted Quintin. “I promised to save the Bennet Group.” Quintin was confused. “Promised? You are the only one left in the Bennet family. Boss, who did you promise?” Rachel had made a promise to the real Rachel. Consequently, even if the Bennet Group was a burden for her now, she had to find a way to save it. By doing this, she was repaying the real Rachel for giving her a chance to be rebom. However, Rachel didn’t let Quintin know about it. Instead, she walked to the balcony to breathe in some fresh air and said casually, “The directors of the board are waiting to laugh at me at the next shareholders’ meeting.” Rachel had been living in Sue Garden for half a month now. During that time, she hadn’t seen Victor even once. Everyone in Sue Garden seemed to have an unspoken understanding and never mentioned Victor in front of her. When Joey left the hospital the last time, he had mentioned that he wanted to see Victor. But since then, he, too, hadn’t said it again. Rachel placed her hand on the cold railing, and as soon as she touched it, a chill stole over her body. It stimulated her nerves, making her a little more alert

On the second day that Rachel moved back to Sue Garden, the Bennet Group held a shareholders ‘meeting. This was the largest and most formal meeting in the past four years. At the meeting, her presence shocked the directors. Some even pointed at her and said she was not the real Rachel. Quintin was the second-largest shareholder of the Bennet Group, and this was his first appearance in front of everyone through a video call. He formally transferred all of the shares that he owned to Rachel in front of them. For a moment, there were mixed reactions at the shareholders’ meeting.
Those directors were very shrewd. When they saw this, their perspective changed completely. They tried their best to please Rachel and cooperate with her, and they were the first to raise their hands to agree on the progress of the Bennet Group proposed by Rachel. In general, the directors supported and cooperated with her. But in fact, they were not afraid of any changes that Rachel would make. They didn’t think that she would dare to hurt their interests. Moreover, it was not easy to make any changes. The project information alone was enough to keep Rachel busy for a very long time. “Are you kidding me? Do they want to laugh at you? How can they even dare to think about it? Who do they think they are?” Quintin snorted. “I must save the Bennet Group.” 


Although Rachel’s voice was low and calm, she spoke the truth. “I don’t like to laugh at others, but I like to see how others laugh at them.” At that very moment, several shareholders of Bennet Group were playing chess and drinking tea together. They didn’t realize that their lives would dramatically change in the near future. They even made fun of Rachel by saying that she hadn’t grown in the last four years, and she was still so naive and innocent! Suddenly, she heard Joey’s voice coming from downstairs. “Mommy!” Joey couldn’t call Rachel Mommy in Sue Garden. So he mentioned he wanted her to be his godmother before Lukas, so that he could call her his mommy without raising suspicions. Lukas felt strange somehow. But Rachel agreed to it, and even Victor didn’t say anything once he came to know about it, so Lukas also didn’t say much. In this way, Joey could call Rachel his mommy openly. Rachel hung up the phone and looked down. Joey was standing there in sports clothes with sweat on his forehead. He must have just finished his morning run in the garden. Lukas helped Joey with his coat, raised his head, and said with a smile, “Miss Bennet, you’re up. Breakfast is ready!” Rachel nodded. “Okay, I’ll head downstairs after I finish packing up,” She went downstairs after changing her clothes, As soon as she reached downstairs, a snow-white ball unexpectedly rushed to her feet. Rachel subconsciously dodged it, but before she could notice what it was, she heard the meow. Joey walked over and picked up the cat at Rachel’s feet. “Mommy, this is Katie. Haven’t you seen her before? She was sick and was staying at the pet hospital for the past few days. She came back this morning.”
‘Katie?’ Seeing the snow-white cat in Joey’s arms, Rachel remembered the cat. She had indeed seen the cat before. Rachel unconsciously reached out her hand to touch Katie, who seemed to have recognized her and
tempted to rub her har
Seeing that Katie was close to Rachel, Lukas cried in surprise, “Miss Bennet, it seems that Katie still remembers you.” Rachel caressed Katie’s head and smiled. “Maybe.” Hearing this conversation between Rachel and Lukas, Joey, who was utterly confused, asked, “Mommy, do you know Katie?” “Joey, you don’t know half of it. Mrs. Sullivan had been searching the cat for three days and nights for…” Lukas didn’t realize that he said something wrong until he almost finished speaking. He suddenly stopped and looked at Rachel subconsciously. Rachel’s expression did not change. Listening to this, Joey understood. It turned out that Katie was given to his mommy by his father. Lukas changed the topic. “By the way, Miss Bennet, Mr. Torres called this morning. He said that he couldn’t get in touch with you. He asked you to call him back whenever you are free.” ‘Andy called me?’ Rachel fished out her phone from her bag and saw the message Andy had sent this morning “Susan’s birthday party is going to be held tonight. I have sent you an invitation.”

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