Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 360

Chapter 360 Susan’s Birthday Party (Part Three) 


‘Susan’s birthday party? Invitation?!’ Rachel read the message once again and couldn’t help but think of that night when Susan had followed her. Her eyes darkened. She sent Andy a message and planned to go to the Bennet family’s house today. From the time she had decided to move back to Sue Garden, she hadn’t met Andy. Over the phone, when she told him that she would be staying with Joey at Sue Garden, he had been silent for quite a while. In the end, he only told her to be careful. The truth was that even if he hadn’t told her that, Rachel knew that he was worried about her. But Andy knew that she had taken the decision because of Joey’s safety. So he couldn’t say anything “Mommy, is Andy that well-known lawyer you keep talking about?” Joey asked. Rachel put her phone aside and nodded at him. She then looked at Lukas and said, “Please don’t prepare lunch for me. I’m going to the Bennet family’s house.” “All right.” Although Lukas was confused, he didn’t interfere in Rachel’s affairs too much. But Joey was not happy when he heard that. “Mommy, I want to come with you.” Before they returned to Apliaria, Quintin had always spoken about Andy, but Joey had never met the lawyer. Also, besides Rachel, even Abby knew Andy. Rachel didn’t think twice before answering, “No.” She was concerned about Joey’s safety. Joey wanted to argue, but Lukas came and comforted him. He said, “Joey, Miss Bennet is just going to deal with some things and will return soon. Besides, didn’t you just say that Katie just returned today and you wanted to play with her?” ‘Going with Mommy is more important than playing with Katie,’ Joey thought. He knew his mother well. No matter what he would say, she would not budge. “Oh, okay,” Joey answered as he sulked. Rachel pinched his cheeks and said, “I’ll take you to meet Andy some other time. He wants to meet you too.” From the time Andy was aware of Joey’s existence, he had mentioned his desire to meet the little boy more than once. However, they had still not nabbed the person behind the car accident. As long as he wasn’t caught, Joey was not safe, and Rachel wouldn’t allow him to leave Sue Garden. She couldn’t afford to take the risk. After they finished their breakfast, Rachel stayed with Joey and coaxed him to go to sleep. When she saw that he had fallen asleep, she slowly walked out of his room and went to her room. She planned to tidy up and then drive to the Bennet family’s house. As soon as Rachel had left the room, Joey’s eyes popped open. There was not a shred of sleep in his eyes.




Joey quickly changed his clothes and put on his shoes. He tiptoed to the door and opened it slowly. When he saw Rachel enter her room, he quickly left his bedroom.

Ten minutes later, Rachel went downstairs and was about to leave.

Suddenly, Lukas followed her out and handed her an umbrella. “Miss Bennet, today’s forecast says that it might rain this afternoon. So please take this umbrella.” Rachel glanced at the umbrella and then looked back at Lukas. “I’m only going to the Bennet family’s house. Don’t worry. I’ll come back.” Although Lukas didn’t say it openly, Rachel knew the reason behind it. There was no shortage of umbrellas at the Bennet family’s house. Since she was going home and if it really rained then she would just take one from there. But Lukas gave Rachel an umbrella because he wanted to test whether she would come back or not. If she planned on coming back, she would take the umbrella without giving it much thought. But if Rachel planned to leave, she wouldn’t take anything from Sue Garden with her, and she would refuse it. After all, Lukas had been working for the Sullivan family for most of his life. He was a thoughtful person. Lukas was stunned to know that Rachel saw through him. He took the umbrella back and said, “Miss Bennet, please don’t get me wrong. I…” “Give me the umbrella. I’ll bring it back with me tonight.” Rachel took the umbrella. “Are you satisfied now?” “Drive safe, Miss Bennet.” Lukas visibly relaxed. Rachel nodded. She entered the car, kept the umbrella on the passenger seat, started the engine, and slowly drove away. Rachel saw Lukas still standing on the steps through the rearview mirror. He watched her drive away until her car completely disappeared from his sight.

Rachel looked at the umbrella.

In fact, if she really wanted to leave, how could a mere umbrella stop her? Lukas also knew that. Rachel reached Riverside Avenue. She parked the car in the underground garage. Before she could unfasten her seat belt, her phone rang. Since the phone was connected to the Bluetooth in the car, Lukas’ number flashed on the screen. Confused, Rachel frowned and answered the phone. “Hello? Lukas? What’s wrong?” “Miss Bennet, is Joey there with you?” Rachel heard the anxiety in his voice. Before she could answer, she overheard the servant in the background. “Joey is not in the garden.” Even the servant sounded anxious. “Go and look in the garage and the cellar,” Lukas ordered. Rachel immediately realized what had happened, and her face became serious. “Lukas, Joey isn’t with me. What’s the matter?” Although she had a vague idea, Rachel tightened her lips and didn’t want to think further. She didn’t want to frighten herself. However, the next second, Lukas confirmed her worst fear. “Miss Bennet… Joey is nowhere to be found.” Not long after Rachel left, Lukas went upstairs to check the windows in Joey’s room. Since the little boy had been unwell before, Lukas wanted to make sure that windows were closed. However, as soon as he opened the door, he saw an empty bed. Initially, Lukas didn’t think much about it. He thought Joey went to play with Katie or must be in the other places where he liked to stay. However, Lukas checked everywhere and still didn’t find Joey anywhere. By now, Lukas was worried. He immediately ordered the servants to look for Joey. Thinking back to the morning conversations, Lukas realized that Joey had wanted to go to the Bennet family’s house with Rachel, so he called her. Without knowing, Rachel clenched the steering wheel tightly to calm down. “Lukas, what about the cameras? Did you check the surveillance videos? Sue Garden is so vast. If he wanted to go out, it’s impossible for him to get past the security guards.” “Oh, yes! The CCTV footage! I was so in a hurry that I completely forgot about that. I’ll ask someone to check the video right now!” There were specially trained guards guarding the Sue Garden gate. For Joey’s safety, Victor employed more guards and installed more security cameras. It would be impossible for Joey to avoid the guards and the cameras. “Meow…” Suddenly, a sound filled the car.

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