Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 363

Chapter 363 Susan’s Birthday Party (Part Six)
The reporters immediately realized that something intriguing would happen and all unconsciously aimed their cameras at them to take photos of Susan and Rachel when they stood together Some were even thinking about the headlines of the news tonight. Would it be about the life of the rich in Apliaria or the ex-wife and current fiancee of a rich man? Becky, who was standing next to Susan, also recognized Rachel. She turned to Susan and whispered, “There are many reporters present. Also, don’t forget it’s your birthday tonight. So don’t create any trouble. Let’s go in first.” Susan pursed her lips tightly. Usually, she would have obeyed her because of the media. But when she noticed that Rachel got out of Victor’s car, her hidden jealousy burst through her. Becky’s words made Susan feel that Becky was protecting Rachel. ‘This is my birthday party, and I am the main person. Why should I hide?’ Gripping the hemline of her dress, Susan took a deep breath and walked toward Rachel. Seeing this, Becky called out to her and hurriedly reached out to grab Susan’s wrist, but it was too late.
Becky was left staring at Susan’s back. She frowned and quickly took out her phone to make a call.
As soon as Rachel got out of the car, she noticed people looking at her, but before she could pay attention to them, she received a message on her mobile phone. It was a message from Joey. “Mommy, please come back early tonight.” When Rachel read the message, a faint smile appeared on her face. After she returned from the Bennet family’s house last night, she repeatedly stressed the seriousness of how Joey had sneaked out of the Sue Garden. Although she didn’t have the heart to do so, she still punished him and asked him to write “I won’t sneak out of Sue Garden without permission” a hundred times. Joey didn’t finish it until one o’clock in the morning, and he fell asleep at the table.
When Rachel took Joey back to his room, it seemed that he was still writing in his dream and murmured, “Mommy, I won’t do that again.” When she heard this, Rachel felt both sad and helpless. On being taught a lesson, Joey didn’t insist on following her tonight when he knew that she was going. Instead, Joey said that he would wait for her at home.
When Rachel was about to drive out, she discovered that she had a flat tire.
It was getting late, and if she asked someone to send a spare tire here, she would miss the party. She also realized that the size of the spare tire was different from the original one, so it was only for an emergency. Rachel couldn’t drive a car with a spare tire to the birthday party. When Joey got to know this, his eyes lit up, and he said, “Mommy, there are lots of cars in

Daddy’s garage. You can take his car.” Rachel refused and wanted to take a cab to the club. But half an hour later, she still didn’t find one. Finally, she found one by using an app, but it was five kilometers away. The driver cancelled the order. Observing the ever-increasing waiting time on the app, Joey still didn’t give up convincing Rachel. “Mommy, if you don’t leave now, you will be late. Just take Daddy’s car. If you feel uncomfortable, you can pay him back. Just assume that you have taken a cab.” Lukas also said, “Miss Bennet, I think Joey is right. Let the driver take you there.” So, in the end, Rachel agreed to take Victor’s car and requested the driver to take her to the club. But when she nodded in agreement, she didn’t notice that Joey and Lukas looked at each other, and a sly light sparkled in their eyes.
Susan walked straight to Rachel. Seeing that Rachel was looking at the screen of her phone and smiling, she couldn’t help but look at the screen. However, Susan couldn’t see anything from this angle. She only knew that Rachel smiled because she had received a message. ‘Who sent her this message? Victor?’ Thinking Rachel’s smile was for Victor, Susan got very upset. She grew envious, and that made her feel uneasy. She restrained her jealousy and tried to calm down. She stood in front of Rachel and said in a gentle voice, “I thought you wouldn’t come.” Rachel put away her phone and looked at Susan. “I received an invite. How could I not come?” She then handed Susan the gift. “An impromptu gift. Happy birthday to you.” Susan took the gift and looked at Rachel. “Thank you.” She tried to find some clue on Rachel’s face, but the woman’s face was expressionless. Susan couldn’t understand how Rachel could be so calm. Or was it because Rachel didn’t think much about her? Susan clenched her teeth and looked at the Maybach behind Rachel. Her mind was full of disregard for Victor The more Susan thought about it, the more envious she became. Unknowingly, her eyes turned red, and she gripped the gift tighter. Seeing that the air between the two people changed, everyone widened their eyes and held their breath together, fearing that they would miss something huge between Susan and Rachel, as they were rivals in love. This gossip was about the wealthiest families in the Apliaria, and one of them was a famous star in the entertainment circle.
Wealthy families, entertainment circle, rivals in love… These keywords were enough to set the internet on fire! What a rare chance! And just as everyone thought the war was about to break out, a joking voice suddenly came from the entrance.
“I thought there would be something fascinating. It turns out that you two are here.”

Instantly, everyone glanced at the door. Susan spun around and saw a man at the entrance. Her expression changed slightly. “Mr. Scott Rachel looked at Carson and thought, ‘Is there a radar in Carson’s brain? Every time something interesting, he is always present.’ If Rachel hadn’t known that Carson had not asked Susan to wait for her at the entrance, sh would have guessed that he did it on purpose. “Oh, I forgot something.” Carson walked over to Susan and looked down at the gift in her han “Miss Salazar, I forgot to bring you a gift.” Susan was speechless and didn’t know how to answer. Finally, she just said, “It doesn’t matte It’s good that you came.” The reporters thought, ‘Is it really appropriate that Carson said he forgot to bring a gift for Susa so openly?’ The news that Susan was going to hold a birthday party was now common knowledge, and t Scott family had already received the invitation from the Salazar family. If Carson didn’t know the reason would have been too farfetched. But now, he said that he had forgotten to get Susa a birthday gift. It meant Carson didn’t think much about Susan or the Salazar family. “It is remarkable that you don’t mind it.” Carson smiled enchantingly. “Your mother has bee looking for you.” “My mother?” Susan was too stunned to react. Carson nodded, “It seems that she is anxious. Perhaps she has something urgent to tell you. Aft all, you have something important to announce today, right?” His tone hinted at a bit of advice and a warning. Susan suddenly looked up at Carson but only saw his distrustful smile. She threw Rachel a glance, pursed her lips, and took a deep breath. “In that case… I’ll go and si what she wants.” She then walked into the hotel while carrying the hemline of her dress.

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