Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 376

Chapter 376 A Trap (Part Eight)

After seeing how confused and annoyed Becky was, Susan understood that she had asked the press to help her prepare for the big announcement. Susan also knew that once she led the reporters to the villa, Becky’s hopes of spending a peaceful night would be shattered, but she could not help hating Rachel.


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All she could think of was everything that had happened since Rachel returned, and even though she tried hard to push those thoughts away, it only made her more jealous.


“Becky, I’m sorry.”


With that, Susan pulled away and smiled at the




reporters. “Please. Let’s go.”



Everyone else at the banquet heard the noise and couldn’t help but look at Susan walking out of the


party. “If you don’t mind, then you can come with me.”




Not long after the woman called Susan, she saw a group of people approaching, while she led the way. She hurried forward, and tripped, not noticing a small stone that was on her way.


Susan stepped forward and helped the woman up. Seeing that, the assistant scolded, “Are you blind?




What if you hurt Susan?”


“Sorry. I’m sorry.” The woman quickly stood up and bowed down to apologize.


Susan patted her on the shoulder and said in a gentle tone, “Never mind. Besides, you didn’t bump


into me, did you?”


Everyone looked at her with admiration when they heard that.


Megan was at the end of the line, holding Ameer’s arm. When she saw what happened, she could not help but say, “The Salazar family know how to educate their daughters well. Susan is good-looking,


and kind.” However, Ameer did not seem to hear what his mother was saying and he seemed to be searching


for someone in the crowd.


“Alas.” Megan sighed. “It’s a pity that Susan is going to marry into the Sullivan family. If she was from another family, then maybe she could be my daughter-in-law.”


All of a sudden, Ameer caught a glimpse of a beautiful woman.


With a sharp gaze, he walked towards her subconsciously. Noticing that he was absent minded, Megan frowned with dissatisfaction and said, “Ameer, are you listening to me or not?”


“What? Okay.” Ameer came to his senses, but he


continued to look at the woman sitting on the rock. “Mom, forget it. Like you said, Susan is going to marry Victor. You want her to marry into our family? There are only three men in our family, Grandpa, Dad, and me. Do you want my father to take a mistress?”


Upon hearing that, Megan was so furious that she slapped Ameer on the arm and glared at him, “What are you talking about?”


Ameer took a deep breath and said in an aggrieved


voice, “Mom…”


“Don’t call me that! I am not your mom.” She did not know if she should be mad at him for being so stupid of if she should be mad at him for talking nonsense.


Ameer smiled and put his arm around her shoulder. “Well, don’t be angry. I was just kidding.”


“Is it amusing? How could you talk to your mother like that? I think you need to be disciplined.” Although Megan was angry, there was still a hint of love in her tone. After all, he was her lovely son. How could she be angry with him?


“Sorry, Mom. But I did not say anything wrong. Susan just won’t marry into our family. It would be inappropriate.”


“Inappropriate? Why? She is an excellent girl!” Megan was unhappy with her son.


“Yes, you are right. She is excellent. In fact, she is the best!” Ameer did not have any feelings for Susan. Back then, the Salazar family was poorer than his own, and he and Susan went to the same junior high school. If he felt differently, then he would have chased Susan long ago.


Moreover, he didn’t agree to his mother’s opinion of Susan, because he didn’t like her.


Lost in thought, he looked up at Susan, but he quickly withdrew his gaze. He vaguely remembered that on one afternoon in his first year of junior high, when he finished playing basketball and was about to go back to the classroom to pack up his things, he passed by the door of the ladies’ room, and saw a girl kneeling in front of Susan, begging for mercy. Susan was in her third year of junior high at that time.


“Mom, have you ever thought about the age difference between us? Susan is two years older than me. Moreover, Grandpa hates actresses. Have you ever thought of how he might react if he finds out that you want me to marry her?”


“She is only two years older than you. What’s the big deal?” Megan curled her lips. “However, she is an actress… And that could be a problem…”


“Yes.” Ameer smiled, sensing that his mother was


not as stubborn as he thought.


Megan glanced at him and asked, “Why are you


smiling? You made me give up the idea of letting Susan marry into our family, and now you’re happy? I know what you are thinking. If you won’t bring a girlfriend home this year, I won’t let you in.”


“Mom, I’m still in my early 20s!”


“You’re twenty-three! And you are not young. Think about your cousin. He is thirty, and he’s still not married. Do you know how much your aunt worries about him?”


“I don’t think that’s a problem. In my opinion, you like to make a big deal out of it. A man is living his best life when he’s thirty. Moreover, he is supported by the Jimenez family. If he really wants to get married, there will be many women who want to marry him/” Ameer didn’t agree with his mother. “Whatever. Anyway, it’s up to you.”


Ameer smiled at Megan, let go of her hand, and walked away.


Megan wanted to stop him, but she could not.


“Where are you going?”


“Didn’t you want me to find a girlfriend? You won’t let me stay at home if don’t find someone by the end of the year, so shouldn’t I hurry?”


Megan was stunned for a moment before she smiled. “You have feelings for someone?”


Ameer didn’t explain. He waved to her before he walked towards the beautiful woman.


By then, the crowd arrived at the villa’s entrance, and Susan seemed to inadvertently look up at the second floor. Thinking that everyone would see the kind of woman Rachel really was, a devilish smile appeared on her lips.


“We’re here. Please come in.”


Chapter 376 A Trap (Part Eight) 

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