Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 378

Chapter 378 A Trap (Part Ten)


Hearing this, Ameer turned to look in the direction of the villa and discovered there were several black cars parked by the gate. Security guards came out of the vehicles and surrounded the entire building, barring anyone from entering.



The realization of what had happened hit him like a ton of bricks.


He was amazed to find that he could see everything in the villa from this angle.


Was it all coincidence?




“Where are you going?” Ameer asked, his gaze



falling on Rachel’s back. She was only a few steps






“To watch the show.” Rachel turned to him and asked, “Do you want to come with me? Seeing things up close will be fun.”


Watch a show? What did she mean?




Ameer was puzzled. Why were there so many security guards stationed outside the villa? When he was on the phone, his mother had told him something had happened. What on earth was going on?


“You seem to know what’s happening, Ameer


remarked as he followed her.




Ameer couldn’t help but look down at Rachel’s side profile as he thought of the way she was staring at the villa on the big stone. “Did you have anything to do with what happened in the villa?” he asked after a little pause.


“What do you think?” Rachel kept walking without looking back at him because she knew he was staring at her.




“You tell me,” Ameer responded, his face serious. He had no idea what Rachel was thinking.


“Then just consider that it has something to do with me. Rachel wore a faint smile. She didn’t care about making a bad impression on Ameer. On the contrary, it would be beneficial if it could truly change Ameer’s perception of her. It would help her stay out of trouble in the future.


Ameer had no idea what happened inside, but he had a hunch that it was terrible. “What did you do?” “Nothing much, really. I was returning the favor.” Rachel came to a halt not far from the villa’s door. “Get in. Your mother must be worried about you.”


“And what about you?”


“I’ll stay here and watch the show. After that, I’ll leave. Oh, by the way, do you have Clara’s phone number?” Rachel asked and glanced down at the


pills in her hand.


Right now, Ameer was concerned about his mother’s safety. Without thinking, he gave Clara’s phone number to Rachel and walked into the villa. The security guards initially halted him and refused to let him in until his mother came out.


At the same time, Rachel placed her phone on the table and tapped on a link Quintin had sent her. It was a video of what happened in the villa ten minutes ago.


Quintin’s voice could be heard in the background. He sighed and continued to tell the story.


Ten minutes ago, in the villa


Becky rushed to the second floor. As soon as she turned her head, she saw a girl standing at the door, her mouth covered. There was a faint scent spreading in the air.


The smell made Becky uncomfortable and she noticed that the smell was quite similar to the perfume Susan was wearing today. Becky’s left eye twitched. She made her way to the door, heart beating like a drum. Then she noticed all the mess all over, which made her feel instantly sick to her stomach.


She recognized Susan’s dress at a glance.


Becky’s heart jolted, her face turning white. She


moved in a flash and immediately looked inside the room. Her eyes instantly fell on two half-naked bodies intertwined together on the bed.


A wave of terror washed over her.


Her mind was in shambles.


Out of nowhere, a deafening scream broke out, waking up the two people on the bed. Susan was startled awake, then she noticed the man on top of her. She screamed and shoved the man away, her eyes widening in fear.


The man’s face was flushed, obviously intoxicated. He was unbothered by the commotion and rested his hand on Susan’s body once more.


Susan angrily kicked the man as she covered her


arms over her chest. “Get out of here! Scram! Get


out! Go away!”


Becky, who was a seasoned agent, swiftly took off


her coat and draped it over Susan’s shoulders.


Susan’s lipstick was smudged all over her face. The marks on her collarbone revealed what had happened in the room just now.


“Becky, I… What happened? How is this possible?!” Susan panicked after realizing that she had no memory of what happened. She was unable to recall why she was on this bed and with this man.


Becky didn’t want to know what was going on since


she was worried about the reporters downstairs


The most important thing now was to keep Susan hidden from more people. “Hurry up and go to the bathroom!”


Susan was at a loss.


She wrapped herself tightly and went to the bathroom with Becky’s assistance. Just as they were about to enter the bathroom, a camera flashed in front of the two.


Someone was taking photos!


Susan hurriedly quickly grabbed Becky’s arm.


“Becky, the photos… No, no photos.”


Becky knew that things would go out of hand and they couldn’t get out of here for the time being. But she had plans of turning things around.


“Go clean up first. I’ll handle this.” Susan was still worried and wanted to say something, but when she looked into Becky’s eyes, she swallowed her words and obediently entered the bathroom.


Becky shut the bathroom door behind her. She could hear the noise outside, making her sigh deeply.


Becky made a call, and soon, bodyguards arrived and surrounded the entire villa. They confiscated everyone’s cellphone as well as the memory cards from the journalists’ cameras, ensuring that nothing would be exposed tonight.


Rachel’s phone rang as soon as she finished


watching the video. It was Quintin.


“Boss, what do you think? Neat video, huh? didn’t expect it to be so shocking!” Quintin was giddy with anticipation. His voice was a stark contrast to the villa’s dull ambiance.


“Blur the images and release this video.”


Rachel had looked into Becky and discovered that she had her own methods for becoming the top agent. Becky could easily cover up what happened in the villa tonight if she was given enough time to react. This was also a headache for Rachel.


The network was connected to the security cameras outside the villa, but there was no camera inside. So the live broadcast of what happened outside the villa would only pique internet users’ curiosity. Becky would have no trouble coming up with an explanation for why a group of people entered the property and were surrounded by security guards in less than ten minutes.


She didn’t invite the public to merely watch a show.


“What? Blur her images? Boss, aren’t you too gentle to Susan?” Quintin didn’t understand why Rachel had suddenly targeted Susan just until recently. The woman was really conceited. The last person Rachel denounced on the Internet was Alice. No one knew where she was now.


“But boss, how did you know the man in that room would set the camera secretly? I was worried that I couldn’t record what was going on inside!” However, before Quintin could get an answer, Rachel abruptly ended the call again.


Chapter 378 A Trap (Part Ten) 

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