Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 379

Chapter 379 A Trap (Part Eleven)


Beep. After hanging up on Quintin, Rachel looked at the villa once more, turned around, and dialed Clara’s number.



In fact, she had no idea whether or not the man would set the camera inside. She only guessed based on the man’s poor reputation.


And she was right.


Becky forced herself to calm down. She was still arranging a few things to make sure they would go the way she wanted. After all, except for reporters, there were no other powerful people here.




She could only rely on the Sullivan Group and Salazar Group to keep the mob in check and prevent them from leaving. However, it would only work for a short while.



The assistant came over in a hurry and whispered in Becky’s ear, “Becky, Susan is all cleaned up now. But the man in the room…”


“What about him?”




“When Susan came out of the bathroom, she grabbed a vase and smashed the man’s head with


it. The assistant swallowed








Becky’s temple throbbed. “What?”


The assistant could only lower her head and didn’t dare to say anything.


“I asked you to look after her. How could you let her do that?” Becky was furious. She didn’t even have time to calm down before things got worse. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and asked, “How’s the man now?”


“Not so good…” The assistant almost trembled. “There’s blood everywhere. We may have to take him to the hospital.”


Becky scowled and covered her forehead. If they


took the man to the hospital at this time, it would


definitely ruin all her plans. There would be news


about it in the morning. Ⓡ


Becky blamed herself for not stopping Susan at the party. If she had, things wouldn’t have gone this far. According to the assistant, the man was seriously injured. Becky didn’t have much time to hesitate, so she made a quick decision. “I’ll go upstairs with you to have a look.”


Soon, the two of them marched their way upstairs and into the room.




The man was unconscious. He collapsed on the floor, with a big wound on his forehead bleeding




Susan stood there with a disgusted look on her face,


and another assistant intervened to prevent her from doing anything awful. “Call an ambulance, Becky urged the assistant


after seeing the man’s injury.


Susan noticed the assistant reaching for her phone in her pocket. She struggled and rushed forward, knocking the assistant’s phone off and it fell to the floor. “Don’t call an ambulance! No way!”


Susan’s furious tone and contorted expression startled the assistant.


“Susan, that’s enough! If we don’t send this man to the hospital, he’ll die!” Becky didn’t expect Susan would be so immature in this situation. She took out her own phone and was about to dial the emergency number.


“Didn’t you hear what just said? said, don’t call an ambulance! Nobody is allowed to help him! If he’s dying, let him die. He deserves it!” Susan screamed hysterically and pounced on Becky, trying to grab her phone.




All of a sudden, there was a resounding slap. Becky gave Susan a sharp slap across the face.


Susan’s eyes widened in surprise as she touched her reddened cheek.


Becky dialed 911 and handed the phone to the


befuddled assistant. “You talk to them and request that they arrive as quickly as possible.”


“U-understood… The assistant took the phone from her and waited for the dispatchers to pick the call




Susan covered her face and looked at Becky with teary eyes.


“Are you awake?” Becky asked firmly. That stinging slap was enough to make Susan’s ears buzz.


Susan didn’t respond.


“Stay here if you’ve calmed down. Don’t go anywhere. If you still can’t calm down, just beat him to death, Becky remarked with a straight face. “If you think the Salazar family is powerful and willing to protect you with all of its money, do whatever you want! So I don’t have to be the one to clean up the mess for you!”


“I… Becky, it was a trap! Someone wanted me to look bad!”


‘A trap? Becky only sneered.


Susan didn’t understand what Becky meant by her smile, but she knew that she couldn’t get support from anybody else right now other than her. “Becky, you believe me, don’t you? I was really framed!”


“Okay. Then tell me, who set you up?” “It was Rachel,” Susan said through gritted teeth.


“Rachel? Rachel again? Susan, you only think of


Rachel, don’t you?” Becky remarked with a smile. “How could she set you up when she’s not even here?” “Becky, I’m not lying! It’s really Rachel.”


“Then tell me, why do you smell like that?” Becky wasn’t a fool. She knew something wasn’t right when the scent of Susan’s perfume hit her nose. And when she saw the scene in the realized what was going on. pom, she


At the same time, she remembered why she felt uneasy when she smelled the odor..


The aroma made people feel euphoric and would give them a strong desire to have s*x. It was not uncommon in the entertainment industry. She hadn’t considered it before because she had risen to the position as a top agent in the circle and no longer needed to attend those social events.


Naturally, she forgot about it over time. Judging from the man’s appearance earlier, he had


been inhaling the scent for already quite some time.


Susan sprayed this fragrance on her body. However, because the scent on her body was light, she didn’t take in much. She was still sober, even if it had a minor effect. But when she came into this room…


The fragrance suddenly became strong, and Susan, who was already a little affected by the aphrodisiac effect, immediately lost her mind, leading her to be cozy with the man,


Susan’s face turned pale, but she still refused to admit it. “I… The perfume I wore is just an ordinary one.”


“What? Ordinary? Susan, do you think I’m stupid?” Becky snorted. “You don’t have to make excuses. You know what you’ve done. don’t want to discuss it with you any longer. Just keep acting as you like.” Becky then took the other assistant who had been


watching Susan and left her alone. Susan was filled with rage. She clenched her fists and bit her lower lip.


How could this be?


It was supposed to be Rachel and not her.


Susan smelled the perfume on her body and thought it was still very strong. Despite taking many baths, the perfume remained undiluted. With tears in her eyes, she went back into the bathroom, turned on the water, and rubbed her arms vigorously.


Her thoughts were preoccupied with the fact that she had gotten into the bed with a strange man. She was certain she had not lost her virginity.


But who would believe it? Almost everyone saw her sleeping with a man… Susan shrieked as she cradled her head in her hands.


Becky watched the injured man being taken away in an ambulance. She then turned around and walked


into the room. Every single person in the living room was staring at her.


One of the women stood up and slammed the table. “What the hell are you trying to do? What do you want by locking us here and forbidding us from going out? Why did you take our phones? Even if the Salazar family and Sullivan family are working together, there is no reason for you to detain us. Let us leave!”


Hearing this, Becky looked at the woman.


Chapter 379 A Trap (Part Ten) 

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