Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 380

Chapter 380 A Trap (Part Twelve)


The woman was wearing a dark purple cheongsam, which accentuated her graceful figure. There was brown mink shawl draped over her shoulders, making her look dignified and noble. Becky had asked Susan for the attendees for tonight’s birthday party ahead of time. She had stayed up for several nights just to remember the people’s names and identities on the list.



She scoured through her memory and soon remembered who this woman was. Her husband’s family was the second-in-command of the political circle in Apliaria, and she was from a scholarly, well -mannered, and wealthy family.


“Exactly! The Salazar family has crossed the line!”


“We know why you won’t let us leave. You’re afraid that Susan’s scandal will be exposed! If you have the ability, you can keep us all locked up forever. But if we manage to out, you’ll all get in trouble!”




“Let us out!



“My phone! Give me my phone back!” In the face of all the raging comments, Becky fell


silent. The others could no longer stand the injustice of being kept out here and began to stand up and yell at her.




The assistant stood behind Becky, looking at the angry crowd. Her face turned pale as she whispered, “Becky, what should we do?”


Compared to how panicked her assistant was,




Becky appeared to be calm, but it was only on the surface.


“Everyone, please calm d**n! There’s no need to worry. We won’t detain you for no reason. Neither the Salazar family nor I will do something like that.” Becky’s curled her lips, forcing herself to calm down. “I hope you can trust me. Susan is just feeling a little uneasy and she’s currently resting in her room. I hope you won’t spread any rumors about Susan.”


“Rumors? Are you f*****g kidding us? Someone saw Susan on the bed with a man and they were making love!” a man retorted.


Becky glared at the man. Perhaps because of her sharp gaze, the man shivered and lowered his voice. “Am I not telling the truth? Why are you looking at me like that?”


His words clearly exuded arrogance, but the way he spoke was lacking in confidence.




“Just as I’ve said, I hope you don’t spread any rumors. I believe that all of you are elites of Apliaria, and you are capable of distinguishing the truth. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that everyone should know the truth.” As Becky spoke, she glanced at everyone present, visibly unfazed.


After a pause, she continued, “I’ve asked you not to leave and even took your phones. I know that some of you may not understand the situation, and it’s perfectly understandable to believe rumors for a time. On behalf of Susan, I offer my sincerest apologies.”


Having said that, Becky bowed her head before everyone.


Upon seeing this, the lady from the wealthy family who pounded on the table felt embarrassed, because Becky’s speech made her look a little too aggressive.


“I don’t want an apology. I want an explanation! Cut the c**p and just let us out! Do you think we’re all idiots? Do you seriously think that an apology can make us sit here quietly?” The lady snorted.


“It’s my fault for not explaining it to you ahead of time.” Becky apologized once more, making the lady seem more acerbic. “Just now, a thief has entered this establishment.


A thief?


The second floor area was restricted, and Susan had hidden herself in the bathroom. Thus, not many people saw what happened on the second floor at the time. The girl who first found Susan had been taken to another room, and Becky had already comforted her. At this moment, none of them knew what exactly was going on.


“Are you kidding? The security of Waterfront Hotel is tight and it’s well-known in all of Apliaria. There’s not a thief in existence who can come in here without being noticed!” someone remarked.


“Sorry, sir, but I really can’t explain how the thief slipped in. Like you, I also want to know about that. But no matter how tight the security is, there will always be a weakness. In line with that fact, it’s impossible for thieves to figure out the security’s weakness and come in. No matter what anyone may think, the fact remains that Susan’s favorite necklace had been stolen by this thief.” “What necklace?”


“Blue Lovers.” Becky said, her face expressionless. Upon hearing the necklace’s name, someone exclaimed, “Blue Lovers? The one that’s worth a hundred million dollars?”


Becky nodded, “Yes, and the thief is still at large, so we have no choice but to keep you all here for the time being. Of course, hope that you all can keep a closer look at your belongings, just in case the


thief strikes again.” Upon hearing this, everyone was no longer interested in asking questions. They now shifted


their focus to guarding their valuables.


The crowd’s attention had finally been diverted away from Susan. Becky breathed a sigh of relief. But then, someone said, “Hold on. You said that the thief hasn’t been found yet, but what about the man who was taken away by the ambulance earlier? If that man isn’t the thief, who else could it be? Oh, my God, is the thief among us?”


Suddenly, everyone felt restless.


“Who do you think the thief could be?”


“It could be you.”


“No, it’s you! You’re the thief. How dare you slander me in front of all these people? It’s just a stupid necklace. I don’t care about that! Believe it or not, I will sue you for slander and defamation!”


“Fine, if you didn’t steal the necklace, let someone frisk you so you can prove your innocence! It’s just a necklace, huh? Blue Lovers is the only one of its


kind in the world. Who knows who could’ve stolen it? That person must’ve hidden it, and they are probably going to sell it later! After all, some of us here are in need of money!”


Becky was silenced once more, watching the crowd get thrown into disarray.


Everyone was now suspecting each other, and the situation was spiraling out of control.


She didn’t expect that things would turn out this way. Seeing that several people were about to fight, she quickly motioned for the assistant to stop them. She wanted to say something to put the situation in control, but then, she was cut off.


“Mom, I’m here!” Just then, Ameer came in.


Megan got up from the sofa, walking towards him. Then, she asked the security to let him in..


“Mom, what’s going on?” Ameer saw how messy the area was and noticed that his mother looked worried.


“There’s a thief in here, and it might be one of the guests, Megan said.


“A thief?”


“Yes. A thief has stolen Susan’s necklace, Blue Lovers. As of the moment, we still have no idea who the thief is.” Megan didn’t expect that something


this troubling would happen at his birthday party. She couldn’t go out and her phone had been confiscated.


“Really? I thought…” Ameer pondered on what Rachel had said. She mentioned that she would reciprocate other people’s animosity towards her. ‘Did Rachel steal Susan’s necklace?’


Chapter 380 A Trap (Part Twelve) 

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