Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 381

Chapter 381 An Affair


Megan remembered what Rachel had said at that moment. Despite Rachel’s lack of expression, Ameer felt that it wasn’t as simple as stealing the necklace.




“Do you have your phone with you?” Megan asked. Ameer nodded, took out his phone, and handed it to his mother without thinking too much.


“Call your father and ask him to come get me. I don’t want to stay here.” Megan frowned as she let Ameer unlock the phone. She was visibly upset and in a hurry to call her husband. When Ameer was done, she immediately took the phone and dialed his number. But before she could finish, something popped up.


Suddenly, a headline on the entertainment news flashed across the screen. “Susan Salazar’s Sultry Night with a Mystery Man.”




“What?” Megan was dumbfounded to see the news. She raised her head as she was scrolling through the website.



Ameer noticed his mother’s pale expression. “Aren’t


you calling Dad? Or do you think he’s busy with some other woman?” he said while looking at his phone’s screen.






Just then, his smile vanished as he clearly saw what was on the screen.


“Now I get why they kept us here. It’s not because of theft, but because of an…” Megan sneered in anger, disgusted by the news. But before she could say the term “affair,” Ameer abruptly covered her mouth.




“Maybe that’s not true, Mom. Don’t say things like that.” Ameer understood the value of a woman’s virginity, especially because Susan intended to marry Victor in the future. It wouldn’t be right to assume things without any confirmation or hard evidence because it could easily destroy a person.


Megan, on the other hand, was not convinced. “Not true, huh? The video clearly shows it and Susan was wearing this dress tonight. How are my eyes wrong?” she said in a repulsed tone, pulling Ameer’s hand down.


Megan’s voice was neither loud nor soft, and the


rich ladies in the room couldn’t help but look at her. One of them, who often played mahjong with Megan, came over and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong? Does it have something to do with Susan? Or did I


just hear it wrong? Ameer, do you know Susan?”


“He doesn’t know her!” Megan instantly denied it, fearing that her son would be involved with Susan. She had always thought Susan was fantastic and she wanted her to marry into the Gordon family. But now she changed her mind. “Susan has nothing to do with my son.”


Ameer let out a small sigh. When he realized that his mother’s remarks had drawn everyone’s attention, he knew that he couldn’t stop her any longer, so he remained silent. He stowed his phone in his pocket and turned to face the door where he and Rachel had parted ways.


He finally understood what Rachel meant when she said she would deal with Susan the same way she had planned on dealing with her.


There were mixed emotions in his heart. Sure enough, what Susan planned to do with her was truly horrible, but he didn’t expect that Rachel would be so cruel. This video was enough to destroy Susan’s showbiz career. Somehow, he felt a bit terrified of Rachel and found that he couldn’t control such a woman.


“Didn’t you just say it’s a shame Susan is engaged because you’d let your son marry her if she wasn’t?”


“Bah, bah, bah!” Megan became even more agitated


after hearing this. “Anyone who marries her will drown in bad luck! She even cheated on her fiance before their marriage. If she got married and gave birth to a child in the future, people wouldn’t know who her child’s father is.”


Megan raised her voice. Her words were heard by


everyone in the banquet hall.


“Mrs. Gordon, don’t talk nonsense!” The rich lady


was shocked by her remarks and reminded her. Megan sneered while looking at the other guests and said, “I’m not talking nonsense. There is a video


posted online.”


All of a sudden, everyone began to murmur.


Becky quickly took out her phone, but before she could unlock the screen, the assistant came to her in a hurry and handed her a phone. “Becky, bad news. There are videos of Susan on the Internet.”


Becky’s eyes widened in horror. She took the phone and tapped on the video.


The video lasted around fifteen seconds. It captured the moment when Susan and the man made out on the bed. The spicy scene was nearly at the end. Although the essential parts were deliberately left out, everyone could guess what would happen in the next moments.


Becky’s expression changed dramatically. She held the phone tightly in her hand and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. How was it possible? Where did this video come from?


The assistant became frantic. “What should we do? The news has already appeared on the top searches, Beck The internet ers are already having heated discussions.”


Becky stared at the phone and heard the assistant’s words clearly, but she didn’t know what to do. The escalation of this matter was completely out of her control. She couldn’t stop trembling at all.


“Have you found out who posted this video?” Becky


asked, trying to calm down.


“It’s a new account. We’re trying to find the person behind it through their IP address, but…” The assistant shook her head with a look of despair.


In the entertainment industry, it was very common for anti-fans to use new accounts or d***y accounts to upload hate content and rumors. The video was easily spread, which was obviously aimed to taint Susan’s career. Becky took a deep breath, and suddenly, her phone rang.


It was a call from a reporter. And of course, he called to ask about the footage.


While Becky was busy thinking about how to clean this mess up, Susan’s entire staff was bombarded by calls.


The villa was in shambles and people were arguing on social media. The person who started all of this was standing in front of a villa, verifying the number on it.


Rachel dialed Clara’s number, but there was no answer. She had no choice but to go look for Clara instead. After that, she eventually found the villa. This villa had a unique design that set it apart from other villas. In comparison, this one had a more luxurious design.


However, this villa was so remote that even if it appeared to be different, Rachel couldn’t find it right away.


She looked down and examined the allergy medicine in her hand, hoping she hadn’t come too late.


Rachel walked up the steps and was about to ring the doorbell, only to find that the door was unlocked. The surrounding area was a little dark, with only the dim light illuminating the whole entrance. She rang the doorbell again, but no one answered.


Rachel frowned and clicked her tongue, contemplating whether or not to call Clara again.


If she went inside, there could be another trap. After all, she became more cautious after what happened to Susan just now, but Riley needed her medicine as soon as possible. Now that Susan was busy enough with her own scandal, she shouldn’t have any more time to set Rachel up again.


Rachel felt it was okay to go, so she pushed the door open and walked right in.


“Clara? Riley?” As Rachel stepped in, she turned all the lights in the hallway on. The interior decoration of the living room could be seen plainly under the light of the hallway. Noticing that the light on the second floor was on, she guessed that Clara and Riley might be in there.


After thinking for a while, Rachel lowered her guard and climbed upstairs.




Something fell on the carpet with a dull sound.


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