Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 382

 Chapter 382

Looking in the direction the voice came from, Rachel called out, “Who is it? Show yourself!”


There was no answer.



Rachel frowned as her eyes surveyed the living room.She reached for the switch to turn on the light.


It was then that she heard footsteps coming towards her from behind.Her heart beat fast.She turned around, picked the vase near her, and threw it at the direction of the footsteps.


Pak! The vase broke into pieces.




Rachel hurriedly turned on the light, picked up broken glass from the floor, and looked intently at the person following her.It was a man.



Dazzled by the light, the man raised his hand to cover his eyes.


Rachel saw the man’s arm was bleeding.He must have used his arm to block the vase thrown at him.




Rachel recognized the man.


“Victor? Why are you here?”




Victor put down his arm, and Rachel could now fully see his face.


Rachel thought she had underestimated Susan.She thought all along that Susan would send someone else to rape her.So, she threw the vase at the man.She never thought it would be Victor.


“What are you doing here?”


Rachel pursed her lips when she saw blood flowing down Victor’s wounded arm.


Still, she was holding a fragment of vase in her hand.


Even if it was Victor and his arm was wounded, Rachel felt she should be on her guard.


In her eyes, Victor was more dangerous than the others.




Victor frowned when he noticed the fragment in Rachel’s hand.




He wanted her to let go of the fragment, lest she hurt herself.


But when he saw the vigilant look in her eyes, his expression turned stony.He was utterly dumbfounded.He didn’t know how to answer Rachel.


Carson told him that she was in this villa.


Without thinking, Victor came.It had been half a month since they last saw each other. Victor had been missing Rachel like crazy. He had been suppressing his feelings for her. He so wanted to see her. Looking at Victor, Rachel grimaced at seeing blood oozing out from his arm. She knew that he had just been discharged from the hospital, and now he got hurt because of her.She felt guilty. And seeing blood, she felt dizzy. “Look, I’ll call a doctor to treat your wounded arm.”Rachel momentarily set aside her wanting to know why Victor came.


She felt it was more important to call a doctor, and then, she would leave. “Don’t,” Victor said in a low voice. Beep! Beep! Two short alarm sounds came from Rachel’s phone. That meant that her phone battery was going down. And in a little while, her phone went dead. Rachel couldn’t believe it. How could she now make a phone call? How could she forget to charge her phone before she went out? “My phone died.I’ll have to go out and find a doctor for you,” Rachel said. Seeing that Rachel was going out, Victor grabbed her wrist. “Rachel…” Victor groaned in pain. Feeling Victor’s warm hand made Rachel jump, and she accidentally cut the fragment into the back of his hand. Seeing blood spurting from a new wound on the back of Victor’s hand, Rachel was stunned.She didn’t expect she would act so fast. “You don’t have to go. There is no doctor on duty here,” Victor said, letting go of her.


Rachel was stunned.


“How do you know?”


Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat and he looked away.


“Waterfront Hotel is owned by the Sullivan Group.”


He was the owner of the hotel.


Of course, he knew there wasn’t a doctor here.


“Where is your phone? Call Ivan.” Victor looked at Rachel again.


“Are you worried about me?”


Rachel was stunned by Victor’s question, but she quickly recovered.


“No, I am _ not,” she answered him emphatically.


Victor kept quiet.He just gave Rachel a doleful look, making her feel uncomfortable.


Victor then walked to the sofa and sat down with his back to her.




“You can go now,” he said, sounding a bit strained.


“Don’t worry about me.I won’t die.”


Were it not for his wounds, Victor thought that he might not be able to control himself.


He leaned forward with his elbows against his knees.


He held his two hands, and as he exerted strength, the wounds on his arm and the cut on the back of his hand would hurt. Only in this way Victor could suppress the effect of the drug. He thought that as long as he could control himself, the drug would lose its effect soon.But he was wrong. He had underestimated Susan.He then heard footsteps from behind, fading until the sound disappeared. Rachel was gone. Victor reached for the glass of iced water on the table and drank it. This could help keep his mind clear. Then, he leaned back and closed his eyes, thinking of Rachel’s face.


“Give me your hand.” said a familiar voice. Victor opened his eyes and saw Rachel standing in front of him. Smiling a lop-sided smile, he said softly, “Am I having an illusion?” His voice was barely audible that Rachel didn’t quite hear what he said. ‘Has he lost too much blood?’ she thought. “Victor?” Rachel said hesitatingly. Victor didn’t reply.He thought that it must be the drug making him see things. He thought that the illusion was so vivid that he felt good about it. The look on his face was inscrutable but Rachel thought he was going to faint. Rachel frowned.


She then put a hand to his forehead to check for a fever. Feeling Rachel’s cool hand, Victor grabbed her wrist. “Rachel?” he said tentatively. Rachel pulled her hand from his and said in a cold voice, “Since you are conscious, give me your hand.” “I thought you left?” Victor was thinking clearer now that he could still feel the warmth of Rachel’s hand. Rachel put the medicine box on the table beside the sofa. She opened it and took out some cotton swabs and iodine. All this while, she didn’t say a word. Victor realized she had gone looking for the medicine box so she could clean his wounds. Victor felt his heart skip a beat. Rachel dipped a cotton swab into the iodine bottle and then said, “Give me your hand.”

Chapter 382 

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