Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 383

Chapter 383
Victor held out his hand, looking at Rachel intently.


The sofa was slightly higher than the coffee table, so Rachel had to sit at the edge to take a look at his wound.She held Victor’s hand and examined the abrasion on the back of it.She used great force when she cut the back of his hand, so the wound was deep.She lowered her gaze and wiped the blood off with a cotton swab.



“It’s going to hurt,” Rachel said.


She wanted Victor to brace himself at least.She then proceeded to pour one cap of antiseptic straight over his hand.


When the solution came into contact with the wound, Rachel’s eye twitched as if she was the one in pain.




She instinctively looked up at Victor, only to find that he was looking stoic.



He didn’t even blink once, as if he couldn’t feel the pain at all.


If Rachel hadn’t experienced the pain when the antiseptic was flowing over her wound, she would have wondered if it didn’t hurt at all.






Rachel hastily averted her gaze, cleaned off the gash with a cotton ball, and placed a patch on Victor’s wound.


Now that she was done treating the back of his hand, she was going to deal with the wounds on his arm.




Rachel felt terrible.His arm suffered more severely.


His whole limb was covered in blood.


Rachel was unsure whether or not to treat his wounded arm.


She was afraid that if she didn’t handle it right, she’d end up killing Victor.


“Are you scared?”


Noticing that Rachel stopped moving, Victor spoke in a low voice.He could tell what she was thinking.


Rachel glanced at him quietly.She grabbed a cotton swab and some iodine solution again but didn’t know where to start.


Victor blocked the vase with his arm.


When the vase collided with his body, it shattered immediately.


The tiny broken fragments caused several small cuts and the huge fragments sliced his arm open.




There were also bruises on the side of his arm that weren’t penetrated by the impact.


The vase was completely aimed to kill Victor.


Rachel considered whether it was safe to fill another cap with antiseptic and pour it over Victor’s wounded arm.


However, before she could decide, he abruptly grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer.


In an instant, the disinfectant washed all over his laceration.


Are you crazy?!” Rachel’s eyes widened in disbelief.She quickly drew her hand back and got up. More than half of the bottle of the iodine solution fell from the containing, stimulating Victor’s pain receptors. His face became a little pale and he slightly frowned, but he didn’t complain. The reddish-brown liquid dripped down slowly, staining the sofa. “Keep going.” That was all he said. To lessen Rachel’s burdens, Victor disinfected the wounds himself. Rachel pressed her lips together in frustration. Her jaw tightened, staring at the small bottle in her hand. She should have known that Victor was a lunatic, but she didn’t expect him to be so reckless when it came to himself.She placed the bottle on the table and sighed deeply.


She thought she had to work quickly to prevent his wounds from becoming infected again. Thinking so, Rachel bent down and carefully applied the ointment at the edge of a wound with a cotton swab. It was an anti-inflammatory ointment. With Rachel being so close to him, Victor couldn’t help but stare at her beautiful face.He could see her drooping eyelashes as though they fluttered like butterflies.He watched as Rachel frowned, trying hard not to touch his open wound. Suddenly, a faint scent coming from Rachel’s body lingered on Victor’s nose. His impulse, which had been temporarily suppressed by the pain he was feeling, abruptly gushed out, and his throat became dry.


He had the urge to kiss Rachel, his desire demanding more. His impulse was growing stronger and stronger by the minute. Seeing her in a strapless gown was driving him crazy. He could clearly see Rachel’s soft, delicate neckline and her pale, pinkish skin. Her veins were showing plainly, tempting people to bite her. Rachel somehow felt that Victor was looking at her, so she raised her head and instantly met his intense gaze. She gulped, seeing his hypnotized look and feeling the l**t in his eyes. She stopped applying the ointment and maintained eye contact with him. A strong sense of crisis triggered her, making her want to stand up and take a step back. But everything was too late.


Victor’s wounded hand suddenly seized her wrist and drew her closer to him.


The thread of his sanity had finally snapped.


“Rachel…” Victor called out, his voice hoarse.


Rachel tried to break away from Victor’s grip, but when she noticed the patch on the back of his hand, she could only lean forward with her torso.


“Let go of me,” she said in a demanding tone.


She noticed that his hand was strangely hot and it bothered her.


But Victor didn’t listen and continued to hold her tightly.


Rachel thought he must’ve lost his mind.


All at once, he raised his other hand to caress her face.


Rachel immediately turned her head to avoid Victor’s touch.


“Don’t forget what you said!” she yelled and gritted her teeth.


Victor’s hand froze and his eyes darkened.


Her words were echoing in his mind, making his temples throb.


No matter how much he tried to fight it, his body kept telling him that he wanted to take Rachel and make her his.


Victor desired for Rachel to stay by his side, and he was willing to go to any length to achieve this, even if it meant locking her up.


“Rachel, I regret it…”


Victor cupped Rachel’s chin, forcing her to look at him.


He pressed his thumb on her soft, pink lips and said, “f thought I could do it, but I was wrong.What do I do?”


Rachel glared at him.


This was never in her plans.


For a moment, she didn’t know whether she should be furious with Victor for breaking his promise or with herself for being too soft enough to stay and tend to his wounds. “Rachel, even if you keep hating me, I don’t care,” he said as he looked at her luscious lips. “I’ll never let you go until I die.” “Victor, don’t you dare! I’ll kill you with my own hands!” Rachel’s threats seemed to have no effect on him.He leaned closer, making their noses touch. “Then let’s be together till death.”


ictor wrapped his strong arms around Rachel’s waist, turned them both over, and pressed her body against his. Before Rachel could react, he kissed her directly. Rachel let out a light gasp. Victor’s desires were uncontainable, and the effects of the drug had unleashed all of his need for was instinct taking over. “Victor!” Rachel’s pupils were rapidly dilating. She shoved Victor’s shoulders with both hands as hard as she was enough to make Victor break their kiss. When he looked at her, Rachel saw the burning l**t reflected in his eyes. “Victor! Let me go!”


Out of nowhere, Rachel felt a pang on her neck. ictor had sunk his teeth into her skin. Rachel took a deep breath and bent her knees, trying to fight him off. But to her surprise, Victor placed his long legs on top of hers, preventing her from moving. “Why did you bite me, Victor? Are you a dog or something?!” Enraged, Rachel clenched her teeth and slammed her fists into Victor’s shoulders. Dissatisfied with Rachel’s resistance, Victor grabbed her wrists with one hand, raised them above her head, and pinned them against the armrest of the sofa.


He dipped his head low and lovingly licked the teeth marks on her neck as though he was penitent for biting her roughly earlier. Drunk in the sensation, he let his free hand roam around Rachel’s waist, making her tremble slightly. His hand moved slowly from her slender waist, sliding up along her backside until he touched the zipper of her gown.


His fingertips gently brushed against her flushed and hot shoulder blade, making her bite her lip. There was excitement and thrill in the way he explored her body, but Rachel didn’t like this feeling. She tried to pull her hands back, but Victor was unstoppable. He was utterly consumed.


Chapter 383 

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