Captivation Want Nothing But You Chapter 384

 Chapter 384
Victor’s body was very hot.


Rachel could feel his temperature through their clothes.



And that didn’t seem normal.


It suddenly occurred to her that when she came back with the medicine box, he was drinking a glass of iced water.


“Victor!” She raised her head and looked at him.




“Were you drugged?”



“Yes,” he responded in a very low voice.


And when he spoke, his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down.




From the look of things, it wasn’t clear whether or not Victor heard what she said.He went on to kiss Rachel on her collarbone.


This left Rachel at a loss for words.




But it soon dawned on her that he had been drugged! She thought about a way of escaping his presence as soon as possible.


They were the only ones in the villa.


Therefore, nobody would be able to come to her rescue.


Rachel became somewhat tense and bit her lower lip.


For some reason, Victor could tell that she was nervous.He held her wrist and gently rubbed it with his thumb, as if trying to make her relax.


This act of his came to him almost instinctively.He might not be aware of what he was doing at that given instant.He had bitten Rachel, and this made her rather vigilant.




When he tried to make her relax, her beautiful eyes turned red and tears began to flow down her cheeks.


Victor couldn’t help but pause for a moment.


After letting go of Rachel’s hands and wiping her tears, he pinched her chin and kissed her.


Rachel tried to resist him.


But the kiss became more intense.It was as if his action was done on purpose.


He touched her zipper and tried to unzip the dress she was wearing.


After several futile attempts, he became a bit rude.


Rachel moved a step backwards.She tried to avoid his kiss.


He had let go of her hands.


And she saw it as an opportunity to escape. If nothing was done quickly, she might end up being trapped. Rachel made up her mind and hit him on his wounded arm hard. The wounds on his arm hadn’t been treated properly. s a result, blood began to ooze out anew. “You’ve got to wake up!” Rachel said while trying to pull his hand away, despite being a little bit out of breath. Nonetheless, Victor still persisted as if he couldn’t hear what she said.


Then, there was a crackling sound. Victor pulled her zipper! Rachel felt a sense of crisis. But before she could take any action, her dress was already unzipped.She felt a chill down her spine. “Victor!” “I want you, Rachel.” Victor whispered in her ear. She could feel the warmth of his breath. His voice was deep and low. This made her feel like a child being coaxed against their will. “Let go of me!” Rachel warned him. A nger was written all over her face.


“Leave me alone!” But Victor was insouciant.He bit her earlobe. nd his hands didn’t stop caressing every inch of Rachel’s body. At some point, his palm was on her waist. Rachel bit her lower lip. nd hot tears fell down her cheeks again.She had never felt so humiliated. This made her recall what happened four years ago. The memories rushed to her like a flood. ‘No! ” Rachel tried her best to break free, but to no avail.


Four years ago, she was almost raped by him.


However, given that he listened to her plea for mercy, it could still be regarded as a more tolerable experience.


This time, the man didn’t seem so merciful.He was drugged and not in his right mind.


Victor lowered his head and cast a penetrating gaze into her eyes.


“Do not cry.” He kissed Rachel.


“This isn’t the time for that.So save your strength.”


After that, he kissed her gently on her eyebrows, eyelids, nose tip, and lips.He couldn’t just get enough of her! Rachel gritted her teeth in response to what he was doing.


However hard he tried, it proved impossible to stick his tongue inside her mouth.


This made him frown.Victor put his hand on her waist.


Rachel was very sensitive around her hips.


And Victor’s move made her feel very uncomfortable.


When she reacted to his touch, he took the opportunity to stick his tongue into her mouth.


That was soon followed by a wild kiss.


Rachel kept avoiding his tongue every time he tried.


However, Victor was too domineering and she could no longer keep up with her resistance.


As he was feeling hotter and hotter, Victor loosened his grip around her waist.He felt that her dress was getting in the way.He decided to touch her thighs.


As his hand slid up, she felt very unsettled.


When his fingertips finally reached her belly, he was unhappy that she didn’t reciprocate his touch.He bit the tip of Rachel’s tongue gently in order to punish her.


After that, he kissed her more fiercely.


“No! No!”


Rachel cried out in horror.Fear was evident all over her. She grabbed his arm and pinched the wounds with her nails.

This caused him to bleed. nd her nails became stained with blood. Victor groaned in pain! But this did ‘ d s Victor continued to touc

It appeared to be a s


el from further venting her anger. elt something on her skin.

Rachel closed her eyes because she was scared. Her fingernails pierced into the wounds on Victor’s arm. The sharp pain stimulated his nerves, and he was jolted back to reality in a moment. There was a rough feeling under his hand. When he lowered his eyes, it dawned on him that Rachel’s tears had wetted a part of the sofa. She maintained her resistance despite appearing really stressed out. ictor’s fingertips touched the scar on her belly and he felt as if he had been struck by something.


Rachel’s eyes were still closed. fter noticing that he didn’t take any further action, she opened her eyes. By this time, the l**t in his eyes had faded a little. Victor did nothing but stare at her. “How did you get this scar?” ictor asked. Rachel didn’t expect that he would suddenly wake up. It took a little while before she replied, “Four years ago, I hit a reef when I jumped into the sea. That’s how I got it.” This came as a shock to Victor.


Seeing that he was in a daze, Rachel pushed him away immediately and covered her chest. Then she got up from the sofa and kept stepping back to keep a distance from him. ictor came back to his senses and realized that she kept retreating. “Watch out!” There was a flower rack behind Rachel. He reached out to pull the woman away, not minding the pain in his arm. But she dodged. s a matter of fact, Rachel didn’t want to be caught by him again. She looked at him warily. “You have got to stay away from me!”


Chapter 384

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